That Awkward Moment

Oh I’m in trouble now.
I was thinking about Justin Timberlake and then Linkin Park popped up in my head at the same time.
At first I was thinking, “what’s going on with my brain now?”
Well then I remembered I had watched the studio session of when N’Sync were helping out Phil Collins in the Tarzan soundtrack last night.
Well that part was fine.
Then I started thinking about how Justin, Lance, Joey, and if I remember correctly Chris all had different hair colors.
Lance an Justin had Bleach blonde.
Joey and Chris had Bright red.
My excuse for not listening to Linkin Park was for two reasons, I thought Chester was scary. The other was his blonde hair.
So here is my awkward moment for the day.

“The awkward moment when you don’t listen to Linkin Park for the crazy hairdos but you listened to N’Sync just fine.”

Quote Of The Day


“I’ve learned that you can’t please everyone. So don’t even try it. It’s a waste of time trying to make everyone like you. Just be you. I’ve learned the hard way and in the end, some people are just so full of hate that no matter what you say or do. They’ll never like you. So fuck them.” – Megan Fox

That One Eye.

I’m in love with eyes. I could never have this much eye makeup on ever. To be quite honest with you I don’t even like makeup that well. I liked it on other people, but not myself. I always have a problem with people getting too close to my eyes. Going to the eye doctor isn’t much fun for me. It never has been. When I was little, I had an allergic reaction to some type of eyedrops and I think after that I never liked eyedrops.

When commercials would come on about different eye makeup and if they’re advertising anything in purple I will instantly want it, and I’ve had eye shadow on before and I’ve had Mascara on too. Eye liner is not my friend. Knowing a pencil is coming at my eyes freaks me out. I’m always afriad somebody’s going to poke my eye and I’ll be blind forever.

I have a lazy eye, it’s not as bad as it use to be. Crazy thing is we found out about it around the same time I had that allergic reaction. If you don’t know what a lazy eye means, it just really is an eye pupil that can’t stay straight ahead and goes over the side. I have to focus it really good to make it striaght. I also can’t see that good unless it’s in big words. My right eye is mainly the more domaint and normally I have to wear glasses but after several years I stopped wearing them. I’ve never liked them and I probably never will.

Good Morning Lovebloggers!

Good morning to everyone in the U.S. and afternoon to everyone on the opposite side of the world, I’m up really early compared to what time I actually went to sleep last night which was 3am. I woke up to a very cold room. I have a clock that has the time, date, and tempature at the bottom. I rolled over in bed and found out it was 62 degrees in my room. Thankfully I have a really good blanket to keep me toasty on cold nights like those.

Today was suppose to be my mom and I’s day together at home. My sister was suppose to have Stunt Clinlic for cheerleading, but it got cancelled. Mom and I are still trying to figure out which to install my Kindle on, the computer or laptop. Our poor computer is almost at it’s breaking point. I don’t think putting one more thing on it is such a good idea, so I’m hoping we come to a desicion soon. I can’t wait to get it going, because I’m actually in a reading mood.

I think I should find a way to stop dreaming at night. I know it’s suppose to be a good thing to dream, but mine are a little out there. Sometimes I have dreams of myself being like this girl, and just dancing throughout the dream. Then I have other dreams that should locked up and sealed away in a password code. Trust me, I’ve done that before and it was a good release. I think that’s why I got up at 10:30 this morning, just to stop my own dreams. Hopefully I don’t take a nap later.