What Show Would You Want To Be On?

I would never be an actress. I have too many problems forgetting words or messing up when I talk in general, what makes you think my brain and mouth are going to agree to this? If I could ever get both of those to mind I would love to be on three of my favorite shows. They’re all very different. I’d also want to play different roles. I want to a comedy show, so I chose my favorite comedy show Happily Divorced. I have a pretty good time making my family and friends laugh, but they also know how I am too. I’ve been told I have interesting facial expressions and when I get into a sassy mood, my comebacks are amazing!

I want to play a niece of Peter. She understands her uncle’s love for men now, but also loves her aunt just as much. She’s funny and yet worried at the same time. She has a secret that she really wants to tell her uncle Peter but she doesn’t how to break the news. So she tells Fran the secret and Fran goes completely insane. She and Fran work out an easy going plan to tell her Uncle Peter the secret and when Peter does find out, the end result goes better than expected, but he wants her to tell her parents when they come to pick her up at the of the weekend. At the end of the show, you find out if she does decide to tell her family the secret she’s been holding for so long.

My second show would be Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU). I want to do a serious role and I also wanted a cop based type of show to do it on. I’ve literally seen every episode of this show, and that’s thanks to the number of marathons that USA shows on Tuesday and Thursdays. I’ve always been wanting to play a role on a TV show or movie that revolves around my life as a handicapped person. SVU doesn’t do very many episodes with handicap people in it, and I’d like to play a very vulnarable and depressed victim/character on the show.

Instead of it being a rape episode, I’d like it to be a beaten episode. I want the episode to be about a girl who gets beaten up by a boyfriend for months at a time and finally she just can’t take it anymore. Nobody will believe her and everybody thinks the bruises on her body were because she fell out of her chair. She goes to the Special Victims Unit hoping for a way out of the hell she’s been living in. She’s scared of what might happen, but hopeful too. As much as I hate when they do cliffhangers at the end of the show, I’d like for this episode to one of those.

Last one was a given. I mean, come on! Who wouldn’t want to be on The Vampire Diaries? From the first episode I just fell in love with the whole damn thing. I don’t even like love and romance but this worked on me. I’ve had two ideas on this. I do know I want to play a revenged character. So I think I want to go with idea two. I want to be an ex-girlfriend of Klaus and want to kill him for everything he’s ever done to me. He turned me, told me we’d always be together forever, and when I went behind his back the bastard kills my family and everybody close to me. Since I am handicapped, I’m pretty unpredictable. I’ve listened to too many country female singers wanting revenge on their ex’s. Somebody wants to play with fire.

My first idea consisted of being the long-lost sister of Damon and Stefan Salvatore. I was the reason why their mother died. She gave birth to me and since the medical issues back then were so bad, she died and I somehow lived. Our father didn’t want to take care of a handicapped child and sent me to an institution. I’d live there for 16 years and then somebody of the name Katherine Pierce came to save me from the hell I’d live in. She told me everything nobody could tell me and before she left she made me feed on her and killed me. When I came to, she was gone and I was hungry. I always also yearned for a family and I was out to get that family I’d always wanted.

No More Shows

Since the holidays are coming in fast, especially Thanksgiving. Since it is tomorrow and everything. All of my favorite shows are going off for the year, which sucks! Dancing With The Stars ended this week, and won’t be on until March 2012. Which I’m already thinking of people that need to be on the show. I’m not telling who I want on just yet. I think I’ll keep that a secret until like February or early March. That way I have tons of time to think of more people and which pros should be on with them. That’s the thinker in me.

Not only did that show end for the holidays, end of year and such. So did my The Vampire Diaries, last week was hard but not as bad as I thought it would. Some people were upset that there wasn’t an epsiode on, but there was a movie with Paul Wesley on instead. I watched that and actually enjoyed it very much. Last week, on both Wednesday and Friday had new episodes of the shows I especially watch but at the end they usually have what the next episode is going to be for next week. Both Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Blue Bloods didn’t have either one and I wasn’t very happy.

Even though I’m sad about those ending for I hope only for Thanksgiving. I’m keeping my toes crossed for that. One show is coming back next Wednesday. Hot In Cleveland is coming back and I’m very excited. I hate when I have nothing to watch at night and my mom comes home from work at 10pm. If I don’t have anything to watch it’s almost impossible to stay up. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find something good to watch during these next few weeks to keep me awake long enough to see my mom when she gets home from work. You can only hope.

First Week Done.

I’m so glad I’m only doing weekly posts on Dancing With The Stars. It’s so hectic trying to remember everybody’s thoughts and feelings of what’s going on and trying to type it all out. So much rushing, My toes can type fast, but not as fast as I thought I guess. Monday’s show was really slow to me, they definitely dragged it out a little. The first three dances I didn’t even watch because I was trying to regather my thoughts and figure out what else to put in my paragraphs to make them a little longer. I was so glad when it was over, my feet got a lot longer break than two minutes.

I had completely forgotten about the Tuesday show. The other day, actually I think it was Monday. I wrote out all my shows that we’re starting this week. I couldn’t get my mind to function and I forgot the results show of Dancing With The Stars. Last night I tried my best to be excited again, and stick with it all the way through. I felt like I failed, even though I did get  two different posts from both hours. By the the first three couples that came out to watch their dances over again from the night before I wanted to quit. My feet weren’t rushed as much, but my mind was.

Now that it’s Wednesday, my mind and feet don’t feel as rushed as they did yesterday and the day before. Tonight I have a show that I had forgotten about. It’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Their new season without Christopher Meloni starts tonight. I’m just watching it to see if it’s any good without him. Sounds familiar, right? I haven’t even watched all of Two And A Half Men or Charlie Sheen’s Roast. I’m way behind on both of those. I know my parents recorded it so I can probably watch it this weekend. Charlie’a Roast will be on this weekend, so I’ll watch it soon.