Wide Awake

Day 6: I’m wide awake.

So it’s another Monday again. Last night was a night of not being comfortable and probably got four hours of sleep. I’m doing it again. This time it’s different. I wasn’t in my depression bubble, which was interesting because that’s how it usually starts is late at night where I can’t get my mind to turn off and I was bored. My dreams were going back and forth between being good to driving completely insane. Don’t you hate that? Anyways, I did take some Advil last night but not three like I did the other night where they knocked me out. I am not going lie, considering I noticed how I fell asleep so easily that night after I took them, I was sad mom only gave me two. Around 2am I started getting my pain back in my lower back and stomach. I was like, “great! Now I know I’ll never get back to sleep.” The only reason why I didn’t get online last night was because my dad was awake. This morning before went to work, and when I was actually getting some sleep after my long night. Mom comes in my room, wakes me up and takes me to the bathroom. I was very happy I went to sleep and woke up at 10am.

I feel good though. I am dancing and singing. So for a Monday, it’s being a good day! It’s apparently very hot here but I couldn’t tell since it feels like a freezer in my room at the moment. I have a temperature, which is sometimes right. It says it is 68 degrees in my room. My room is somewhat cool, not as cold as it could be. Which is fine with me. I have a problem feeling how cold it is on my legs but my arms are the last thing I notice. I usually don’t know how cold I am until somebody goes to carry me and they’re much warmer than me. Since I don’t touch my arms, it’s harder to know what temperature it is. I also have a cold foot, so I don’t know how cold it is until my right leg completely freezes in a sense. I have weird things going on with my body, don’t I? I can also know how cold it is when I touch my nose with my top lip. If you didn’t laugh through this last paragraph, you’re crazy. Just kidding! Just trying to put a smile on your face. (: