My Wonderful Weekend.

Have you ever had one of those weekends where you wish it would never end? I’m sure everybody has in their lifetime. I’ve had plenty of those but not any lately. Well, until this past weekend. Man! It was amazing! We’ve had the weekend planned out for at least two months. Our original plan was to have my Aunt Laurie and her boyfriend Mike bring down their big boat and my cousin Amy bring down her jet ski so we can go to the lake for Saturday and then hang out there as a family. Then on Sunday, we would go to Evansville for my nana and papaw’s 50th wedding anniversary at Red Lobster. Well then we heard the boat was broken. I think I have that wrong, I think it was the truck, but I’m not for sure. Something’s broken I know that. It might be my brain, who knows. Anyways, so those plans had to be changed and Laurie and Mike were still going to come down just without it. Then I found out Amy wasn’t coming down. So, of course, I was bummed because we haven’t seen her in a while and I miss her a lot. Red Lobster plans were never changed.

Saturday, before everybody was supposed to arrive that evening. My mom, sister and I spent the day at my nana’s like we always do on Saturdays for lunch. Emily had the weekend off from work and she got stuck with talking to nana and I. Nana also kept her busy too. She had to vacuum the floors. Their dog Casey sheds a lot. She was found as a puppy and the vet told us that she wasn’t suppose to get very big. Well, they were wrong because she is huge. She sheds more than our cat Oliver and but the only difference between them is Oliver pulls out his hair instead. Thank god Casey doesn’t do that. After I got home I just spent my afternoon just relaxing. I had been up and about the past two days and I don’t think I ever slowed down. I had a lot of energy apparently. That night, however was an interesting one. I got a text from my cousin Kristi who lives up in Indy and she asked me if Laurie was already down and what time we were leaving to go down to Red Lobster on Sunday. After I texted her back and she just sent me back “Okay” I had this big grin on my face. Later on that night, I was like, “crap! I’m the only one that’s going to know and I like their surprise visits!” I felt like I got screwed out of the deal.

That morning, my mom had to get me up because I couldn’t get to sleep before midnight last night. I had leg spasms and they never let me sleep at night. My mom got me dressed and ready to go. I knew how long the trip was going to be so I made sure I had my iPod for the ride. My mom got a text from my Aunt Laurie saying my Uncle David and Kristi were at my nana’s. So I knew for a fact my nana was in a splendid mood! Then once I had ahold of my phone. I found out that David texted me and my nana tweeted. If I wasn’t in on it I was surely going to know beforehand. Either way, I was freaking happy! Haven’t seen Kristi in person for a while and I missed her and her dad like crazy! I know my nana was happy because she would get to see all four of her kids. They weren’t originally going to come down to Red Lobster with us, but they did. So we carpool the whole way there. Nana rode with Laurie, Mike, and Taylor. Papaw rode with us and mom sat in the backseat with Em and I.

Once we got there to Evansville, we were all looking around. My sister looks over to her right and sees this sign. She had to take it at least twice because she couldn’t get a clear picture of it with her camera. So she took off her seatbelt andĀ ademptted to take it out of my mom’s window. Then she went back to her original plan and use the rear window. She was so freaking excited to see it. My mom and I were surprised that the light was generous to not turn green of her standing on her knees to take a damn picture of this sign. That would have been interesting, both papaw and dad having a fit in the front seat. She now wants one of these cakes for her birthday.

When we arrived at Red Lobster, we all got out of our cars and immediately started taking pictures of each other. I’m sure we looked pretty crazy to the other people standing outside. It was hot and everybody was already in a wonderful mood. I told myself, “well I hope God still remembers my prayer from last night.” Because I would have snapped on anybody who ruined a perfectly good Sunday with family. Once we were allowed in and sat at our long table. I was seriously thinking, “why couldn’t my birthday be in the summer?” I needed a strong drink and I knew the Raspberry Lemonade I wanted wasn’t going to cut it. We had to wait on my Uncle Rick and Aunt Linda because they forgot their directions. We ordered our salads and extras when we got settled down. I always sit with my nana. Papaw and I think Mike ordered beer. When Rick and Linda finally got there. Linda found out they had margaritas and she ordered hers on the rocks. I think there were about four of us that were regretting not getting one of those. She apparently had the right idea.

We ate and talked. I got a Cesar salad with baby shrimp. I thought my nana and I were going to share each other’s food and that didn’t happen. My dad sat by me too and he is a lot different from my mom. When we go to Red Lobster as a family, mom doesn’t share ANYTHING! Dad is nice enough to share because he doesn’t want us to be picky eaters even though he is the reason why we are suck picky eaters in the first place, but that’s another story. I usually don’t like baked potatoes with sour cream but everybody does. My dad got one and shared it with me and it was surprisingly good. After I established I was finished, I was amazingly fine. No stomaches at all. I was so happy to not have that afterwards, because I usually do. Some people after they were finished went outside to smoke and my Aunt Linda ordered this beautiful cheesecake with strawberries. I’m not a cheesecake and this slice was gorgeous. Everything at a fancy restaurants like this, looks so beautiful to eat.

After we left we took even more pictures and drove every single male that was thereĀ insane. We headed back home and I was exhausted. I had Five Finger Death Punch blasting through my headphones and I still could have passed out in the backseat. I was that tired but I didn’t want the day to end. I texted Kristi in the car when I let Emily borrow my iPod for the rest of ride home. telling her I wish she didn’t have to go back to Indy that night. Then I remembered her phone died so I had to forward that text to her dad’s phone because I’m a crazy, tired person! Once we got into town, it’s like a relieve to a couple blocks closer to your bed. We had to go home and take dad home and grab Callie since Laurie was going to take her back with them. Everybody went to McDonald’s and got ice cream cones. I’m not a fan of ice cream on a cone since my teeth are so sensitive. After we got to nana’s and unloaded papaw and myself out of the car. Mom, Emily, and Kristi went and got ours. I was supposed to get a Oreo McFlurry and they came back with an M&M McFlurry instead. I think I had that one coming.

It was just nice to have everybody down and have that laughter I’ve missed in the past several months. There’s always a feel in the room when today will be different, where good can come rolling back again. It may not be whole or like how it started out to be, but if things to be back to the way they were. Baby steps. Nothing gets better in a flash. When we were talking pictures and laughing at ourselves, it was just so cool to be back again. It’s like seeing your best friends again after a few years of being away from each other. You wish the night would never end but you know it will. I don’t know what will happen after this point, but I’m hoping it continues.