3 Shows That Were Cancelled Too Early


I’ve been wanting to write about this since I seen Sara Bloo write about it on her blog either last year or the year before, I can’t remember at the moment. She had a pretty good mix of TV shows that she’s been missing and ever since then I’ve been thinking about what all I miss and which ones to include on here.

I like a lot of different shows, I don’t stay into one slot even though my brain wishes I would because I tend to get confused with the different characters and plots! One thing that all three have in common is that the final episodes were cliffhangers! Fans were left with not exactly knowing what would happened to these beloved characters! So I hope I have put some shows that maybe you enjoyed also and maybe we can bond on our favorite scenes and wonder where the story could have gone if they were allowed one more season!

1.) Forever – Fantasy/Crime starring Ioan Gruffudd, Alana de la Garza, and Judd Hirsch (2014-15)

I personally loved this show! Unfortunately, this was one of the shows that I ended up recording because it would come on so late at night. You’d think this wouldn’t be such an issue but at the time it was. I like having an hour or two to listen to my iPod before going to bed officially.

I found the story line to be very interesting! I have always loved the idea of immortal human beings, so the main character Dr. Henry Morgan being alive after he was shot on board a slave ship in 1814, everytime he is awaken he ends up in the Hudson River butt naked! He has an aging son Abe, which is such a good and creative outpost for this very complicated character, he basically can’t trust other people if he tells them the truth about how he gets out of these dangerous situations.

Of course, we have a couple of love interests. His first wife Nora committed him into an asylum when he told her about him being an immortal. After escaping and a few decades, he marries again to a woman named Abigail, who was his nurse when he treated soldiers in World War II, this is where they find Abe as a baby and they decide to adopt him. Again, after a few decades he meets Detective Jo Martinez who can’t quite get her head around this mysterious man and the things that seem to happen all around him. During the final episode, Henry finally talks to her and we’re pretty sure he finally confesses up to the secret of his life.

2. Mistresses – Drama starring Alyssa Milano, Yunjim Kim, Rochelle Ayles, and Jes Macallan (2013-16)

I will say that, despite the fact that this show was treated like a normal soap opera, I definitely see it like that. I’m still surprised that I watched it every summer and looked forward to the previews starting in March! Sadly, I never saw the news of it being cancelled so by the time March came along, I was wondering about it and thought maybe they were going to premiere later in the year. Well one day I got enough courage and found out that it got cancelled the previous September. SEPTEMBER! How the hell did I miss this because I follow basically the whole cast on Twitter!

My thoughts are because of the graphic nature and actions of the character “Joss” everybody seem to lose interest, however I disagree with the direction. As a sister of domestic abuse victim, how the character presented herself was normal. My sister didn’t go that route, but her anxiety heightened after everything happened. Once that changes, your whole personality can suffer too. They’re just trying to make everything they went through go away.

3. Witches Of East End – Fantasy/Drama starring Julia Ormond, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Rachel Boston, and Machen Amick (2013-14)

I’m still trying to figure out how I got into this show in the first place! I’m pretty sure Jenna Dewan-Tatum had something to do with it, but I think I was actually curious about it. For one I had never heard of the book series before the show premiered but quickly put it on my TBR list after a few episodes aired! Another thing that weirded me out was the fact that it was on Lifetime or all channels!

Wendy is my favorite character, I’m not being biased when I say that, because if anybody watched it and have been reading this blog for a while, you think you know where I’m going with this, but you don’t! I’d wreck all nine lives if I was a cat! Anyways, I liked Freya and interesting past lives she had with Killian. I also loved the story line with Athena, the mother of both Dash and Killian and daughter of Archibald, a warlock who didn’t necessarily like the Beauchamps in East End.

This one also had another crazy cliffhanger that I have always been wondering about, because Ingrid had the weird “relationship” with the Mandragora and had a sauce-y fling with Freya’s ex-fiancee Dash and at the end of the finale we found out she’s pregnant but no chance in hell or ever finding out who is the father!

Did you watch any of these shows? Can you name a show that was short-lived and would come back?


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Book Review: Elizabeth Of York by Alison Weir

Back in November, I celebrated my birthday with a trip to one of my favorite places: Barnes & Noble. I hadn’t been there since 2012, so it had been a long time coming and even though I had a list of books that weren’t necessarily for pleasure, I still managed to find two books that I found interesting, one was The Kings and Queens of England by Ian Crofton and the other was Elizabeth Of York by Alison Weir.

If you remember, 2016 was the year where I watched a lot of documentaries and discovered the On-Demand button apparently! I watched The Tudors in the month of February and made a review and that June I watched The White Queen which is the story of Edward IV and his commoner wife Elizabeth Woodville and the lives of George, Duke Of Clarence, King Richard III, (brothers of Edward) Margaret Beaufort, Margaret Of Anjou, Henry V, Thomas Neville, “The Kingmaker” (cousin to Edward, George, and Richard) and his wife and daughters Isabella (later wife to George) and Anne (later wife and queen consort to King Richard III). I also reviewed the show on here after finishing the series.

I bought this book before I ever found out that they were continuing the TV series of Philippa Gregory’s books, what both shows were based off of, not Alison’s effort. I will say once I found out there was to be a show telling the reign of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, it did fuel my inspiration to finally read it. I started on it either before or on February 28, sometimes I read a lot in one sitting, but I am not sure when I actually started on it. On Goodreads, it states that the book is over 500+ pages long but the real last part of her story ends on 457! The rest of it explains references mentioned inside and Alison also gives you a list of some of her ladies-in-waiting, maid-of-honours, and gentlewomen.

If you were to read some of the reviews of this book on Goodreads, they might discourage you from ever purchasing it. Elizabeth of York wasn’t the type of queen who ruled the country through her husband, she wasn’t that type of person so most people think she was weak and maintained this goody-too-shoes attitude to her husband and the rest of the court, but I don’t think this is a bad thing! She was taught from a very young age what was expected of her as Queen of England and mother to her children. Despite the fact that she was a well-liked queen, some thought deserved to rule the kingdom than anybody else, but at the time no female had done that until her granddaughters Mary I, Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots.

So here are some sections you will learn inside the book!

Elizabeth Of York is the oldest daughter of King Edward IV and his Queen, Elizabeth Woodville. Her mother was originally a widow of soldier who fought with the House of Lancaster, her husband Sir Thomas Grey died on the battlefield. She already had two young boys, Thomas and Richard Grey. When the young King Edward met with them it was only to ask for her husband’s land back after they were confiscated when Sir Thomas died. They met under an oak tree and Edward was obviously very taken with her that he fought against his “Kingmaker” Thomas Neville and family’s wishes to not marry into royal blood.

Elizabeth was born in 1466, at that time they, of course, didn’t have ways to know whether or not the baby was going to be a male and heir to the throne. So when she was born, instead of her father being furious with her and his wife, he accepted her and hoped for heirs in the future. King Edward and Queen Elizabeth ended up having 10 children in all, but two of them died. There were three places that she and the royal family and court lived during her early childhood: Sheen, Greenwich and Westminster Castle. Her father had betrothed Elizabeth about five times, the first being to the Dauphin of France after he and his brothers were to go to war to fight back their lands against King Louis XI.

After the death of her father in 1483, her uncle Richard, Duke of Gloucester was named guardian of her younger brother Edward V and he was taken by force to The Tower; later he would be joined by their younger brother Richard where the rumors would fly for many decades about what really happened to them as “The Princess In The Tower”. Also at this time, Richard got Parliament to accept that Edward’s marriage to Elizabeth’s mother was invalid and that the children were bastards thus the Duke of Gloucester became King Richard III.

I’ve chosen to leave quite a bit out of this review for a reason–it would ruin the entire thing if I told you more! The book itself is a little intimidating because of the amount of pages it has, but there’s always a thrill of learning about a person’s life, especially if they’ve been dead for centuries! I am generally a fan of biographies, so I knew I’d enjoy it!

I will say I did have some favorite chapters! Chapter 5: “Her Only Joy and Maker” which talks about what would be expected of not only Elizabeth of York when she’s married but her sisters, what their roles of both wife and mother if their husband was of royal blood, Chapter 9: “Offspring Of The Race Of Kings” you will see the birth of King Henry VII and Elizabeth’s first child Prince Arthur! Chapter 11: “Bright Elizabeth” tells you about her coronation as Queen of England in great detail and Chapter 15: “The Spanish Infanta” is about when the Princess Katherine of Aragon finally married Prince Arthur of Wales and some unfortunate events happen afterwards!

I gave the book on Goodreads four stars I think! It would have been five stars, if I hadn’t ruined a bit for myself between watching The White Queen last year and scooping out little pieces of information on the internet… That’s how I knew what year she had died and how many kids she and her husband had together! Also, if you are wondering whether or not to read the book, do not look through the reviews! Keep yourself away from the spoilers and let yourself be open to the story of the forgotten Plantagenet-Tudor queen!

Have you read Elizabeth of York: A Tudor Queen and Her World yet? Are you watching The White Princess on STARZ? 


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Why We Need A Vegan On TV!


This is going to be a little different then what you’re used to seeing me talk about on here.

I will admit that I am fascinated about a lot of things, whether it’s the moon, babies or cats, I am pretty much into learning about almost everything! However, there are two things that I’ve somewhat driven myself berserk as far as educating myself on. I am obsessed with history, we all know that. If there is an European History category on Jeopardy there’s a 50/50 chance I’m either going to do a decent job or bomb it. The second one is that I am really into food. In 2014, I discovered the Cooking Network channel on accident while hiding in my parent’s room because there was either a cricket/mouse in there! Don’t ask, you don’t want to know trust me!

One thing that I has been growing within me is my knowledge about the vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free worlds. I’ve been very proud of myself on how much I know on all three types. If you’re unfamiliar with the terms: vegan is a person who chooses to eat things without dairy, whereas vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat. Of course, there are similar terms that sometimes go along with these two like paleo which is considered like “caveman” lifestyle, there’s no sugar, wheat, or dairy and there’s also pescetarian and this is someone who only eats fish. And of course, the last one is gluten-free and this is for a person who cannot have any sort of grains. I hope I haven’t confused you! For a while, my mom and I had arguments that vegan and vegetarian meant the same thing!

You’re going to think this is probably hypocritical of me, but unfortunately I am not a vegan, vegetarian, etc! As much as I support the people who do live that lifestyle, I doubt that I’ll ever be able to switch over. Why? I have a father who believes you should have some kind of meat in all of your meals, mostly because this was how he was raised. I do have to say though, I am very slowly cutting out sausage, pork (it’s his favorite), and steak. Sausage is just obvious, I now know what they put in there, but pork and steak though funnily enough get caught in parts of my teeth and I have a rough time chewing!

I have tried gluten-free products before! My Aunt Linda is allergic to gluten and cannot have a lot of breads, which I found out later on that it’s actually caused by heat. The more you work with dough and the more heat draws into it and activities in a way, sort of like yeast! There was one family gathering a few years ago, where she brought down a couple of dishes, (some she had made herself and others that were mircowavable) and there was a “mac” and cheese dish that made out of rice! I was fairly intrigued with the whole thing and I think this is what started me on the path to find out more about all of it!

However, most of the information I’ve been able to figure out has only came from two separate places: internet (mostly blogs and YouTube videos) but one television show! One! Food Network has all of these competition shows and yet, I haven’t seen a vegan or gluten-free cook have their own show! As far as I know Mario Batali is vegetarian and he still cooks with meat, but still there has not been one person who is vegan or gluten-free and has a show based off of that kind of lifestyle yet.

A lot of people are uneducated about the plant-based diets we now have popping up all over the place! So I thought to myself, why don’t I go on a hunt to find some worthy bloggers or YouTube personalities that would be great for TV and who create some amazing dishes for people who want something different in their bodies!


Kalel was basically the first person I really saw as a “true” vegan/vegeterian. Her personality is considered very Californian, plus she is a bit of a potty mouth, but that being said I think if she was able to she would be great as a chef on TV! I found her vegan taste tests as both entertaining and interesting as I’ve only known the alternatives for cheese. I like knowing the varies kinds of “milks” that can be used to create these vegan cheeses such as cashews, almonds, and hazelnuts! I managed to blow my Uncle Rick’s mind when I told him about it, but I think I’m actually going to need to give him a bite of it so I can say “see! I wasn’t lying!”

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The Little Blog Of Vegan

Holly Jade is one of the “newest” vegans I’ve been following on the blogosphere! She’s the only one of this list who just has a blog as her sharing platform plus a number of different publications on websites and magazines. I’ve been enjoying her posts lately. One of my guilty pleasures is going on the desserts section! She’s one of those people who had to change what she ate over health concerns! She’s also not just a vegan, she also supports cruelty free products too!

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Niomi Smart

Niomi was technically the third vegan/vegetarian that I got into, but I don’t watch a lot of her videos, however she’s the only one on this list who has released her first cookbook! I don’t want to she’s the best bet to get a food show because I think there are others who deserve a shot at it too! Niomi is a very respected vegan in her own right and has some very interesting recipes!

Instagram | Twitter | Blog

The V Nice Life 

Sarah is another “new” one to me. Since I’d rather watch these “What I Ate Wednesday” or “What I Eat In A Day” videos on YouTube, finding actual bloggers that take great pictures and have appealing recipes is somewhat harder for me to do. I am more about visual, which is the reason why I record about 4 different food shows during the week, but Sarah is both a blogger and YouTuber like Niomi. So I think she would be a neat chef or baker for a cooking show too! She has a more subtle voice so she’s not obnoxious which is great for not only me, but maybe everyone else too!

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One of the main reasons why I wanted to write this post is that I tend to bottle things up inside and in my household, I’m not able to create any of my own meals. It’s definitely something that I would like to do one day, but would I ever consider going vegan someday? This is a very interesting proposition because I think I would like to try pescetarian first mostly because I’m already losing my love of meat in general. I think gradually I would try to eliminate my dairy intake but right now it doesn’t seem like a possibility but I often wonder if any vegans out there ever thought they wouldn’t be able to live without certain foods too. I’m pretty sure they have had those thoughts in the beginning of the transiting phase!

What do you think about veganism? Don’t be mean to others or my choices above, but I would like to hear your opinions!


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The Perfect “Vikings” Playlist


So… this is going to be interesting to explain to the whole world but I have recently created a “Vikings” playlist, but unfortunately I do not watch the series. Now you’re probably wondering why the hell I even bothered making it? Well, to answer the question truthfully, I am more interested in the historical aspect of it. I will instantly look into the stories, in this case, the sagas written by the Anglo-Saxons centuries after the Vikings.

In 2013, I watched a very cool program called America Unearthed and it was about conspiracy theories of the United States of America and what we were told throughout the generations. There was one episode that really got my attention; every year we have a “holiday” celebrating Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus setting foot on the New World first in 1492, but to me, that seems very weird because trade is such an old profession that when I watched this show I started to rethink what I was always taught in school.

The host Scott Wolter, explained about the different stones, what we now know as “rune stones” found all over the eastern side of North America. Before the colonists were made up and the states got their names, the French would “claim” land by putting different stones or boulders in sections of land and would crave their names and sometimes even the year onto it so the other explorers would know that somebody has already been there. This really gave away to the possibility that maybe Christopher Columbus was not indeed the one to first discover North America and maybe the French or Vikings themselves did instead.

To me, this is what history is all about, we’re finding more and more artifacts that we keep changing it and I do believe some things in the history books are wrong. However, it does not mean a thing unless there’s concrete evidence and since it was so long ago, somehow we don’t have enough documents that survived to help prove that somebody was here before the Spanish, but it is a very interesting concept and maybe one day somebody will be able to prove the impossible!

I also watched the mini documentary series called Real Vikings that would air just after the newest episode when it came back on November 30th. I thought it was pretty cool, but I’m a history junkie! I did learn a lot about their culture in those short four weeks. I also got to see the last 2 minutes of the episode plus the teaser of the episode that would play that next week, so it all sort of came together and inspired me I guess. Anyways, I do hope that sort of explains why I did create the playlist in general.

I will include the whole playlist at the end of the post, but I wanted to talk about a few of the songs that I feel are perfect for some of the characters or themes of the last ten episodes of season four! I also arranged the song in order of how I thought Ragnar’s life and reign started and how it will continue in the series and any other information I can find out in the meantime!

The type of music I am naturally drawn to symphonic metal, it already has a fantasy vibe. The sound of the genre is completely different from what you normally hear from normal rock and heavy metal bands. The word “symphonic” comes from “symphony” of course and that means it will have the sounds of orchestra plus powerful choirs deep in the background. Everything is still the same, except for a few things, one of which is majority of the bands have female singers. There are a couple bands that share the role with a much harsher male vocalists, which can bring out more of the heavy metal sound than the women, but where they lack, they also bring emotion to the character and story they are trying to tell within the song.

Sacrificum by: Xandria 

It was actually a little easier finding a song that fit the story and/or character of “Ragnar” more than anyone, including his sons. The word “sacrificum” is Latin for “sacrifice” and I thought the lyrics fit the ending of Ragnar Lothbrook on the show pretty well; because the song it tells you how the character started off in his life just like everybody else and managed to get at a certain level, in this case became an Earl, but is now facing death and it sounds like he is talking to his family, his descendants, and that’s what really sealed the deal for me!

The Howling by: Within Temptation 

I thought this was an interesting perspective as far as looking into the violent ways of the Vikings themselves. They were essentially killing machines and took whatever they wanted, whether it was gold, jewels or in some cases people. What drew me to this song though, was the outlook of the people that lived in those villages that they raided and sometimes destroyed. I thought the combination of the two views, the victim to the warriors would be a neat contrast and would give you another side of the story altogether.

Kings Of Kings by: Leaves’ Eyes 

One thing a lot of people may not know, is that there quite a bit of bands in different parts of the world (mostly in Finland and Norway) that do pull from Viking folklore. Leaves’ Eyes is one of those bands, their album “Kings Of Kings” is based off Norse kings and even have a song just for “Halvadan The Black” and I have included it below!

This song though I thought represented all of the kings (and queens) mentioned both on the show but historically too! I also think it could describe Ragnar’s sons Bjorn and Ivar The Boneless (we won’t get into what I think of that character right now!) as they become bigger than their father as far as traveling and invasions.

The Undiscovered Land by: Xandria 

I hadn’t listened to this song a lot before I realized it went with a certain character on the show, so I’ve been really into it lately!

I tried to look into the lyrics of the songs and that’s what made me think of giving this song to Floki, especially after what my dad told me of what happened in the season finale. It is a lot softer than the other songs, but since Floki has turned into this sad, almost depressed person now, I thought he needed a ballad to really show what he is going through and feeling after the death of Ragnar, Helga and his adoptive daughter.

We Are Murderers (We All) by Xandria 

I think with the title alone, I may not need to really explain how it got included into the playlist! It’s still pretty cool how I thought which character it would be belong to though.

It was actually the first verse that made me put it at the end because of the newest character on the show. Jonathan Rhys Meyers has joined the cast as a bishop/warrior Heahmund. There’s not much about him other than he is considered a saint in Roman Catholic Church. So I thought the song in general could be used to describe this character to a T, because I’m thinking the bishop as a peacemaker, not a fighter! At least, that’s what I was always taught. I think that is really going against what we all were told by our parents and grandparents about heads of the church and the fact that he was really a warrior is shocked me!

I recommend you either look up the lyrics to each of the songs I have listed above or if you had the time you can listen to them to see if you agree or disagree with me on placement. I would also love to hear of your playlist or song to that you think describes or tells the story of Ragnar or any of the other characters.

So what do you think of the playlist? Are you a fan of the show? Who is your favorite character(s)?


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REVIEW | Taboo


So I decided to change up what I originally had for today. I wasn’t necessarily happy with that post so I figured I could do something else and thus came this review! I’m only discussing the events that happened in episode 1.

Last week the channel FX premiered a miniseries called Taboo, a dark and mysterious drama about a man who was thought to be dead, comes back to the life he left behind in London, where his now dead father has him as a sole heir in his will and with a piece of land called Nookta Sound (that is located on west side of Canada) that is considered a “wasteland” by various people but the people of the East India Company want him to sign over that property to them.

The man James Daleney is a very haunted person. You don’t see it until after he makes it to the pub after everybody’s left the funeral. He sort of has an episode at the end of the general scene after his half sister and brother-in-law has walked away from him. The first episode is an hour long, but with the slow pace you are kind of left wondering about all of these people and their intentions, but I think James is the second most interesting person on the show. I’d like to know about Sir Stuart Strange, the chairman of EIC but I’m more into what and how James knows so much about the EIC and his father Horace’s actions towards the end of his madness.

My dad and I were originally going to watch the show together, but I wanted to watch it live with everyone else. The only bad part about it was all of the freaking commercials! Once you start using the skip button when you record your favorite shows late at night, you automatically become best friends with it. And like an idiot, I decided to take off my headphones about 30 minutes before the show started. The day after, I remember telling my mom that I thought dad should wait until next week (meaning Tuesday) to watch it as it might go a little faster, but he does like darker themes and like me he loves anything to do with Tom Hardy, who plays James Delaney.

If you can handle a little witchcraft or supernatual themes, then I think you’ll like it. It is very interesting. I am apart of the Facebook group called “Taboo Tribe” and we were asked to rate the first episode, I gave it an 8. I thought it was fair as it was slow in parts and you were mostly getting more questions than answers than anything else but it was a nice beginning!

So what do you think about Taboo? Are you watching it as well? What was your favorite scenes? Who are you most curious about? And if you’re not watching, does it sound like you would in the future?


What Do You Watch In The Winter?


I think one of the most difficult things you have to get through are the hiatuses of your favorite TV shows. Ever since I started watching different shows as a weekly thing I haven’t been able to think about what could happen to my favorite characters and what could change within the actual show. It doesn’t matter if it’s for winter or summer breaks, but let’s get real here summer breaks are the worst; it’s not like you’re waiting like a month, you’re waiting from whatever day in May it goes off until either the end of September or beginning of October for the season to begin.

I know I’m not alone in how I feel because both of my parents go through their own withdrawals with their shows they watch too! Recently, I’ve been basically hoardering some of my favorites into my DVR (and my folk’s side too!) to get me through the winter break. I know, I’ve been talking a lot about shows but I also do the same with films too! Sometimes it doesn’t matter if I’ve already seen it, hated or loved it, and will probably only watch it that one time but I will have stored into my DVR for safe keeping in case that once in a blue moon comes along!

I was asked to create a list of both movies and TV shows that can be streamed on any device you use whether that’s your phone or television. If you want to know more information about maybe getting a better connection using multiple devices, you should look into Luma‘s customizable home surround wifi system.  I do think it’s fair to say that I went a little random with my choices. If I was allowed more than six I would have added Hunting Hitler, The Vampire Diaries and Toy Story. I just went with what I know I’ve been obsessed with this past year, so that’s my excuse!


I still think my picks are pretty interesting! If anybody knows me well enough, you can say these practically spell “Meghan” all over them! You should already know about why I would add both X-Men: Days Of Future Past and Supergirl! I know I’ve discussed The Golden Girls recently when I figured out how much I am like Dorothy than I wanted to find out! The other three were sort of random picks though!

I choose White Oleander because it’s one of the first films that I remember watching as a young girl, even though it’s not the most ideal for someone under the age of 13 but oh well! It’s also the film that literally made me afraid of Michelle Pheiffer, not because of the role she portrayed but she just looks very intimating in general! I know I can’t be the only one who thinks this, am I? I can honestly say it’s one of the films that I can be in both a good or bad mood and still watch the whole thing in one day! The other film is The Theory Of Everything and I think it’s an amazing movie. I will literally go out of my way to get more people to watch it. If I can get my mom to watch it I would, but she’s not interested in British films as I am, plus I don’t think should handle the science and disability themes it discusses in it.

My last TV show I placed on the slot is The Tudors which I know can be streamed on demand, because that’s how I was able to watch it! I will say, I liked it so much that I would actually buy the entire box set too and I’m not going to lie, if I ever do that or was ever given that as a present I’d probably cry my heart out! Also if you love Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Natalie Dormer, and/or Henry Cavil, you’ll love this show just trust me!

What do you like to watch during the hiatuses? Do you go back and rewatch the current season’s episodes? 


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Why I’m Like Dorothy from “The Golden Girls”



So today is my birthday, it seems a bit strange that it doesn’t matter how old I will turn in the years ahead, I will wake up more excited than the last! One thing that is a little fun to wake up to are all of the Facebook notifications of my friends and family leaving me with a simple “Happy Birthday” on my wall.

I had went back and forth of what I wanted to publish on my actual birthday, I thought I would write up a post full of 25 thoughts, but I feel like I should have started on that back in June like I wanted. This one has been popping into my brain an awful lot lately, so I thought it would be a comedic relief that I might need after dealing with anybody calling me old or themselves.. Or I just might get lucky and my dad will just play the game of “it’s not your birthday, it’s mine.” He’s been playing that ever since I’ve been reminding everybody of how many days I had left.

Anyways, I don’t know if anybody has seen the “three fictional characters” around in your friend’s social medias, but it was pretty big among the blogging community! The game is you pick three different fictional characters to describe and I didn’t necessarily want to come up with three, despite the fact that I did figure out two of them! One was Dorothy Zbornak from The Golden Girls. I’ve seen every episode over a hundred times and I’ve gotten to the point that I like watching them for 2 hours and it can sooth me enough to put me to sleep at night!

In the amount of times I’ve watched the show, I’ve mastered of who sounds like me the most…. Funnily enough, all four characters I have a couple of characteristics that sound like me. For example: Sophia and Rose love to tell stories, some are meaningful but the rest of them are just down right ridiculous! I can tell stories like that too! I’m also like Blanche in the fact that she’s like who I’d love to be, so in other words I want to be a “slut puppy” as Sophia would call her! In all seriousness though, I am more like Dorothy than any of them for a number of reasons!


1.) I have no social life

I have to say the only friends I really have are my nana and all of my online friends… I don’t feel like I’m the “bestest” friend because I just stop talking to people, in my defense though, it’s not all me that stops talking! Anyways, like Dorothy though, since there’s nothing better to do I have an obsession with Jeopardy (I’ve gotten three and a half Final Jeopardys right so far!) and I may or may not want to be a contestant on the show one day!


2.) Still lives with my mother (and father!)

Unforunately, this isn’t something that I can control. I tried that after I graduated from high school but it just didn’t work! Thankfully I know better now! I still have hopes that maybe one day I can have like a 24 hour nurse to stay with me but right now, yeah, still at home with my folks!


3.) No sex!

This sort of goes with the first one! I don’t date so I don’t have sex either! This was what made me realize how much I was like Dorothy after thinking about it more and more. So sad!


4.) Lastly, I have an array of sassy comebacks!

This is apparently a family trait, which considering Sophia was full of sassy things to say, Dorothy’s comebacks could have came from her too! Unfortuately I think of mine too late so that the moment has already past and I can’t say it anymore, which sucks I’m not going to lie!

When you can find two or more reasons of why you are like that character, you know there’s really no denying it, you are that character! After that initial thought appears, I realized that Dorothy is essentially is my alter ego! Even though I am still very much Meghan, the disabled lifestyle blogger writing about silly things on her blog when she should be with her friends at some strip club getting hammered and might possibly having a one night stand! See, I told you I was like Blanche too!

In the way my life works that theory just doesn’t exist anymore. I’m actually happy about it though! Don’t get me wrong, I have days where I just want to crawl up in my bed and never leave it because I’m so depressed about how my life is going, but I also have to say, it does have its perks with not every day being the same where for a while is was. I tend to have the same routine, but there’s just little things that I look for that can change the whole atmosphere of the day! That’s why I still look forward to my birthday because I know it could be just like the last one, rainy and absolutely disgusting but if I know what to look for in the day, it’s different, it lifts the mood of the day and makes me positive again!

Which character do you think sounds the most like you? If you can’t think of three of them, I’ll settle for just one!


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