No More Shows

Since the holidays are coming in fast, especially Thanksgiving. Since it is tomorrow and everything. All of my favorite shows are going off for the year, which sucks! Dancing With The Stars ended this week, and won’t be on until March 2012. Which I’m already thinking of people that need to be on the show. I’m not telling who I want on just yet. I think I’ll keep that a secret until like February or early March. That way I have tons of time to think of more people and which pros should be on with them. That’s the thinker in me.

Not only did that show end for the holidays, end of year and such. So did my The Vampire Diaries, last week was hard but not as bad as I thought it would. Some people were upset that there wasn’t an epsiode on, but there was a movie with Paul Wesley on instead. I watched that and actually enjoyed it very much. Last week, on both Wednesday and Friday had new episodes of the shows I especially watch but at the end they usually have what the next episode is going to be for next week. Both Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Blue Bloods didn’t have either one and I wasn’t very happy.

Even though I’m sad about those ending for I hope only for Thanksgiving. I’m keeping my toes crossed for that. One show is coming back next Wednesday. Hot In Cleveland is coming back and I’m very excited. I hate when I have nothing to watch at night and my mom comes home from work at 10pm. If I don’t have anything to watch it’s almost impossible to stay up. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find something good to watch during these next few weeks to keep me awake long enough to see my mom when she gets home from work. You can only hope.

Album Review: Rihanna’s Talk That Talk

Well here we go again! This is the third time this week I’ve done an album review. This time, it’s genre of music is R&B and Dance. Rihanna’s new album is another heart pumping dance party. I listened to the Deluxe Edition on Spotify and unfortunately wasn’t able to hear the last three songs. I’ve heard some good comments about some of the songs. Especially, “Red Lipstick.” I heard it was leaked a few days ago, but I thought it wasn’t going to be released until next year until I looked on iTunes just awhile ago. I was wrong.

I thought I’d be nice and did my review of it. I started it off and liked first couple tracks until I got “Cockiness (Love It)” and “Birthday Cake” and then my feelings for it went out the window. Not into women talking about sex on their songs that much. I even put on my Twitter that I wasn’t feeling it as much as I hoped I would. Shortly after though I got back on the wagon and started liking it again. “Drunk On Love” and “Roc Me Out”  and “Farwell” are my favorites from the entire thing.

So now that I haven’t heard the last three songs and kind of don’t want to listen to them after the fact most of the songs I did listen to sucked. I hate only liking about three or four songs out of the whole damn thing. I’m picky when it comes to music. So don’t rely on my words because I say this album wasn’t best. Her best hasn’t been “Rated R” sadly. I hated her last album because of how it sounded even though she went back to her dance songs that I fell in love with during “Good Girl Gone Bad” era. I liked both of those albums. So, sorry.


I’m doing the opposite of what I thought I’d do today. I wanted to switch attitudes from yesterday since I had the right attitude for the wrong day. I wanted to be lazy and stay in day and just be relaxed for tomorrow. Its Thanksgiving tomorrow and we’re all going to my nana’s again and I know from experince that my back is going to be hurting like hell. Might as well say this, “Bring On The Pain!” So instead of laying down today I’ve been up since I got up at noon and gotten my hair washed and been in my wheelchair on our computer that I hate. The only reason why I use it is because it has iTunes.

So last night was the finale of Dancing With The Stars, it was a bittersweet thing because after it started I could feel myself crying from the inside. I was so happy to have the whole cast back–some more than others. It was surreal that it was almost over  and thinking that wasn’t any better either. I can only imagine what the finalists were thinking during this whole thing. It was a two hour thing. It started at nine and got over at 11pm. I was watching it alone during the first hour and beginning of the second hour until my mom got home from work just before they told us who finally won the trophy. My parent’s wanted J.R. and I wanted Rob. Go figure! Well I lost for the second year in a row.

I like all three of them, but even I knew it would be between J.R. and Rob. When they were playing Ricki’s moments after she got third place I could feel my eyes get all watery but I don’t cry like I thought I would. I could feel it starting up though but I stopped myself. Some of the other cast members did new routines and some redmened themselves from the first time around. Chynna and Tony did over their Mission: Impossible dance, she blanked during their first try and got eliminated the night after. Not like nobody saw it coming though. She was the second person to go surprisingly. Kristin and Mark did a whole new routine. They did the Jive I think and it was very good! Another dance that was just amazing was Carson and Anna’s dance. He danced to Madonna’s song “Vogue” and he got to dance with one Chmerkovskiy, he teased Tom that there was still the wrap party to get the other one, meaning Maks.

I wasn’t in the mood to watch Metta and Peta. They left the first night and that was probably a good thing because he was bad. I realized as the show kept going on I was like, “oh god, they’re going to show Elisabetta and Hope dance again.” Thankfully Metta and Elisabetta did their original first dances and surprisingly Elisabetta did better this time around than her first round. If you’re wondering she left second week into the competition. Then by the last half an hour of hour two. Hope and Maks came out and did one of their original dances. I didn’t watch them dance especially how last week went. Magazines were saying she took one interview and burst into tears and rejected to do anymore. So I definitely was happy to never see her dance again.

After they went through everybody’s dances and Lady Antebellum performed twice. I just reminded myself that I need to find that first song they performed. I loved it. It was so good. The final two couples had to do a instant Samba to Ricky Martin’s “Shake Ya Bon Bon.” I thought both were good, but I thought J.R. and Karina’s was too slow. Didn’t do much shaking his “bon bon” but Rob and Cheryl were another story. They were good. He definitely shook his “bon bon.” Then it was the last minutes of the show and my mom and I were sitting in my room holding our breath pretty much and then Tom announced the winner was J.R. and Karina. I was upset I lost (again!) but was happy for him and Karina. He earned Karina’s first mirror ball trophy.