Real VS. Fake: Two Different Types Of Girls In The Pageant Worlds.

So Miss America was broadcasted the other day on ABC. I didn’t watch it. I usually never do. If I do watch it I’ll only watch one part and it’s the when they come out and show off their evening gowns. That’s my own favorite part. I love the dresses. I don’t actually like the whole thing. I don’t like the fact the girls look like Barbie dolls. Everything has to be perfect. They have to look proper and graceful. Which there is nothing wrong with that. It’s all an act. Even some of the friendships they make with the other girls. When I heard Miss Rhode Island won, I immediately thought of Miss Congeniality, and Gracie punching Miss Texas right in the nose.

I feel really uncomfortable whenever I watch Miss America or Miss Universe. The girls that compete to be the best. They paint their face and keep their hair neat. Everything has to be perfect. Bodies have to be slim and gorgeous. You want to be real. Then eduction yourself on handicapped pageants. When I was Junior in high school, I hated myself and yet I found something online about a handicap pageant for girls. It was held in Illinois¬†and I really wanted to go. I think for two months I was just in a depressing bubble because I was going back and forth between wanting to do a pageant like that. I hate getting things out of sympathy because I’m handicapped. Like it really makes me feel better about myself that somebody just hands me something because of my disability. So considering a real pageant in my hometown was never an option. I remember a sad night. I was depressed and crying my eyes out. My parents tried to comfort me. It didn’t really work though.

During my Senior year, my mom found something either online or in the newspaper about a pageant called Miss Wheelchair. I had actually found websites of different states doing these pageants. it’s for women ages 21 to 99 in each state. When my mom found out about it. She told me that when I turn 21 I could enter. So it’s actually been something I’ve been looking forward to doing since I was 18. The fact that it’s for handicapped women makes me feel lots better. I don’t feel like I’ll win out of sympathy and I feel like I have to lie that I did my best if I lost to someone prettier that had awesome legs and a great rack. I’m not trying to judge girls who do these pageants. I’m just saying you make us feel like we can NEVER be enough. To hear there’s pageants like these make me very happy. People who look like me. We aren’t people whose had plastic surgeries, I mean we’ve probably had surgeries, but they’re life¬†or death choices. Getting bigger boobs or more botox, it’s life or death. Unless you get too much of it.