Rain and Blood

It looks like it could rain all day and I just kind of wish it would already. I didn’t want to wake up earlier because I could even tell how it was going to go today, my body could feel it as soon as I started to move around to look at my clock. As soon as I got up I felt crappy and just wanted to escape today. I had to get up though. I have my shows on today. New episode of Dancing With The Stars tonight. Before though I have my favorite episode of Mad About You, it’s part 2. I had to wait all weekend long I’m gonna watch it. I tried to watch some of Fast Five a bit ago and then I got the urge to listen to music so I turned it off.

Between watching Fast Five I started thinking about my finger nails. They’re getting long again. One of things I hate about my surgeries did was make my legs and hands less flexible. I can’t really reach unless I really try to practically toss my arm up close enough to my mouth. It hurts like a bitch because one of my fingers just has to be in the way and make it even harder to reach it. I think I did that too much and wasted energy on that. I went to grab my thumb finally after five tries and I guess I bit too hard on it which is werid, because I’ve done worse to my fingers before. When I was little I would get the nail off and then try and fix the skin underneath which meant biting that off and making it bleed.

Now I have I guess a blood blister underneath the nail. Its small but noticable. I’m a little freaked out because my dad said I wasn’t allowed to pick at my toe nails anymore. Don’t worry I can’t even reach down there either. I just pick off the whole nail. I stopped that, which I’m pretty proud of, but dad knows I can reach my thumb and I’m allowed to get that one myself but he might freak if he sees the blister and I can’t cover it up so he can’t see it. I shouldn’t worry about it since I am 20 years old, but I am worried. Well that’s all I got for the day.