Finding My Next Book

So it’s been an hour or so after finishing my first book on the Kindle. I’m already searching for my second book. I’m trying to remember the list I had of all the books I’d like to read, but I’m not yet ready to read them yet. I want to find one at random and go from there. I should take advantage on getting the first chapter for free and going from there. I’m also wanted to find one that was really cheap. That means in my terms, under $10. My mom would me go from owing her $10 from the first book I bought. So I’m learning for very cheap books this time around.

I am actually a picky reader, just found that out recently. I love biographies and memoirs. If I knew a person’s name and watched them or read stuff about them I’d might read their memoirs if they wrote one. I love personal stories. Stories that can seem relatable in certain ways than one. I’m not much of a romantic, chick who watches corny love movies and apparently it’s the same with books too. This is what gets me, I can watch The Vampire Diaries and certain others that have vampires in them, but I’m starting to really hate them. I don’t know if it’s because most of them are all romantic based books or what. I just don’t like to really read them. I even read Stefan’s Diaries (haven’t finished the third book) and it even bugs the crap out of me.

I’m going back to my hunt on my next book. This is going to be interesting. Because I have no idea what I’m going to choice, even though I have a pretty good idea. Wish me luck!

Book Review: Dancing Lessons By Cheryl Burke

My first book on the Kindle was a good one. I say good, when I should say great! I love biographies and memoirs, it gives us as fans a journey through the lives our favorite celebrities. I’ve read Bristol Palin’s book and I was very excited to read, but as this season of Dancing With The Stars I wanted to read Cheryl Burke’s book. Before I got my Kindle, I had my mom on her toes because I wanted this book so much. I love Cheryl and how she dances, but I wasn’t a BIG fan of hers before I read her book. Now because of it, I am a bigger fan of hers and really want her and Rob to stay in the competition tonight for the finals.

When I was reading it, I didn’t like how she placed everything. I didn’t understand it at first but as I kept going on in it, it started to make sense. She titled the chapters as a ballroom dance, and what it represents in her life. So she explained the dance, how it started and a little bit of the time she danced with her partners on the show. Then after she explained the dance terms of it, she went on about stories of her life that were like the dance. I suck at explaining things sometimes, but that’s the easiest way to explain it.

I think my favorite chapters were 5 and 6. I think chapter 6 is about the Paso Doble. It’s a march-style like dance, it’s the chapter that Cheryl talks about the molestion she went through when she was 6. She said at the end of the book, that it was the hardest to talk about since she has not gone public about it before. She’s got guts to talk about her life with the press and negative comments she gets from different people, but that’s got to be the best chapter of the book, she had guts to talk about it and hopefully help inspire somebody else who has went through it too.

Thunderstorm In November? What Happened To Snow?

Everybody that lives in the Midwest or in Indiana in general should know that the Hoosier state is Bi-polar when it comes to weather. This past September we went back and forth between my mini heater on the more colder nights which are normal in September and the nights were I got to use my fan for the entire night and actually got some sleep. That’s how the past three months have been like. So around October, it’s suppose to get even colder in the night and day. The leaves are suppose to be falling off the trees and by late November your whole is suppose to be filled with leaves for the hundred time that month. By the second or third week of November comes along, you’d expect to see your Weather Channel saying, “there’s a chance for snow for this day or that day.”

It’s the second week of November and yesterday was interesting. It’s been looking like it could rain for awhile now. The sun has been pushed back in the clouds, not been really happy about that. Rain is normal for the autumn months, but like a little though not alot. Well yesterday afternoon I was on Facebook and saw two statuses that made me burst out loud and I literally thought they were kidding too. My uncle and my friend both posted that both IL and IN were on a Tornado watch. Really? How the hell can that really happen when it’s November?

It’s been really windy like crap for the past few days, but I didn’t know that was going to bring serve weather our way, but apparently it did. Last night the storm started thankfully after my dad came home with my sister after she had cheer practice. I think around 6:30pm I was listening to one of my music channels on my TV and not really paying attention to the outside where it was thundering and lightining. Which confused me even more. Then all of a sudden, our power went off and it was pitch black in my room. Thankfully five minutes later they turned back on. Around 8pm though, Dancing With The Stars was just starting and our weather guy had alerts on the screen the whole time Hope and Maks first danced. They even turned down the sound for these little alerts. I was pissed! I almost gave up and didn’t watch it last night but I went back and it didn’t do it again.