Hi, My Name Is Megz & I Have A Stuffed Animal Problem.

Ashlyn gave me another topic. What was my favorite pet? Since I’ve never really had my own pet besides fish. I can’t really answer, so I decided to switch it. What is my favorite stuffed animal? If you were to look in my room and look to your left and rake about two steps, you would see a shelf full of knickknacks, folders, books, notebooks, and two shelves full of stuffed animals. When my dad went on a cleaning spree in March, the majority of my stuffed animals got smaller. The ones my shelf are the ones I couldn’t get rid of. I doubt I’ll ever get rid of them.

I keep looking at this shelf making my choice. My husky collection is pretty important to me. I love them dearly. I got my first husky toy when I was at Shriner’s. We saw it when we first got there and nobody was allowed to take them home. Well, one of the morning nurses Kelly, loved huskies just as much as I did. The only difference was she actually had a husky at home. I envied her. She brought in a picture of her dog and we taped it on my foot pedal so I could look at it everyday. Then one day, she surprised me with the stuffed husky toy from the window and said I was allowed to keep it. I will always have it. No matter what. Since then the collection has grown, and everytime I see more stuffed husky toys I instantly want to have it.

I have these two rabbits. One is baby blue and the other is pink. I got the blue one for Easter by my grandparents one year. I named it Turquoise. I pretty much brought that everywhere. Somebody happened to find the pink one when somebody’s room got cleaned. I still think it’s Emily’s because I don’t remember having a pink rabbit. She doesn’t remember either so I still have it. I named it Pinky, of course! My other stuffed animals are from Shriner’s as well. Some I won from Bingo and given to me. I think we came home with one full trash bag of nothing but stuffed animals that I wasn’t ready to give away. They mean a lot. If I get rid of them that gives me a reason to buy more of them. See, I’ve actually thought this one through. You’re never too old to have stuffed animals around. Especially if they mean the world to you.

My “Favorite” Books.

My friend Ashlyn is helping me once again. I asked for two, and she replied. This was the second topic she chose. She gave me the topic of books, because she knows I love to read. What is my favorite and author? This was her topic. When I read books I usually don’t get into the authors as much some people do. I’ve also read a lot of books in my time and I’ve never really decided on a lot of the books I’ve read if I like them enough for me to make them my favorite book. So I kind of like the idea of thinking of the books I’ve read since I got into reading six years ago and now. Which book is my favorite?

While I was in school, I read a lot of Dear America and The Royal Diaries. These were the first books I started reading when I started reading in school. I couldn’t get enough of them. I love history and anything that has to deal with royals. They just kind of clicked with me. At the end of my freshmen year I read a mystery book. Ailas: Sister Spy. It was for a project. Our first final in English class. Before we looked for books to do this project on. My teacher gave us this paper that listed things we had to pick out and have us do around the book we chose. Our limit was five things, I think. I picked four and one of the things on this list was to make a soundtrack of the book. Since this book is an action based, everything had to upbeat. I had these songs I had made up over the summer. I had told him about it earlier in the year. So when it was time to get things together. I made a soundtrack of upbeat, fast beats and picked two ballads. So now you know why this book is my favorite when I was just starting out.

I was in both Novels and Short Stories during my Junior year. I liked Novels more than Short Stories. Even though some of the Short Stories weren’t really short. In Novels we read Frankenstein, Silas Manor, Night, and Helter Skelter. I think we read another one I just don’t remember what it was called. Anyways, out of these four books, my favorite was Night and is by the author Elie Wiesel. It’s basically a book about his time in Auschwitz concentration camps. It’s a very sad book, but he lived to tell the tale of this bad time. I do love biographies and memoirs. This is what created my biography-memoir rush.

Last year I got into the Stefan Diaries because it was Vampire Diaries related. They were also good books as well, but not enough to keep me interested. When I was thinking of something I give another shot at reading another memoir. I had heard of Bristol Palin, Cheryl Burke, and Duff McKagan roughly the same time. Bristol’s book was my first book I read since for a few months. Afterwards, I waited to get Cheryl’s. It was the first book I bought when I first got my Kindle. I loved it. After I wanted to get Duff’s but it was really expensive. So I went to my second choice and that was Slash’s book. In the span of two months I read four books. My favorite book was Duff McKagan’s book, It’s So Easy (and other lies). From the moment I started it, I hated sleeping because it was cutting into my reading time. It was a different “rockstar” book. A lot different from Slash and Nikki Sixx. I liked the difference. It was the reason why it became my favorite biography so far!

There’s so much teenage-based books a girl can take. Considering half of them involve love and depressing thoughts. My favorite teen-based book was Confessions Of A Heartless Girl. It is by Martha Brooks. It was pretty thick, thicker than the ones I had read before (not counting Helter Skelter, it was class book). I loved this girl who had some attitude problems and was kind of shy. She was young and just got dumped by her boyfriend and didn’t have a place to stay, so she stayed with the single mother and her son in a small town. This girl was going through adult things in her young life and somethings got taken away from her but she grew out of that small shell she started out in and changed. It is one of those books that show you, changing is good for me. It’s the part of growing up.

I’ve been reading some more mature books than I’m use to, but it’s a good thing. Before I started Slash’s book in late November, I bought this book on Amazon and finished it in thirty minutes. In my defense, I didn’t know how many pages were in it before I bought it. It actually had close to 80 pages. Now I know to look first before I buy it. I’d rather get a book with 200+ pages that way it is worth buying it. Anyways, it was my first non-teenage book, I’m just going with that term. Since then I’ve read two others. The Darkest Seduction and Fifty Shades of Grey. I’m also reading my fourth called, Backstage Pass. So far, this is my favorite. I’ve also noticed with this book I’m laughing more and not really paying any attention how much I’ve gotten through. I’m genuinely loving this book. I’m not at the end yet and I know I’m not even close. At this moment I can say it might be my favorite of my non-teenage books so far.