How I Became A Music Blogger



I’ve been trying to figure what to blog about for a few days and I thought about some advice posts; I like them but I’m also one of those people who doesn’t feel the need to follow the same set of rules of others. These will be things that I do that might be useful to the newbies or somebody who would like to experiment every once in a while.

What does it mean to be a music blogger?

I started writing reviews back in 2011, probably four months after I actually created this blog. I will say, those first few reviews are really bad. I have the worst grammar and I cannot describe what I hear for the life of me! I will say though, since I’ve been doing them and the fact that I try to get out of my comfort zone, I feel like I am getting better at it.

In the beginning, I wasn’t really thinking about what could come out of the review itself, I just knew that I needed to express myself about what I hearing inside of my headphones. Towards the end of 2012, I’d say my music choices started to go in a darker direction and since I was already listening to tons of international music, I knew I wanted to share it with more people, whether it be my Twitter followers, friends and/or family. Everybody wants new music, so why shouldn’t I help promote these artists and groups?

What can you talk about on your blog?

Well, that’s up to you really!

I think it’s important to establish what kind of music blogger you want to be from the very beginning. To me, there are two ways you can go about this, you can be like me and only focus on the music itself–that means you discuss nothing about anything else but whatever you’re presented. Second way is you talk about that artist’s personal life, which is something that I do NOT participate in because I think it’s absolutely rude!

There are a lot of bloggers out there that only review new artists, which is good because they need all of the promotion they can get from people. However, if you do put your email address on your about or contact page, be aware that you may not always get to talk with that particular artist or group, majority of the time you’re talking to a third party. It has its ups and downs, because honestly the artist will make you feel welcomed and allow you to have time to listen and get your words figured out, but the third party does not. At least, from my own experience, they haven’t made me feel like I was going fast enough to reply back to them about anything.

Besides the new artists, you can talk about your favorites, but in reality you’re really closing up opportunities to get to know other musicians. Thankfully, when I started blogging about music, I was already in the thick of international music, so I was listening to stuff all over the world and it didn’t really matter if they were singing in English or not.

There are different ways to review music:

  • Albums/EPs – These are pretty much the only way I review anything to do with music at the moment. However, I do have my own limit. I do discuss an album that’s over 20 tracks. It just puts a lot of pressure on me to stay open enough to speak my thoughts and I never want the number of songs to change my mind about a particular track. 
  • Single – If you’re going to write about a single, be prepared for that post of yours to be pretty short. I think I always had two or three paragraphs whenever I’d review just a single, but on the bright side, I always thought it would be fair to release two single reviews in one day!
  • Music Videos – Music videos are pretty easy to talk about, as you can just find it on YouTube’s recently added and go from there, but you also need to think about something else. Are you going to only discuss the song, the content of the video itself, or both? I always found it to be easier to do both, but whenever I would listen to the heavy metal music, I wouldn’t review the actual video in fear something creepy would pop out and scare me! 

What kind of ways to listen to music to review?

I mostly only use Spotify to listen to my music. They are convenient, because they have the new music on their browse tab. Once you start using it a lot, and you “follow” more and more artists and bands, then it’ll create a “release radar” playlist for you of the music and you basically go from there. After I’ve found an album or EP, or even a selection of them, I’ll create a playlist of each one and save them for later until I’m ready to work on them.

If you can’t use Spotify, then YouTube is my second option. Unfortunately, you will have some issues going in this direction. Musicians and record companies will not always upload a full album onto the artist or band’s main page, it’ll just depend on the circumstance honestly, so if you’re unable to find all of the music on the record, you’re going to need to hope another fan has put it up without tampering with the sound too much and of course YouTube has taken all of them down!

My last suggestion is whether or not, you want to purchase the album on iTunes. I mean, all your doing is reviewing the album, and in case you’re not sure about the genre or if you’re going to like it in general, you’ve just spend $11.29 or $14.99 that you now have to keep in your library. So, everything is up to you on what you want to do.

Here are some tips on what I do before I start the reviewing process!

  1. Have a notepad nearby! It’ll be smarter to write or type out the song titles and date of when the record came out. Something else you should look into, is some information about the artist you’re talking about, you have to remember that you are not only selling the album, but the musician too!
  2. Trust your gut, and I mean this in the nicest way possible. If you are not comfortable talking about a certain subject, do NOT push yourself to write about it. However, on the flip side, if you can’t figure out how to describe the song and how it sounds, go with your next best option. I’ll usually say whatever I’m feeling at that moment. I’ve described song(s) as “driving around in a small town while the sun is setting!” So whatever comes to your head first, then say it!
  3. Don’t rush the process, if you need to take a break in between a group of songs, then do it! I have started reviews in the mornings and finished them at night, and I’ve even spread them out over a couple of days since I usually schedule them at a later date.
  4. If you’re unable to find the album cover on the artist’s social media accounts, then I recommend you making a banner for your future review posts. I’ve used Paint to create mine, but I’m sure you can make really clever ones using your own photos!

I think that are all of my tips and tricks that I can share with you today! If you are thinking about starting on music reviews, or reviewing anything such as books, movies, etc, it’s a fun experience for you as a blogger but it also helps promote the musicians you’re talking about too!


Tune Tuesday: United Kingdom Week 2


So this is it!! The last of the UK trip and end of the whole music travels. What country was your favorite? I think I liked both Ireland and Poland. Basically for the fact I had help from my friends who live in those countries. They did what I originally wanted for these posts was to find people in the countries I was planning on talking about on here and they would bring in different people for me to focus on instead of me trying to find different artists and bands that I probably talk about too much on here. Just wait until the next theme I’m changing it to next week. If you read last week’s post, I said I’d give you a snippet of what the theme will be and I’m so excited to say that it’s about the queens of music. We’ll start out talking about the Queens of different music genres. If you are hooked up to my Facebook, I’ll be posting the Queens of movies. Too bad I can’t make it for Wednesday, or this would have been the best idea ever, but this works too! I’m open to suggestions for different Queens and Princesses of different genres. I’m highlighting every genre, blues, jazz, rock etc. I can’t wait to reveal the new TT banner. I got it done three weeks ago, it’s really cool! Before we can go into that though, we gotta live it up with second part of UK! I hope you’ve enjoy and join me next for the Femme Fatale edition.

Fire Breather by Laurel

To The Hills by Laurel

Strong by London Grammar

Recovery by Frank Turner

I Want Out by Young Guns

Bones by Young Guns

Only Love Can Hurt Like This by Paloma Faith

Don’t by Ed Sheeran

Paradise by Coldplay

Viva La Vida by Coldplay

Tune Tuesday: United Kingdom Week 1


I’m sad to say but this is the second to last week of the music travels of Tune Tuesday! It’s been a very fun and interesting adventure. I hope you’ve had fun and discovered some fantastic music along the way. Next week I’ll be releasing a snippet of what the next theme will be. So since this week will be a two-week thing, I thought I’d just do it up with adding more than I probably should! Hopefully not as long as Poland’s but who knows. I wanted to let everybody know that for these two weeks, I wanted to stay true to the reason why I made up this theme. I wanted it for the newly and older stuff that everyone knows and loves. I hope you all enjoy!

Vertigo by U2

Betray My Heart by Pythia

Want U Back by Cher Llyod

Madness by Muse

Supermassive Black Hole by Muse

Freedom by Sugababes

Tune Tuesday: New Zealand


It’s another Tuesday full of heavy metal, this time we head to New Zealand. Honestly, I had two other acts for our trip to NZ but I’ve been recently introduced to this new band I found on Twitter a couple of months ago. If you talk about music on your Twitter account, you might get a lot of different bands and singers following you back randomly and/or asking you to check out their music on YouTube. Majority of the time you ignore or sometimes you actually do listen to it on the first time they say something to you. There hasn’t been very many bands that I’ve actually been interested in at the first time they’ve sent me a tweet or anything. I have been followed by random bands before, both famous and unsigned bands. It can get pretty interesting at times. When I get into a band, I want to good quality stuff, meaning I want to be able to hear everything that goes on. I mostly listen to any new music on my Spotify account. In other words, if you don’t have a Spotify file then it’s very unlikely I’ll be listening back to your stuff. Sorry!

Back to our travels though, the band that I’ve selected is called Saving Grace and they are definitely a heavy metal band. As I’ve said they come from New Zealand and they are pretty awesome! Their newest album “The Urgency” came out in January of this year. The band consists of Nicholas Tautuhi on vocals, Vasely Sapunov is on guitars, Ross McDougall is also on guitars, George White is on bass, and Shaun Anderson plays the drums. Not only are they a good band to listen to – the guys are incredibly sweet to their fans! Which is always a good thing to know when you get into a new band that you’ve never heard of before. Maybe one day I’ll get to see these guys live and meet them face to face. If you have NOT listened to Saving Grace I leave you these videos as my gift to you all. Enjoy! See you next week!

Ablaze by Saving Grace

Unbreakable by Saving Grace

Just One Bad Day

I know I promises yesterday and the day before that I would publish a real blog post, but honestly I think the post I did last night is going to be the only one I will do this week. I haven’t felt as upbeat and everything. My sister and mom weren’t feeling at their best yesterday, but we still went to my nana’s house for some family time. I enjoyed myself, I think we all enjoyed ourselves a lot. This morning when I woke up, I just felt like complete crap. My stomach was just bugging me. When my mom fixed me lunch and I did eat some, but right after I noticed I didn’t have any energy at all and I didn’t want to do anything. So around 1pm, I had my mom turn my fan back on and I ended up sleeping most of the afternoon. For once, I’m not pissed at myself for sleeping four hours because when I woke up for the first ten minutes I felt better. An hour later, everything that I had felt earlier in the day just came rushing back. I don’t know what in the world is wrong with me, but I did tell myself that I am allowing myself to have ONE bad day. Just one. So if I wake up in the morning still feeling the way I do know, I’ll give myself another day or I’ll find some way to fight through it. Like I’ve been doing since I got up at 5pm.

I have listened to music, read my book (my Kindle decided that it had a low battery, so I haven’t read much), watched tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, which they showed a sneak peek of what they’re spin-off show The Originals and man, I hope it gets picked up because it was pretty bad ass. Some twists and turns. Now I’m debating on whether or not I want to try to watch Hannibal or if I should just tape it on my DVR. I don’t have Ridiculousness tonight, so I could watch it tonight, but I like watching it while it’s daylight and makes me feel less scared out of my mind. So yeah, that’s my dilemma for tonight. I’m posting these amazing song right now, because I think they’re awesome. So enjoy and I hope you are doing well. Hopefully I’ll be doing a Picture It & Write tomorrow. I think I only live for the weekends just for them from Ermiliablog.

I will learn this song. 🙂

and these song are just amazing in different ways 🙂

It’s A 90s Pop Hits Kind Of Day

So this is my second day with nothing to do. I’ve been doing a lot complaining I do know that. Everytime I go to look for something on TV, nothing good is on. I finally remembered to watch two of my shows that I missed last week, Last Man Standing and Malibu Country. I got to watch those and at the end of MC, I looked up at my clock and said, “it’s only 2pm!” Funny thing is, I could take a nap, but I’m not effing up my sleep schedule for this since I have to go to work tomorrow. I am watching really 90’s pop music videos on YouTube. Just watched my first N’Sync music video in a long time. I might try to watch some concerts too. Just to give myself something to do and maybe I’ll get the energy to read some of my book too. I haven’t read that in a while either. I hope your Wednesday is better than mine!

I love little Justin Timberlake! ❤

My mom still loves this song! I like Mandy Moore as a brunette better. (:

Ahh! I still remember this song! I think my mom, sister and I were all addicted to it. Sorry for the bad quality though!

Is it sad that I still have this album and remember the day I got it and No Secrets album in the mail? Lol

Last one… and you can’t end something of the 90s without the Backstreet Boys. I mean, come on!

Song From Five Bands

Song challenge for the day was supposed to be pick a song from your favorite band. Since I couldn’t make up my mind. I’m just going to list five songs by five different bands. I am not responsible if the songs make you cry, I am just saying. (:

I love Halestorm. I can listen to their album about a hundred times and not get tired of it. I am so obsessed with it! This was my first song that I listened to, besides the ones that came on the EP. I heard this song on Octane and could have cried through it. I am completely in love with this song. I love how it sounds, the lyrics, and gah! The whole song just melts my heart into a big puddle. I did not think I’d ever like a song this, but Lzzy switched it all up for me.

Another song I heard for the first time on Octane. I had always loved Symphonic Metal but I had a small break because I didn’t want to get my heart set on a genre where not a lot of bands were in, like in that category. After I got into Within Temptation, hearing this song and a few others. I was happy to know there were more bands that were like them. The fact that there isn’t any here in the States, really sucks. Originally this song wasn’t my first choice. I want to use lyric videos, but the song I wanted to use has already been posted in a past post.

I think all three of these songs I first heard them on Octane. It’s a good radio station. Since I didn’t have a FFDP song on my last post. This one had to go here. I love this song, the band is completely insane, but in a good way. Everybody thinks I’m a bit weird considering I listen to them like everyday. I’m not that stuck into them. If I was really stuck to them, this would be the original challenge of one song by one band. I couldn’t choose from all of the bands I listen to, so there.

I love In This Moment. They are freaking amazing! I actually had to go looking for this song. I heard Kayla Riley on Octane talking about being released online and I went looking about an hour later and actually found it. I am seriously obsessed with this song. I cannot wait to get my toes on this new album of their’s hopefully next week. I’m going to have to do some seriously begging, but it will be so worth it. After I heard this song I literally thought to myself, Maria and Chester Bennington of Linkin Park should do a “Shut up” scream challenge to see which one is the loudest.

Speaking of Linkin Park, I love them too! They were my first rock band to get into and have almost every album by them. I have more LP albums than Backstreet Boys. I’m only missing the Live In Texas and LPU CD’s. Since I’m not a LPU I’m not too worried about those. Even though I’m not as into LP like I use to be, they never really go away. I still get excited everytime they release a LPTV episode on YouTube, like yesterday I got so excited I could have made somebody giggle because of how goofy I was acting. That’s what they do to me.