Bonding Time #2

It’s not every day that you and your younger sister will devote the last bit of her last day with you before she heads back up to campus. A couple of months ago, I did a post about going into my sister’s room and helping her out with writing out different quotes and song lyrics to be put on the back of her door. I kind of fell in love with the idea of covering the entire door with neon colored paper and different words and sentences that matter a lot to you. She put a lot more quotes than song lyrics. The only three I remember were lyrics from Brantley Gilbert, Mayday Parade, and Machine Gun Kelly because that’s her main three she listens to them the most. It’s also kind of weird that she did this with me and she told me she hasn’t exactly decorated her dorm room yet. She and her roommate Skyela only have one bit of their walls done and apparently it’s really crazy. I’m sure by the end of their first week, it’ll be more decorated and she’ll be posting pictures up of it. Until then, she used up her creative juices with me for my room. We did a small bit of my door. I knew I should have written them out on the colored paper instead of the notebook because I was able to write out 22 of them and we didn’t even got more than 18 or 19 of them on there. Which isn’t bad, but I still had a couple more than I really wanted up there but we ran out of paper.


We did this as our parents decided to take a nap. Blondie was going to try to take a nap as well, but that didn’t happen. She came into my room about twenty minutes after she told me she was going to sleep for two hours. She also came in yawning, which was making start to yawn as well. What got me the most was that when she came in, she signed me out of my Spotify and we had to listen to her stuff, even though we were in MY room. I told her that I already had things down in my notebook and asked her to write out my song lyrics as they were pretty long and weren’t the easiest thing to write out last night either. I got in the mood to do this late last night, around 8pm. I was sitting on my bed looking off my Pinterest account and copying down different ones that I thought were closely related to me and my mentality. I also had to remember which ones we used for Blondie’s room as well. In a way, I was looking for quotes that I would use for affirmations to start my day or the middle of the day. I just wanted to have positive notes to keep myself in line for the good and bad days. I wanted to do this with song lyrics too. Since I listen to metal, I didn’t think I’d find very many but I ended up find a little bit more than I had planned. While I was doing all this last night, I took mini breaks and was tweeting my thoughts. Apparently, my mom was getting a kick of them. I was having a lot of lower back pain last night and today too. I just can’t write on my bed without being uncomfortable. I’m surprised I didn’t fall off my bed of how I was sitting, I literally sat on the very edge of my bed on one butt cheek. Sometimes I feel like a guru because a lot of the times I’m very calm. It’s weird I know!

Blondie kind of rearranged my room a bit, at least the posters. My oldest poster is from my rap phase and it’s of 50 Cent, Eminem, and Dr. Dre. 2004 to 2007 were fun years as that phase was how I got my first music shirts. I wanted to switch it with my Vampire Diaries poster of Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley that I got like literally a month the first few episodes premiered on TV. That was the first poster of the “new” phase and now it’s placed directly above my head. I have this small poster of when New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys went on tour together and released a CD together, it came inside the album and it was underneath the TVD poster, we decided to keep it there even though I have the same poster just bigger on another wall. After my sister and I were done writing everything out on the amount of space we could, she cut them out because I can’t be trusted with scirrors. I also don’t know how the work them either. She taped them up in the middle of my door because our parents like putting my towels up on the corner of the door after I get my hair washed to dry. We put them in the middle of a reason. The towel doesn’t block them. Thank god. After Blondie was done with taping them, she grabbed a small square of paper and made a music note for the bottom. It represents me well after all the song lyrics I had her write out for me. After she left I signed her out of my Spotify and went back to listening to my stuff. Well, that’s my last DIY project for the summer I think.



Covered In Music

Searching for posters is hell. Especially when you’re very picky like me. I’m ready for a change. I’ve already started it. I had a big thing for 50 Cent and Eminem, generally every rapper. Then in 2009, my love for rap was gone. I had three rap posters in my room. My G-Unit poster was on the back of my door, and was the first to go. It was replaced my poster of Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder of The Vampire Diaries. My second new poster came in my new NKOTBSB (New Kids On The Block-Backstreet Boys) CD, it was a mini poster and we put it underneath my TVD poster on my door.

Last summer my friend’s mom and sister were going to see NKOTBSB in concert and she said if I gave her money she’d bring back something. She brought back a giant version of the mini poster that came in the CD packet. It’s now in place where my Figure Skating and expensive car was at, above my bed. In October, I had a big weekend. I ordered my first Linkin Park poster. Which was very excited about! That next day, we went to Walmart and I came with a Transformers (Autobots) poster. Both are my right wall as you walk in. My Linkin Park poster is covering up my Jump5 poster I had gotten years before at my first concert. Christmas morning, I got a huge Slash poster and it might take Britney Spears cutout and old puppy poster is. It seems like the only place I have left with enough room. At least, we’re hoping there’s enough room.

There’s two more posters that need to go. I have two separate posters of 50 Cent and Eminem, one has Dr. Dre on it. I’ve been looking thinking of everybody I like and would want on my walls. I’ve had lots of bands/artists on my walls since I was younger. From Backstreet Boys to 50 Cent. I’ve had a big range of musical acts make it on my bedroom walls over the years. It never seems to get old either. Searching through online and every trip to Walmart, makes me excited. Especially in finding the right one. The other day I was on Amazon, and the only bands I wanted was Guns N Roses and Motley Crue. I could sense my inner teenage mother kicking in. I found the right Gn’R poster I wanted, but finding the right Motley poster was rough. I don’t want an old Motley Crue poster. I want a “newer” poster instead. The Gn’R poster I found was a “Sweet Child” promote and I didn’t have to think twice. I wanted that poster. Even though I couldn’t find a Motley poster, I thought of looking for Sixx:A.M. posters and apparently those don’t exist. I don’t know if I could handle Dj Ashba on my wall. Hell I don’t know if I could even handle Nikki Sixx on my wall.

Besides the posters, something I’ve been wanting too is more band/artists shirts. You would think I have enough, rightNope! You can never have enough T-Shirts of your favorites. It’s like a mobile poster you can wear on your body and less painful than a tattoo. I have three Linkin Park, two Paramore, Five Finger Death Punch, Slash, and Sixx:A.M. shirts. So in all, I have eight shirts. If you added up my G-Unit shit I had, it would 11 in all. I had two shirts, one jacket, and pair of jeans that I’m sure I only wore once. I saw Hot Topic online  of a “I ♥ BSB” shirt, a Gn’R, and Motley shirt. Not including the Carrie Underwood, Ke$ha, and T.I shirts that seemed amazing to get too, but they were on my “most wanted” list along with the Paramore and Five Finger Death Punch shirts. I came home with those two shirts, and coming home with two shirts is an amazing feeling! I’ll get those Gn’R and Motley shirts one of these days, and when I do. I’m going to get the red ASHBA SWAG pants. I have an awesome idea of making a “bad ass” outfit of taking the Gn’R shirt and Slash shirt and putting them together. Slash in front and Gn’R in back. I have a pair of red pants, but having those Ashba Swag pants would finish it off.

The Perfect Room.

Everybody knows I want my bedroom with nothing but pictures, but actually I want my room to be like this. I want white Christmas light wrapped around the corners of my room. Just dangling down from the sides. They don’t have to be all straight and perfect because my room isn’t perfect. Everything in my room thats hung up is slightly off just a little.

This girl has got a clever mind. She has family and friends pictures on one wall and other pictures on the other. Which is smart. Normal pictures that you develop from a digital camera are medium size and will match up with other pictures when you go to hang them up. You could make a nice collage that way. With posters and pictures in magazines can come in every size and so it’s sometimes are to place them to fit. She looks like she’s doing a good job on that part of the wall.

Her bed is just small enough to fit in that little corner. My bed is tucked in a corner kind of like this but I like her whole layout of it. She’s got her bed by all her pictures surrounding her. She’s got a night stan with a light, which to me is kind of dumb when you have Christmas lights all around your room. It just raises your electic bill even higher before you put the lights in. I need to get a mini stan for my room. I put everything on the floor and have to lift about 80% of it up to me. Thankfully some of the stuff I leave on the floor doesn’t weight but an ounce or so. I still want one so that everything has a place and whenever dad comes into my room to take me to the bathroom or something he doesn’t have to push everything over so I can’t get to it anymore.

The Collage Bedroom

I have four walls in my small bedroom. Posters cover most of my walls, but yet you still see the white paint on my walls. It’s halfway covered, but I would love my room to be covered, and I mean just covered of pictures. Just like this picture. Everytime I see a picture likes this I get happy and somewhat jealous too.

I’m not exactly sure what I want. I have my NKOTBSB, Linkin Park, Transformers, and The Vampire Diaries posters all around and I’d keep those up where they are, but I want other pictures that go with them surrounding them. Like, where my Linkin Park poster is I want all rock pictures around it. With NKOTBSB I want all pop pictures around it. The back of my door is my TVD poster so I want TV show pictures around there. My other walls it doesn’t really matter. Movies pictures I guess is last.

Sunday Rose

Sorry for not posting this yesterday but this wouldn’t load for me so now it will. Yesterday was Sunday, it started off at 8 o’clock two hours before the time my mom said we were going to get up, but I slept a total of 11 hours that night and I couldn’t force myself to sleep anymore. My mom and sister got up a little white afterwards and we didn’t get ready until 10. On the agenda that day was Walmart and maybe nana’s.

Well we went to nana’s first. Emily drove us there, wheelchair on the lift and all. She’s getting pretty good despite what she thinks really. We got there, my nana and I had nothing to really talk about besides how things went yesterday and if my outfit was cute or not. I wore my brown and blue, plaid shirt with my black pants that have buttons at the sleeves. I love those pants! Anyway, we told her about yesterday.

We had lunch there. Well everybody but me had lunch. Mom fed me beforehand and when she went to Subway she got me a Double Chocolate cookie. Actually Emily, Papaw, and I all got cookies. Nana didn’t want one and mom forgot about herself. By this time my mom and Emily took my regular wheelchair back to the house because we already established that we weren’t going to Walmart until next weekend. Here was the reason why. Mom and Emily were going to get their nails done at the Walmart. Well mom went through her checkbook and figured out that she didn’t have enough money for it. So Emily was going to work this week to pay for her nails. After mom’s only smoke break (which has got to be a record) she ended up changing her mind.

We took my nana’s push wheelchair. It sat in the back seat with me. Emily drove once again, but it was her first trip out of town driving. She did good too. We got to Walmart and I knew I wanted to look at three different places. Books. Posters. iTunes card. I already have 3 books in my room right now. Two are Library and one is mine. I haven’t even started on the one Library book I did want to read. They need to go back because I’m not in a reading frame of mind. We went over by the posters and saw this beautiful Footloose poster, and I almost took it. Then we kept looking. Emily found a Hangover II, Lil Wayne, and Drake posters. She ended up getting the Drake poster. I found two different Transformers posters. One of just Bumblebee and other was Autobots. I got that one instead. We grabbed my iTunes card at the check out line.