Two Night Finale!

So this week is the finale of Dancing With The Stars. It’s been a fun and interesting season. One season where I have not missed out on. I missed one episode and I felt bad because not only did I not watch that episode but I also stopped doing my weekly reviews of it as well. I was very upset with myself after the week where I told myself, “okay next week, you’re doing it again.” I didn’t, but I did do Tuesday reviews of Monday and results show all in one night. That was easier for me.

Tomorrow J.R., Ricki, and Rob will be doing four dances. They’re doing Freestyle at the end of the show. Everybody knows if you’re freestyle is the shit, you might win the mirror ball trophy. Not only will those three be dancing but everybody will be coming back to dance for the finale. Which makes the happiest person ever!! Carson gets to dance again!! That excites me to the core! He was my second favorite. Everybody in my house has a favorite. Unfortunately in my father’s eyes if J.R. doesn’t win everybody just voted for Rob because of his sister’s or Ricki because she’s a female and dancing with Derek. Mom also likes J.R. but what’s the difference though is that she likes all three of them.

I am the same like my mom. I like all three but I do have one certain couple that should win it. I think Rob and Cheryl should win it. Rob has came a long way from the start of the show and until now. He started off very shy and unsure about his moves and everything. Now that he knows the dances and is starting to get things faster he’s bringing his game now. I’m very proud of Rob, he’s proving a lot of people wrong and that’s really awesome! Cheryl’s a very good teacher and she’s been making him a better dancer. Every girl likes a guy who can dance. I know I do!

I Am

I am a girl.
I am a woman.
I am a female.
I am a lady.

I don’t believe in labels, but sometimes I label myself. I think I feel better labelling myself than other people. Somehow I can accept my labels faster than everybody else’s labels. For example, I am disabled. I still have not accepted myself in that division unfortunately. Everybody labels me as a shy, sort of out-going, writer, artist, daredevil, bold, dreamer, talkative, short, kind of girl. Some of those don’t bother me much. Like, daredevil, bold, and dreamer I actually like and I accept. Family members have some crazy labels they have for me: Linkin Park addict, TVD obsessed, and the most hilarious one of them all Twitter whore. I’m actually fine with those. Especially since I just came up with those from the top of my head.

Around the time I was just getting into both Linkin Park and The Vampire Diaries, my family and certain friends knew how addicted I was getting with both. Everybody knows who I like the most out of everybody, but apparently my mom doesn’t since she came in here earlier asking which TVD guy I liked the most. When I said Ian Somerhalder, she looked at me and said, “well I was reading People’s Sexiest Man Alive and some Paul guy” I raised my head up and said, “I like Paul Wesley too.” I like them all, but Ian, Joseph, Steven, and Michael are my favorite guys. So I’m like Team Damon-Klaus-Jeremy-Tyler. That’s a tongue twister for you. In Linkin Park, well when I was first getting into them everytime I saw a picture of them all I’d turn into a little girl, but seeing both Mike and Rob just made go just a little crazy. Thankfully, I’ve actually cut down on my LP pictures so I’m not totally obsessed like everybody else.

I am a disabled girl.
I am bold.
I am a daredevil..
I am Team Bournoda. (Rob and Mike)
I am Team Damon-Klaus-Jeremy-Tyler. (Ian, Joseph, Steven, and Michael)

This is me. ❤


It’s getting to be 8pm here and I can’t complain about my day when my mom and sister have had less sleep than I. My mom had to work last night and she got home at 10pm. We talked for a bit and she turned off my light for the night. Beforehand, I tried to read my new book all afternoon and I failed every chance I had because the commericals were too short. Ha! That would be the only time I’ll say that out loud. Today I spent my day at my grandparents. Emily is a Junior so she got to unload fruit from the trucks and had to be up around 6:30am I think. I might be wrong, but I’m sure that’s what she said. I slept all morning long so I can’t really complain much on how sleepy I am around those two.

Spending the day with my grandparents was fun. My papaw has two new nicknames now, “fuzzy” and “troll.” When we pulled up to the house my mom was looking outside Emily’s window (she was driving) and started laughing. “You can papaw’s hair from the window.” She went inside and Emily was right behind her and and I had my door open and mom started laughing again. Once I got inside I couldn’t help myself I had to laugh, but he was somewhat proud of it. It was own fault. He didn’t comb his hair after he got out of the shower and he went to lay down and that was the results of it. He was adorable! He and I watched college football, normally I hate college and pro football. I don’t understand it at all, but it’s his house, his TV.

When I’m at the house I’m like their picker upper. They have those but I have a tendacy of telling them “I got it!” right away. If I think I can reach something and not fall out of the push wheelchair I’m fine. Well papaw was trying to get his medicine out of the bottle and some ended up dropping to the floor. I got both of them. Then he decided he was going to show me how he can pick up four at a time and them back in the bottle, well he got a bit too cocky trying to show off the second time and dropped two more of the floor. He wanted wrestle me to get to these little rascals off the floor, but it wasn’t a match for my toes. I’m a bit stronger than he is and faster too. Whenever I go over there I sit in the push wheelchair and this weekend is laundry weekend and so nana and I had to get the laundry on the floor and baskets out of the closet and let’s just say I got paid $5 for my good work for the day. I push myself throughout the house with my left foot on the floor and keeping my balance with the other. Hoping I don’t fall out of my chair in the process.

Today I finally did something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. I went through some pictures in my phone and erased a bunch of them that I just hated. I realized that I have more pictures of ChiChi, Oliver and Bootsie than myself in general. I started uploading some to my Facebook. Afterwards I have the guts to do something I’ve been wanting to do, but just couldn’t get the strength to do it. I deleted several contacts from my phone. I only get text from Twitter and family. Some I get from U.S. Twitter friends. I kept them, but pretty much deleted everybody else. Why keep them in your phone if they don’t talk to you? So that’s what I did. However I kept a few that I just couldn’t delete at all. Those are still friends of mine and still talk to me. Not everyday but somedays though. Which I understand. I just deleted the ones who just don’t bother to text me at all.