Movie Review: X-Men First Class

I’m actually into different “superhero” movies. However I think out of them all X-Men is my number one favorite. I love when FX did a whole weekend of X-Men movies. I like seeing how good our technology is and artistic makeup can transform these actors and actresses into their characters and make them do anything with their newly fake powers. It excites me!

I’ve seen all three movies and I just finished the X-Men: First Class and it was very interesting to see how these characters of Professor X and Magneto came about. As I watching it I kept looking at these actors and actresses thinking, “where have I seen you in?” I was right on about two characters. Since I don’t watch media news all that much or read any of that before a movie comes out the first time I watch a movie is the first time I see who the actors and actress are who play these characters. I was right on Kevin Bacon and Rose Bryne. I recently just watched Bridesmaids and hated her character in that movie, but loved her in this movie. I’ve seen a few movies with Kevin in it, and his face is recongizable.

I love how while I was watching it after Hank turned blue everything started to make a little sense with his name and how he was a doctor in the other movies. I just didn’t think he looked normal until you saw his feet. When he shot himself with that stuff and started changing everything came to my head so quick I got excited. When Professor X and Magneto were looking for mutants at the beginning and found Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and he told them to fuck off. That was awesome! Then when Raven came into Magneto’s room and changed her look to older, and she changed to her older self from the other movies played by Rebecca Romijn.

I think my favorite character was Raven. She hated being a mutant and just couldn’t accept herself. She and Hank wanted to get rid of how they looked but keep their strength. While they were training to control their powers, Raven was struggling to lift a weight in human form and Magneto came in and she should just accept herself and that she was beautiful the way she was. He released the weight and she caught it in mutatnt form. Then after Hank figured out the cure to it she presented it to her and she started to realize that Magneto was right. There are a couple parts that reflect normal people. The Society does not accept different people. Mutant people are sometimes like disabled people. People don’t accept us and make us feel like we don’t belong. I’m not talking like Magneto and say “we need to rule the world” because that’s stupid. Although people do need to start accepting us for being different. Nobody’s the same. We should just get used to that.

The Ultimate Dog

I am an all lover of animals, except for Spiders and Snakes. I hate them with a great passion. Those just scare the living shit out of me. Sorry, but I am more of a dog lover than a cat lover. Cats don’t mind as well as a dog would. Cats like to sleep more than as a dog would be more active. I am just a dog lover.

We have our first small dog. Before ChiChi we had Sydney and Chance. Chance died in 2008 because she had a brain tumor. We got ChiChi around the time before Chance died, so she learned a few things from the both of them. Chance was kind of old so she slept around and even though she was a Pit Bull, she was so loveable around people. ChiChi is that way after she gets use to you.

Our other dog Sydney was a Beagle and she died a few months ago. Sydney taught her to garud the house. Whenever somebody gave up to the door and knocked they barked so loud they could break the living room windows. Not really, but they were close sometimes. ChiChi is our only dog in the house. She is a short haired Chiwuawua. She has her drama queen days and she’s got my dad wrapped around her little paw. After Chance died, dad pretty much fell in love with ChiChi. As much as I love ChiChi, I still think Yorkies are the most cutest puppies ever!

One of these days I will own a Pit Bull, Husky (my favorite dog breed), Australian Shepard, Pug, and Yorkie. Those are my favorite breeds out of them all. I love the Husky and Australian Shepard for their coats and eyes. I love all eyes. Dogs eyes are so bright. Especially the blue eyed dogs. Chance had a Brindle coat and I have always loved Pit Bulls with coats like that. I like Huskies with both Gray and Red coats. The ones with the red coats are blue eyed than the rest from what I’ve seen. All this talking about dogs is making me want to watch Lady and the Tramp. Not even kidding right now.


Finding More Bloggers Like Me

That sounds so corny. Finding more bloggers like me, that to me sounds cheesy. I love meeting new people and talking to them. It all started in high school, mostly Junior year where I met our exchange student of the year and she was the best thing to ever have came into my life. She’s originally from Finland, and since she’s from the opposite side of the world it made everything kind of blossom. After meeting her and learning about her, I think I was jealous of her. After living in my shoes, you get jealous of anybody that isn’t you. I always imagined what her home life was about. She went back for my Senior year, but came back to the States for Christmas break because she missed us.

She changed my life. I have had Twitter for about three years now, not technically my original account and I’ve had more than just one account. I was an idiot and made more. Apparently I haven’t learned much. On there, I started talking to different people who were fans of different things. The first was The Vampire Diaries, and I made quite a few friends and still talk to a couple that had me on my original account after I deleted it. After I made the new one, the one I’m using now. I started following Linkin Park fans and man, they have a lot of fans that are from overseas. I’m not kidding, but that seriously made me happy. My farthest friend is from Indonesia and my closest is from my homestate just further up of me. They’re so cool to talk to but I have being so far away from some of them.

Tonight I made an account to find more bloggers. That excites me even more!! I have a few bloggers I talk to, but not a lot. I’m not complaining, because I enjoy reading their posts and following them on Twitter and Facebook. I got on my Facebook page earlier and saw one of my fellow blogger friends, said she saw herself on Well curious me got even more curious and asked her on Twitter if you had to pay to make an account. She told me no, so guess what I did? I made an account. I think this is like my 100th account (kidding!!) and so far I am only looking for personal blogs. For some odd reason everybody has a “Blogspot” blog. I don’t use that one anymore. Hopefully I’ll find some “WordPress” bloggers soon!

When I was looking at all these accounts of different bloggers I was amazed. I saw a lot of bloggers from overseas. I don’t know what it is about people overseas that amazes me so much. Knowing that there’s a person your age on the other side of Earth is freakjing cool! There’s my crazy side that just came out of me. Seeing all these people that you wouldn’t necessary think had Internet connection. When I was younger, I was watching TV of commericals of Child Fund and it would make me sad because it would broadcast people living in bad condtions. I thought the whole continent was like that. People never tell you when you’re younger that not everybody lives like that. So seeing people have blogs from places that you heard were “bad” places is fasnatating to me. Forgive me if I went overboard with that.