Album Review: Linkin Park’s Living Things

Today is finally the day were every Linkin Park fan has dreamt of for over a year now. Linkin Park’s fifth album, Living Things. It is finally out now! I’ve been waiting for the past two months and trying to keep myself away from the YouTube leaked links that everybody had posted last week. Mike posted a blog post several weeks ago, about how the excitement when your favorite band and/or artist releases and how you usually celebrate it alone. So he shared an idea with us about doing a listening party on Twitter. All of us clicking the “play” button together at the same time and sharing our thoughts about the album. In other words, Twitter’s going to crash.

It’s been a long two months for me. I kept myself off the leaked videos that were posted and only listened to “Burn It Down,” “Lies Greed Misery,” and “Powerless.” I also watch the video of Inside Living Things. I bought ATS as a Deluxe online last year and couldn’t get the making of ATS on my iPod so that’s the reason why I watched it. So I didn’t have to buy the Deluxe just for that. So I’m ready to share my thoughts on the album. I’ve been waiting to finally let it all come out for a while. So let me say nothing is in order. I’m sorry about that.

My friend Adie made a Facebook event for the online listening party I think a few weeks ago and somebody had asked what were our three favorite songs from each album. I listed mine and somebody said I would love “Until It Breaks” because apparently all the songs I listed had a pattern. At least, that’s what I think. In their defense, “Until It Breaks” is a brilliant song! I’m still addicted to “Lies Greed Misery” and “Powerless.” The songs feel kind of mellow. All of them have a good start about them and then by the end everything gets very loud and crazy, but that’s a good thing. I like slow and mystery introductions to songs. Linkin Park has always done that. So I’m happy there.

I like the rock and electronic feel they’re giving us. It’s not like the whole Korn and Skrillex feel, but it’s definitely in that category. Linkin Park kind of added more things to make them more original. Between the topics in their songs and the sound of each song, they’re all so different and I like that. Chester’s not screaming a lot and which I really like that, because he’s voice is very soothing to me. Mike raps and sings on the album and it’s just awesome. I think “Castle Of Glass” has the most different sound I’ve ever heard. The intro is very cool and different and then as Mike starts singing everything starts building up. When Mike starts the second verse the whole sound gets bigger but still has that original sound to it. The song “Victimized” is the shortest one of them and it’s very interesting to listen to. Rob starts it off and of course, every fan of Rob’s is going crazy when it starts. Then you hear Mike rap and Chester just yell out repeatedly “Victimized” on the chorus and it just sounds so bad ass! And to know Chester was sick during that part is just the icing on the cake. My only problem is, it’s so short.

The song “Roads Untraveled” is very mellow and slow, but it also has a unique intro as well. I love how you can hear the guitars in this song because it gives it that extra something. Mike and Chester sing very softly and slowly and if you’re not careful you might fall asleep to it. The song “I’ll Be Gone” is very, well I like how most of the songs on this album are danceable. One thing I don’t like about this song is that when I see the title I get “When They Come For Me” stuck in my head. Besides that sidenote it’s a very good song. My favorite two songs that I can’t seem to keep myself away from are “Lost In The Echo” and “Skin To Bone.” They both have different sounds and tempos and they are lovely! “Lost In The Echo” has a lot of bass in it and its very electronic when you first hear it and they hear Mike rap, it’s like “hell yeah!” and Chester sings out the song. It’s amazing. The song “Skin To Bone” is very slow and it’s very catchy. Thank god!

Thank you Linkin Park for making another fantastic album like always. You guys are the best! I have no clue when I’ve been able to buy the actual album so I’ll be listening to it nonstop on Spotify until I can get it. Thanks Mike for creating the online listening party and Adie for inviting me to the challenge, because if you didn’t I wouldn’t have lasted until today. I couldn’t last until 4pm but you can’t blame me for it. Everybody was already tweeting about the album, so I had to join in on all the fun. Keep doing what you guys do. Enjoy your new tour and also know every Linkin Park soldier out there is loving the album and making them feel awesome. Oh, and thank you for the no cuss words too! Okay I’m done.

When Thumper Comes In Handy

My good days don’t want to end and that’s perfectly fine with that. Keep them coming God! I don’t think I even went to sleep last night. While I was doing my prayers, my right leg started spasming again. I was like, “really?” I thanked God for another good day and prayed for everybody who need it at the moment and left me last like I always do. After I was done, I just laid on my bed and tried to clear my head of the stuff I have to do the next day. I told myself to keep off the laptop and was happy I signed off Spotify beforehand because I sat myself back up and went back on my Twitter. I can’t believe my night.

My self-confidence level was so high last night. I watched Breaking Pointe last night and accidentally posted a tweet that I didn’t like Allison from the show and she read it, and sent me a tweet back. My guilty side came out and I felt sooooooo bad. I hate when I do that, but I didn’t think she’d actually read it. I had even posted a picture on my Facebook of Thumper from Bambi doing his little quote, and it was like instant Karma. Afterwards, I apologized to Allison, and she forgave me as long as I spread the word about Breaking Pointe. I told her, “of course!” I still feel like shit to be honest with you.

On a happier note, despite that experience I did end up getting better tweets after that. I got a follow back by one of my favorite bands Flyleaf. I cannot wait until they release their new single “New Horizons” I’m seriously about to go insane. You would think after the Linkin Park release I’d be calmer, nope, not in the slightest. Anyways, I was pretty stoked about seeing that on my mentions later on that afternoon. Then once as Breaking Pointe was ending, I put a tweet that I sometimes get upset when I watch the shows that have dancing in it because I can’t do it because of my disability. Which is true, I will watch Breaking Pointe and Dancing With The Stars and dance movies, but it seriously kills me inside.

Somehow that little tweet got Rex’s attention and he replied back to me, which I thought was so sweet. Then I was looking around, trying to find Ronnie. I found him and somehow got the guts to ask him if he has a Facebook fan page yet? I got two replies I didn’t think I’d get a reply back, oh but he did. I favorite that tweet. Actually I got two from him and favorite both. Then I had an awesome idea come into my head. I thought of drawing my favorite cast member, Katie. So I told her that I was thinking about it. She asked me what kind of drawings I do. I told her that I did bigger ones in school, but I do pencil drawings now. So I think I had her excited for that. Then I got my self-esteem back and sent her the link of my artwork that I post on here to her and added that I do it all with my feet. She replied back, “What!! You do those with your feet!” That made my night. I love knowing how they’re faces are going to be when they look at my artwork. She said, she didn’t freak out but was interested. I can’t wait to start work on it.

Love Breaking Pointe :)

For the past four weeks I’ve been into this reality show on The CW called Breaking Pointe. I had seen the previews of it when the channel was wearing up for The Vampire Diaries finale. I love dance, and everybody knows it. I watch Dancing With The Stars like it’s porn, so kind of figured I’d probably act the same to this show, even though it has a whole different vibe about it. Now, apparently I’m not destined to watch it on Thursday’s because everytime I try to watch it on its normal time. I miss it.

I watched the first episode online for 20 minutes and then finally watched the encore on Monday. The week after that I missed it again and I watched it the day after. Third week, I finally got to watch it at eight and I was so freaking happy! This past week I missed it again but I watched it last night. I am hoping to God that I don’t miss this Thursday’s episode. I want to watch it with everybody else and be in on all the inside jokes I didn’t understand last week but completely get it now! If anybody hasn’t seen it yet. Watch it on The CW at 8pm EST. It’s an interesting journey for these dancers and if you love ballet just as much as I do, you’ll love it!

The cast for the show consists of Christiana. who is the prima ballerina. Ronnie, is a soloist and has to be most different ballet dancer I’ve ever seen, but he’s very good. Allison, is a soloist and is in a complicated relationship with Rex. Katie was a dancer at Ballet West at the beginning of the series but wasn’t renewed a contract at the end of episode one (which broke my heart!) Rex is a soloist and his brother Ronald is a demi-soloist and dating Katie. Beckanne is the youngest of the cast and she’s also a demi-soloist well. Katie and Ronald are the cutest couple in the entire world, but Katie’s friendship with Beckanne is even better! Allison and Rex’s thing is very complicated to understand. You will feel dizzy after the episode. I didn’t think I’d like Christiana but I actually do. I don’t even get me started on what I think about Ronnie though. (: