I’ve officially lost count on how many days I’ve been on my good side without any depression. I feel great! My sleep has been getting back to normal and I’ve been keeping myself busy throughout the last few days. Yesterday, for example. My mom came in right before she was to go to work. Two days in a row, she’s remembered to take me to the bathroom in the morning. I was very sleepy when she got me up. When she put me back in my room and put my blanket on for me I went right off to sleep again. I was tired. Around 8:30am my dad gets me up. He was getting ready to go to work and asked me if I wanted to go to nana’s. I said, yeah, even though I wanted more sleep. My sister had cheerleading practice that morning so if I had said no to my dad’s question I would have still went anyways. I took my laptop and charger because I knew she would probably like to start Pinterest. Dad got me a Kit-Kat earlier and so I brought that along with one of my Nature Valley bars.

My dad puts me in his truck and I instantly thought in my head, “wow, I finally get to hear his new sound system now!” He was trying to get the door locked and talk to our neighbor and here I was with a perfect oppurtiny and erased a couple of my older pictures on my phone and put my phone on the dashboard and took a picture of myself in my dad’s truck. I like taking pictures of myself now. Especially in cars. I told him that I can now take pictures of myself in his truck and mom’s and he looked at me like I was crazy. I felt a little crazy, I had just gotten up about 20 minutes before and still took a damn picture of myself. Who cares! The picture turned out good, so that’s fine with me. When we were pulling out of the driveway, it was like he knew what I was thinking. He and the guys worked on his truck and they had to unplug his speakers. I thought in my head, “yup, and who knows when I’ll be back in this sucker.” I was bummed and I think he was too.

I got up to my nana’s, and talked with her and papaw. Their dog Casey had a heyday knowing that both my dad and I were there at the same time. She loves both of us. I ate my Kit-Kat and drank my pop. Some breakfast I know, but being at my nana’s that early in the morning, so anything chocolate would give me just enough energy that I needed to not go insane right in front of her. We both got through the process of Pinterest without killing each other. YAY! Emily came to nana’s after cheerleading practice and told us about her morning which was nice. Her doing cheer since fifth grade, I know most of the stuff she does. I love her scorpions! After a half hour of her talking about her morning, dad came to pick me up for lunch and I was sooooooo happy to lay back down on my bed. Between my back and hips. I was hurting. It was a good day otherwise!