When You Can’t Help Someone

Earlier this week I messaged a sweet girl. This girl is one of my best friends, I’ve even kind of adopted her in a way. We call each other sisters. She’s from overseas and has been through a lot for her age. I’ve gotten a lot of friends from Twitter, lots of them I’m considered family. They are my second family. We all agrue and fight like we our a family. Anytime though they are going through things in their life that isn’t good makes me very sad. I can’t help them in a way like everybody else can. Since most of them are from overseas, and most don’t have Skype helping them is limited.

My friend Taby said that talking is enough to help her. Yet I can’t help but wonder if that’s really true. I want to do more for my friends. I’ve been tempted to make my own Skype account and talk to them through that for the ones who do have Skype. I’m always wanting to help them. Because even though I’m handicapped and older than most of them. I’ve kind of been through more things for some of them. The rest has been through more than me. Which actually worries me since most of those are really, really young. Life isn’t fair sometimes and I wish I could do more for my friends than besides talk to them.