Art Can Be An Emotional Wreck.

I’ve been M.I.A. for the past few days. I haven’t had any good topics floating around in my head lately. So I had to go to my trusty sidekick Ashlyn with some topics. This was her first topic. Who or what encouraged me to draw. Which is a good topic. She likes my drawings and blog posts so this is common for her. To answer her truthfully, I really don’t remember how I started drawing. I just remember starting it and loving it. Yes, I had some sidebacks but that was normal for me. I remember being in Elementary and use to get praises from everybody because they couldn’t believe my artwork.

This picture here isn’t one of mine. It’s a painting I found on Pinterest and I love eyes so, of course I had to use it. I’d love to know who created it. Speaking of that, I don’t know very many famous artists. Of course in school we were told about Picasso and others, but back then I didn’t care all that much. It wasn’t until my nana told me about her biological brother’s wife was an artist herself. She may not be blood relation, but she does know about my drawings. I have a few of hers around the house. She don’t think she has any of them. Another artist I’ve grown to love is Mike Shinoda. When I got into Linkin Park, he’s art show in August of 2009 was the reason why I wanted to draw them so badly.

I love how different artists can draw faces. Since I love art so much. My love for photography has grown too. I’ve noticed in pictures of people I like black and white and for the models to be kind of distraught with their surroundings. That sence of feeling alone and scared at the same time is what I like. Seeing somebody look like they are afraid and could cry at any moment is interesting to me. Since I can’t see myself cry and can’t stand to see somebody I know cry. Seeing strangers cry is interesting for me. I pay more attention to the body language and their eyes, of course. It’s funny how we like when others are scared but are afraid ourselves, if we were put in their situations. Going back to the top of this paragraph, when artists capture that emotion in their drawings, it’s so interesting. They can put it anywhere. That feeling of being scared can be put in the story of how the portrait was made or just the drawing itself.

I haven’t drawn anything for a while. The last two I tried working aren’t working out for me. I have a photo album on my Facebook, it’s titled “Pictures for Projects” and I have a total of nine pictures and I’m thinking of just forgetting the order I wanted to go in and go all crazy. I was drawing a band that had five band members and I’ve only gotten one done. The band isn’t even on my top five list anymore so I think it’s time to move on to the next bunch. I feel bad about giving up, but both are driving me into the wall and making me hate starting up this again. I don’t like being depressed over small things. So rather being pissed off at what can’t come out right now. Put it away and move on to something else. In this case, another band. So hopefully I’ll be less overwhelmed by it all. So wish me good luck, because I think I’m going to need it.