Pencils Make Me Happy!

I’m back at it again. I told myself earlier this week that I’ll be drawing again. Yesterday I started the process of drawing my first female portrait and I am very excited about it. Nobody gets that even though male and female faces don’t have much of a difference between them, I’ve never done a female drawing before. I’ve been wanting to draw one for a while, it’s just hard to figure out who the lucky lady will be. I got the outline of the skull on yesterday. At the last-minute I finally got the eyes on after six tries. Hopefully later on today I will continue to make progress on it.Remember when I did a post about the smell of pencils are the best smell ever? Yeah, a few days ago my dad had to give me a pen so I write down an address in my notebook and he opened my pencil-case and the aroma of pencils flooded my room. It was pure heaven! This was Tuesday, I think and it was the same day I decided to get back into drawing. I love the smell of pencils, I know I’m weird, but we all have our weird favorite smells. Some of us choice not to talk about them. Being an artist, I’ve always thought pencils smelled pretty good after being left in a box for a while.

This picture I got from Google is a Charcoal drawing. I haven’t done a Charcoal drawing in years. I don’t really miss using them either. They were never my favorite, but neither were pastels. The both of them were easiest to mess up and get on your clothes. I have three Charcoal and one pastel drawings. This is a better Charcoal drawing than the two I have. Somebody knew what they were doing obviously. Everybody can think what they want about my “Mike Shinoda” drawing, but that picture right there is seriously beautiful. Now I bet you’re asking yourself, are drawings like these discourage me? Not really, It gives me that added pressure that I need to not do a bad job on it.