Pushing Through The Fire.

DAY 2: Strong Again.

Last night was another sleepless, yet drowsy night. I felt tired but my body wasn’t. I hate that feeling. I was still proud of myself for keeping myself away for as long as I did. I had my headphones on and was laying down, I was dancing and feeling awesome for it being 10pm. Just before my mom turned off my light. I swore I saw a Daddy Long-Legs crawling on the side of my mattress. This time it was on the front side and I should have went with my gut instinct and killed him when I had the shot. Of course, by the time mom finally came in my life the little booger was gone–literally! It was nowhere to be found. I thought to myself, “great, I was just starting to get my sleep back and now there’s freaking spider running loose on my floor!” I hate bugs, I really do. I can try to be brave all I want to, but after that last one all my strength went downhill along with my sleep. I was paranoid about finding the spider on my cup or on my face when I would wake up. So I only got two hours of sleep.

I got up at 2am and never went back to sleep until about 7:30am. While I was awake, I was burning up. We didn’t have the air on last night. So I was tossing and turning, which was the second reason why I got up. I untangled myself from my blanket and looked over at my drink tilted sideways. I sat up and tried to fix that and failed miserably. Second time it did fell over I rearranged the whole sheet that it’s on top of and surely enough it stayed this time. Here’s the funny part about this, in the mist of trying to get comfortable I went to turn on my right side and got too close to my cup. I almost poked my eye out! I wanted to laugh at myself but didn’t because by then it was 4am and people would have a cow, if they knew I was awake. I also had to go to the bathroom so I just decided to stay awake and hope to God I don’t sleep the rest of the day. After mom took me to the bathroom before she went to work. I slept like a baby.

I woke up just before noon and I was so thankful for not sleeping all day. I woke up in one of those “state of awareness” where you force to get up even though your eyes are saying “hell no!” I pushed myself to sit up and get online. I was surprised I didn’t feel dizzy doing this, because it hadn’t been long from the time I opened my eyes to sitting myself up. I ate lunch and got a new drink. I was still in a movie mood from yesterday so I remembered dad had gotten Red Tails yesterday from the movie store. It was one long ass movie, but worth it. I love movies that keep you on your toes but don’t scare the living hell out of you. I’ve also always been a “war-movie junkie so couldn’t help myself. It was good. Kind of sad in parts, but very good! Now I’m going to try and finish the rest of the YouTube video I was watching yesterday afternoon. So hopefully I can complete it. Toodles!