My Twisted Sense Of Humor Is The Result Of No Sleep.

Yesterday for me was not a good day. Between having my sleep get messed up again for selfish reasons. I still blame Jimmy Kimmel being on so freaking late on Thursday. I hadn’t stayed up that late in so long, I think I forgot what to do in those situations. Especially after you take off your headphones before the damn show comes on. That was a bad idea on my part, but I was pretty proud of myself. Although, I didn’t go to bed until 1am, I did drift off pretty quick. Normally it takes a couple of hours to get my mind to shut off and relax everything. I think I passed out after ten minutes of just laying there. That morning, I somehow managed to get up at 5am and mom took me to the bathroom before 7am. I didn’t go back to sleep until 9am. I stayed asleep until just about 1pm.

I woke up, pissed off at myself that I practically wasted my whole day. I know, I don’t do anything but I still care about the sleep I want to get that night. I knew I wasn’t going to get any that night so that was added on to my anger. Since I had plans the day before of what I wanted to do, and how much sleep I got that night. I didn’t have any energy to even ask to get in my chair to draw. It’s really sad when you’re in the mood to draw, but your body tells you “no.” Yesterday, I got some of my favorite sleep back and tried to draw to make up for the day before and I wasn’t in the mood for it. My doubts overruled my brain and I had so much pressure that kept building up inside. I thought I was going to explode. I was just miserable. On the good note, my mom got me movies from the movie store up the block. She got me three Disney movies that don’t have to go back until July 4th. Yippee!

Last night was a bust. Our heat has been off the rockers, but apparently everybody’s having the same trouble as we are. I’ve got to say though, knowing the Midwest heat is kicking Las Vegas heat’s ass, makes me kind of proud! I know I’m crazy, but think about it for a second. We finally match the West Coast heat. Now if we could catch up with their time, I’d be in great shape! Can you tell I haven’t had much sleep lately? I have to explain my night. Usually my room is like a freezer compared to every other room in the house. I have a clock that can tell the temperature in the room. It said for last night it was 78 degrees. I wanted some air while I was sleeping. I didn’t care if I was going to freeze my ass off later on, I would have learned my lesson, right? I rearranged my fan towards me and put it on high. It felt amazing! I went to bed at 11:30pm and wake my happy ass at TWO FREAKING AM! Which for every Linkin Park fan on the East Coast can remember, that’s when the livestreamed started. I was thanking God I did not have my headphones on.

I wasn’t comfortable in my bed. It wasn’t the heat that was the problem either. It was just me. I had both the A/C and fan blowing air on me and I wasn’t cold, surprisingly. Once my TV went off on its 3am upgrade it does. I thought I’m going to go back to bed. Hell no! I couldn’t get my brain to shut off. So what do I do? I switched the TV back on and watch The Nanny. I watched about three episodes and watched the sun come up. Around 7am, I began to get sleepy again and I rolled over and passed out. At 9am, I got one rude awakening. ChiChi was in one of her moods where, “to hell with everybody sleeping, somebody’s outside and they shouldn’t be” and barks the whole freaking time. That’s how I got woken up this morning. I literally said out loud, “that meanass little dog” and rolled out of my covers and forced myself to get up. I was smart I sat up and plugged my iPod into my laptop speakers and played Five Finger Death Punch before my day even started. If everybody wanted me to be nice, I needed some sort of music in my head.