The Perfect Room.

Everybody knows I want my bedroom with nothing but pictures, but actually I want my room to be like this. I want white Christmas light wrapped around the corners of my room. Just dangling down from the sides. They don’t have to be all straight and perfect because my room isn’t perfect. Everything in my room thats hung up is slightly off just a little.

This girl has got a clever mind. She has family and friends pictures on one wall and other pictures on the other. Which is smart. Normal pictures that you develop from a digital camera are medium size and will match up with other pictures when you go to hang them up. You could make a nice collage that way. With posters and pictures in magazines can come in every size and so it’s sometimes are to place them to fit. She looks like she’s doing a good job on that part of the wall.

Her bed is just small enough to fit in that little corner. My bed is tucked in a corner kind of like this but I like her whole layout of it. She’s got her bed by all her pictures surrounding her. She’s got a night stan with a light, which to me is kind of dumb when you have Christmas lights all around your room. It just raises your electic bill even higher before you put the lights in. I need to get a mini stan for my room. I put everything on the floor and have to lift about 80% of it up to me. Thankfully some of the stuff I leave on the floor doesn’t weight but an ounce or so. I still want one so that everything has a place and whenever dad comes into my room to take me to the bathroom or something he doesn’t have to push everything over so I can’t get to it anymore.

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Room.

  1. Call me a prude, but that room might be cool but it’s NOT safe. Those holiday lights shouldn’t be touching those posted pictures- that’s a fire hazard. So when you design that coolest room for YOU, you make sure you don’t let YOUR lights touch the posted pics. K?


  2. That’s what I was thinking. When I first saw this picture I actually thought, “ok that’s cool, but not smart.” She should have lifted them up just a bit before she placed them there.


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