Get Ahead Of Myself

So I’m doing something new today, I’m up and in my chair and using my sister’s playlist account to listen to music we don’t have yet on iTunes. I hope she won’t mind as long as I don’t add anything on her playlist. I’m getting ahead of myself today. Actually I’m getting good at doin things ahead instead of a day before like I did in school, but hey whenever I did that in school I got it done and usually got a good grade on it.

Since I got a Kindle yesterday for my birthday I thought I’d look at some prices on Amazon, and I even moved the other chair with the smaller wheels on it and scooted it over by me and lucky me there is a notebook on this messy desk. Finding a pen was easy since there’s likeĀ a thousand of them up here. I wrote down nine books I really wanted and got on my blog to check titles and author names. Then I went on Amazon to find some books, and found eight of the nine, and they’re all cheap until you go to total them up.

My total was $56.28 and I don’t have enough money for them all. So I think tonight I am going to look them all up and see which ones I really want. I know two that I really want. Dancing Lessons: How I Found Passion and Potential on the Dance Floor of Life by Cheryl Burke. My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday. I think I should get those and start those and go from there because I really don’t want to spend all of my birthday on books. I have a different state of mind since yesterday. So we’ll see how it all goes this weekend. Wish me luck!


Love is just not me. I think we’ve went through this about a hundred times already. Anytime I love something it either doesn’t love me back or I can’t do it. Sounds weird right? Let me explain it like this, I love music, dance, and food. I would love to go around the world listening to different music of different cultures and learn the history about it. There’s the history nerd coming out of me. I love dance! I have always wanted to dance, the right way. Food is third in line. I’ve actually been wanting to cook for awhile, but it’s a little difficult.

So I’m kind of hooked to this guy…again. I don’t know why I get myself so caught up in this crap. It’s always going to be somebody else. Never me, and yet I fall even more for him. Damn! I’m such a loser. In my friends and families words though, he’s the loser because he’s the one whose not giving me the chance. They never do. One of these days though. I refuse to love now, but soon I’ll find the right love for me.

It’s Still November 1st.

It’s not yet the 2nd yet. My time on here isn’t fixed and I can’t figure out how to fix it. I saw this on my Tumblr along with a few others and decided to post it. It’s actually very true to how I feel right now. My birthday is almost over and almost none of my “friends” I had in high school actually told me happy birthday today. I only got text messages from my mom and that’s it.

So technically I’m a little bit pissed. It makes that quote up at the top very true. It’s whatever though, because everybody that I’ve been talking on Twitter just made my day so much better. It was so nice to go on Twitter this morning (8:30am) and see four mentions of birthday wishes from some of them. Then I went on my Facebook and found about eight people had posted on my Wall, and it just kept on exploding from there. Everybody made my birthday so much better. I had a depressing birthday last year and this year really made up for it.