My Day With The Kittens.

Yesterday our house grew a little more. We finally had to bring in the kittens from the outside and the awful heat. We’ve had this box that our computer came in and we had planned to put the kittens in there the first day after they were born because we have some storms coming in, but Bootsie had them tucked away under the porch. So getting them out was very difficult, but not impossible since between mom and Em they would grab them and bring them into the house so I could see them. I’ve seen puppies grow up from I think five weeks to nine weeks old, but never kittens. So this is another first for me!

My mom and sister went outside to check on them and found them all on the porch. Several days ago, Bootsie moved them when dad was fixing up the front yard. My parents had a tough time finding them. Bootsie got smart and hid them very well. She also must like my dad a lot since she took them all up by his building by the house. They couldn’t see them, but you could definitely hear them. By this time, they’re walking around. Not as well, but they are still itty-bitty. The other day mom and Em brought in four of the kittens. She kept the rut outside that Bootsie didn’t have a cow. We realized that two are really chill and laid back. The two little gray ones are feisty and loud. The little rut has the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen on a cat.

Yesterday,  mom brought the calico and the darker gray kittens into my room and put them on my bed. I had them up there for a while. The calico already has a name because it’s going to my Aunt Laurie. She named it Callie, earlier we thought it was a boy, but she still wanted to name it Callie. Mom told us about one of the ladies she works with wanted one of a boy, gray kitten. We found out, the one we first named, Archie is in fact a girl. The darker kitten the one I had yesterday, is the boy. Mom said her friend wanted to name him Henry, since it’s her eighth cat and she wanted to be like Henry the eighth, or something like that. I think the name “loud mouth” would better. The rut, which I thought I called dibs on naming this cat since it was two weeks old, but no… Emily wants to name this one. She named him Rudy and prayed that it was indeed a boy. Mom got to name the half calico, it’s all black except for its face. It’s got some orange by his right eye and upper nose. We were wondering what the characters of the Phantom of the Opera were, and when we found out they weren’t cool. We all agreed on Phantom.

When we were first grabbing them and putting them inside. Loud mouth and Callie were the first two inside and in the box. Here’s the reason why I call Henry, “loud mouth.” Mom and Emily left to get them milk that’s especially made for kittens or something like that. Dad was in the living room. The box was on the far side of my room. Loud mouth was shierking its head off. I felt hopeless. My anxiety went up and it scared the living crap out of me. I couldn’t get it out. Rudy and this kitten are the most clingy of the bunch and most noisiest. That’s boys for you! I had dad scoot the box towards me and started talking to it, even getting into a mini argument because it wanted to talk back. All the while I was texting my sister getting ticked off because she left me alone. My thoughts were driving me crazy, every little doubt about the future and wanting to have kids came rushing to me. I wanted to breakdown and kill something and it wasn’t going to be these cute little things. I was overwhelmed.

When they came back, mom and Emily had gotten syringes because we thought Bootsie wasn’t feeding them anymore. So mom feed Henry and Rudy. Henry wasn’t so hungry for the milk, Rudy was another story. Half the milk ended up in his mouth and the rest on my floor. He was messy! After he was done mom put them back in the box (I had Henry on my bed) and Emily was sending me pictures of Bootsie nursing so mom went outside and brought her in and put her and her five kittens in the box. Apparently everybody was hungry and we got to see Bootsie as a mommy, nursing and making them potty. That was disgusting! She was so nice. Didn’t hiss at us, but stared at us because we were talking about her. After feeding them, she jumped out and onto my bed. Walked around my room and jumped back in. By this time, a few of the kittens were passed out. Bootsie was tired too, but after an hour she jumped back out when I had my headphones on and scared the crap out of me. Mom let her outside and the kittens continued to sleep.

Another hour passed, and guess who was awake? Loud mouth. They were getting hungry again. So mom brought in “Super Supper” that was canned Tuna. They loved that! All five have teeth and between Phantom, Callie, and Rudy, they were tearing into it. Archie was chilling by herself. Henry was snoozing. They were at this for probably 15 minutes and they all walked away. Archie was still meowing so mom took her out and let her run around my bed. She loved the sheet and Transformers blanket. Kept chewing on both. There was a small space the wall and the bed and she fell right in. Mom got her out and pushed my bed up so that wouldn’t happen again. She also loves my toes, she kept attacking my big toe. It’s so cute to have a tiny paw try to grab my toe. Mom put her back in the box when she started meowing at the wall. Then about 30 minutes later, my dad came in and praised Bootsie for being a good mommy. Mom had dad see what they all were, because even though we had named them. We still didn’t know what they were. We named Archie because we thought he was a boy. Mom thought Callie was a boy. So dad set us straight. We have two boys and three girls and they are the most adorable kittens ever. Oh, and both Oliver and ChiChi have been curious since mom brought them inside. Oliver doesn’t really mind. ChiChi was being sweet, which is unheard of considering she hates everything.

Learning On How To “Live It Up.”

Today marks an interesting milestone for me. Today is the second year anniversary of graduating high school. I went with my dad to go pick up my sister from the Baseball sectional’s so she can go to work on time. My sister just started work last week and now that it’s officially summer for her, she’s now considered a senior in high school. It just doesn’t seem right. Time sure flies by if you don’t pay attention to your surrounds. I feel like I’m savoring every minute lately. I’m not ignoring anything. I’m feeling every little joy and pain that comes along. I’m not letting them fly back this time. I want to enjoy it. I finally realize the meaning of the quote, “live it up!” If this doesn’t make you cry, this might. A couple I went to school with are engaged. So I feel even older than I did yesterday asking my sister what she was going to do about Senior Pictures. Oh good grief!

Two years ago, at this time, I spent that afternoon trying to relax every nerve which never worked. My mom put on my gown and cap and hoped it stayed there. When I first got up to the school, I remember just cruising around to different groups of people. Got a hug from one the guys I’ve known since Elementary, and talked to him for a bit. When it was time to get the show on the road. I remember waiting in the same spot I was at just a month earlier for senior prom. This time I wasn’t in something that glamorous. I had a nice shirt and black pants on. You would think after going to three graduations before my own. I’d actually learn not to wear black when it’s close to 90 degrees. I was nervous something would go wrong. Your brain makes up those thoughts just to make you worry, but it sucks when something does go wrong. We didn’t have enough seats for my row. We also didn’t have enough diploma cases to pass out.

After the ceremony, I went around and got pictures with some friends and went around to find this one person. I ended up not finding him and I was bummed. Hadn’t seen him since he graduated, which was the year before me. We went home to change and my mom, sister, and I went to my cousin’s and had an interesting night. My older cousin Chris came down, because his sister was graduating as well. We were all in a mood. Some friends of Chris and Kristi’s came over and hung out for a bit. They left soon after we arrived. Then as soon as we started eating. My Aunt Laurie and my cousin Amy and her friend Elena came in and everything after that got a little crazy. We just had too much fun that night. It just didn’t seem real until like two days later. Then everything hit me like a bottle rocket. I don’t really remember if I cried or not, but I know everybody else did.

Now that it’s 2012 and getting closer to my birthday. I’m surprised on how much has changed since then. I think about how I learned to stand up for myself and others. I’ve grown a lot. I don’t let many people take advantage of me. My attitude towards people has changed over in the course of two years. I’m not as shy as I once was. I’m also learning to keep my mouth shut. Slowly but surely learning that one. Seeing how these two years have changed not only for me but the ones I went to school with has helped. I don’t normally get the chance to talk to them as much as I’d like, but everybody said at graduation, you may never see some of these people again. At that time, for some I was perfectly fine with that. Now I’d give anything to go back and relive those crazy moments in the classes I dreaded going into because I knew it was going to be bad. The funny kids would do anything to make us laugh. I’m actually thinking of some of those classes at the moment and laughing inside. Oh, sometimes memories are bittersweet, but you got to love them anyways.

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! I want to keep this short and been thinking about this for about two days. For some people, memorial day is extra day to sleep in for those who aren’t off for the summer but got that weekend off because it’s holiday. For others, it’s a day to honor the service men and women who risk their lives for our freedom. So thank you to all the men and women who protect and fight for us. We appreciate what you do for our freedom. I pray for all of them and their families every night. So thank you again. (:

Taking The Risk And Going With It.

I don’t know what it is, but I love freaking people out. In the past two days that’s all I’ve done. I went to my friend’s graduation Friday. She was my last choir buddy to graduate out of our little group we had when I was there. She was a sophomore when I was a senior, so seeing her graduate was a bittersweet. It also meant my sister was that much closer to graduating too and that freaked me out even more. Anyways, it was a long ceremony and I usually sit in the back of the gym. So when they all first get up there to the gym, I’m one of the first people they see. I love sitting there and usually don’t get much crap by it. The people sitting in the bleachers are pretty nice and I usually offer to watch over their bags if they don’t have any room. That’s how nice I am. When I go to graduations, I like sitting by myself. I can cry in peace if I wanted to. If anybody really needs me, they can just text me. Which brings me to my first thing. I sat with two different families and both were really nice. The lady I was sitting with when the graduation actually started was like everybody else.

I was getting text messages from Twitter and my sister every five minutes. I keep my phone on my foot pedal, by my controller on the left side. It sticks onto there. So imagine this, I’m texting my mom while the swing choir was singing their first song they do. The lady next to me leaned over and said to me, “I really admire you. I would never be able to do that.” When somebody says that I do my usual smile and say “thank you.” Something about me just wanted to do something new. Just wanted to see what she’d do. So I grabbed my phone and showed her both of my drawings. She freaked. In a good way though. Her eyes were wide and all smiles. She asked me, who drew them, and when I told her I did. She gasped. The thing I didn’t expect was her last statement. “I would love to see them in person.” That part was awkward. I had to tell her they were at home. She asked me what year I graduated and told me that I was very talented. That last part I am used to getting. It was fun thing to do. Just to see her face get happy and surprised was good for me.

Yesterday, after two weeks I finally got my hair cut. It’s summer, so I had to get most of it cut off. I was perfectly fine with that. Considering everytime my mom goes to lift me up and she is wearing her sunglasses, my hair gets caught in them. I teased her “you know when you’re ready for a hair cut when you caught in your mom’s sunglasses.” I’ve been looking at short styles for at least two months. Didn’t even make my decision until we got there. I like to take risks with my hair. I don’t mind the short do. It feels weird at first, but you get use to it after a while. As Katie was just about the finish it. Mom brought up how earlier that morning, I wanted a small mohawk. Of course, mom said no. Katie, on the other hand. She asked me if that was what I wanted. She was the one styling it and I was going to go for it. So I said, yes. I think it fit me to a T. Besides getting called Adam Lambert twin by my mother and my nana, I still liked it. I pretty much ignored those two for the rest of the day. I loved what Papaw said though. He called it a bush. Teased me by saying, “I’m waiting for a bird to come out of there.” Definitely got us all laughing at that one. Goof ball.

You Jive Right Through Me.

Last night, I hardly slept, but when I did. I had this pretty amazing dream. Since I’ve been thinking about who should be on the All Star cast of Dancing With The Stars next season. I’ve literally thought about different people, but I guess my brain wanted to give me a break. This time I wasn’t dreaming my “dream” cast for the cast. I was dreaming of just being able to dance. I think I had the dream twice. The first dance had Mark Ballas as my partner and the next time I went for that dream again it was Val Chmerkovskiy. I like both! Both are extremely dreamy.

Anyways, the first part of the dream started off as a “spoil moment” for my mom. I had gotten a good job in my dream and was considered a celebrity, which I’m still trying to figure out why. I had this planned for my mom to sit in the front row. Somehow I got all four of us to sit and watch. In my experience, this would never happen because both my dad and sister hardly watch the show. When they do, it’s by force. So if this was to happen. It would be by force. Back to my dream. I got to the part of meeting Mark, but I don’t remember meeting Val. I probably screamed for him like what I did when I met Mark. I felt sorry for him in my dream. Poor dude. We made it the first two weeks. After that, my brain doesn’t remember.

I do remember two of the dances we did. I mostly talking about Mark, since the dream with Val is hardly there in my memory. The first dance I remember the most was the Paso. It’s one of my favorites. So I’m thinking that’s why I dreamt of it. It’s a serious dance. You kind of have to be angry, which sometimes I like to think you get to be this daredevil for the time you do this dance. You get to be mean and serious all at the same time and I just love that! The second dance we did was the Jive. It’s my second favorite and I loved Mark and Katherine’s Jive on the finale. So I’m thinking that’s how I started dreaming about it. That was one of the most challenging dances considering I kept falling on my butt because my legs wouldn’t balance right. Sounds like me, right? Something that caught my eye during both dreams was that I wasn’t normal. I wasn’t like everybody else, like my past dancing dreams. I was still in my wheelchair. Both of my feet still deformed and everything. Yet I thought I was kicking butt. Just in case you’re wondering, I don’t remember none of the scores from either dance.