My Weakness Of Guys In Uniform.

While I was at my nana’s on Friday, one our topics our long conversation was about our love of guys in uniform. Now I take full responsiblity for starting this topic but in my defense, we were already talking about music and Five Finger Death Punch and that’s how it started. She hasn’t watched any FFDP music videos that I know of and she may not want to yet. Anyways, most of every female in my family, (I don’t know about my Aunt Laurie) has a thing for army men. We melt everytime we go around them.

My nana told me Friday that she got to go to a dance with a sailor when she was younger and always thought they were cute. My papaw and Uncle David were both in the army. It runs in the family and all of us females can’t get enough. My love for men in uniform didn’t hit me until I was a Junior in high school. I blame my U.S. History teacher for that. We had to watch Fly Boys and Saving Private Ryan in class and I was hooked. A year later, I watched Stop-Loss, which is where this picture is from. Channing Tatum looked yummy in this film. Parts of it was very sad, but it was a very moving story. What these men do to protect us and when they come back to is just heartbreaking. I don’t want this to be a sad post so let’s continue on.

I always loved going to watch Grand March for prom and seeing the guys in an army suit. To me, it was always cute but it was kind of old-fashioned. You know me, I’m an old-fashioned girl at heart. Everytime I would see guys come before my lunch and set up a table to try to get other kids interested in the army, marine’s, and coast guard. It was like the most evilest thing ever. Until they walked past me and then I could melt and try to regain my mind before anybody saw me. I should never be able to watch war movies or music videos. I seriously should stand clear of both, because I usually can’t stop myself from watching either of them. Ok, I better stop this while I’m ahead.

Happy Fathers Day!

Day 5: Happy Father’s Day!

I got up almost two hours ago. My night was good. I got some sleep, only woke up twice to untangle myself from my blanket. I wasn’t paranoid and I was very proud of myself for getting some sleep last night without any Advil like I had the night before last. I had to take three Advil’s Friday night. I had lots of pain that afternoon and yesterday in my chest and neck areas. I have no idea why, but I did. Yesterday all I did was take things easy. I mostly laid down and rest the whole day. I don’t usually do that when I’m sick so I was kind of happy for myself. I just wanted the pain to stop. I didn’t really take a nap or anything I just rest my eyes and usually somebody came in my room about 20 minutes later. Around eight or nine, mom got out the kittens and I was feeling better and playing with them. Instead of getting bitten or scratched by their claws I was actually getting kisses from them. I was so happy!

Today I woke up from an awful dream. I hope it doesn’t come true, because it was about something that nobody in this world needs to happen to them. Leave it to me, that was how I get up from a good night. My dad isn’t awake yet, but I guess that’s a good way to spend Father’s Day. Sleep all day long. Oh, last night when I was playing with the kittens. Dad hates cats, but these kittens are too cute to resist. He’s starting to realize some of the kittens kind of know their names. My Aunt Laurie’s cat, Callie is starting to kmow her name when he calls her. Rudy is starting to know his name as well. Now if we could just get the other three to know their names we’ll be good. Phantom is my favorite. She doesn’t really bite or attack my legs. She’s the one who first rubbed up against me and licked my toes. It was so cute! I love her eyes so much. Between her and Rudy’s eyes. They are so pretty.