Iron Army

I hardly slept last night and I’m suddenly wide awake at the moment. I kind of wish it hit me later on today, like yesterday. By five in the afternoon I felt everything in my body more awake than before. I don’t think my body believes in sleep anymore. My thoughts aren’t really my concern anymore it’s more like my dreams are being the jerk all of a sudden. Dreams are supposed to help you get to sleep not being the reason you stay up at night. Around midnight, I felt like I wasn’t going to catch a break and my thoughts came back to haunt me for the rest of the night. I didn’t get to sleep until 6am and I got up at 10am. I’m not going to last long since it’s almost 1pm here. I hurt and kind of feel light-headed. Even though my sleep is jacked up, my mood isn’t.

My mood and senses are going higher and higher. I’m in a metal mood. I got on Twitter this morning and saw the band In This Moment advertise their new song “Blood” and in the span of two hours I looked it up on YouTube and found it. Can Maria’s voice anymore hypnotizing? I don’t understand how these metal female singers can do it. I don’t get how the guys can do it. I still ask myself how the hell did I get to this place? I remember the first metal song I got into and the four original bands that started up my new obsession. The three bands I got into were Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, and Evanescence back in 2004. It wasn’t until 2009 that apparently hell froze over. I got into Skillet, Hollywood Undead, Lacuna Coil, and Linkin Park. After getting into these four my rock playlist just kept growing and hasn’t gotten any smaller yet. Which is a good thing.

I leave you with an In This Moment song.