This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like

I love Twitter, I have more friends than I did when I was in high school. You could tell everybody liked they liked me in high school. They were never good at being liars or hiding for the matter. Back to this song, this video I posted was shown to me via Facebook by one of my Twitter friends that I added onto my Facebook. Are you confused yet? Her name is Nevena, and we were talking about music. I showed her “Written In The Stars” by Tinie Tumpah ft. Eric Turner. She showed me this, and I think the first time I watched this video was in February. The actual song didn’t start playing on the U.S (or just might be Indiana) radio stations until May. Which when I first heard it on the radio, I flipped out with joy. Because Nevena showed it to me a couple months before. I am easily entertained. So this song/music video has a special place in my heart. Everytime I hear this song on the radio I think of my friend Nevena.

Here We Go Again–Lindsay Lohan Style.

So has anybody heard the terrible news about Ms Lohan? Apparently she failed one of her tests. Somebody decided to get tipsy and thought she’d be fine by the way day. When will the police decide to put cameras inside the houses of people who are on house arrest? Obivously, never! They defintely need to do something about her that’s for sure, because she’s practically killing herself and her career.

Before looking up pictures of her on Google. I stumbled onto news reports that they’re getting from different people. One of whom was from her father, Michael Lohan. He said, “Forget jail, Lindsay needs rehab.” Um, somebody needs to remind him of all the times she’s went to rehab and left shortly after joining. If she goes to rehab again, you know she’ll be out of there within a day. She can not have rehab as an option when it’s not working. Has never worked for her. EVER! Why do you think this time will be different? Because I can’t seem to see the difference.

She needs to go to jail. She probably stole that necklace or whatever, and she needs to suffer the consequences just like every other person who steals shit and got caught doing it. She’s just as guilty as everyone else! Just because she’s famous and that she could sue the state shouldn’t matter. Because that bitch would never win. She’s got too many DUI’s and shit. She needs to go to jail for more than double digits. Not 90 days, somebody should give her a year or two. Just to think and be a normal person in jail. Maybe that’ll give a new outlook on life. She’s doing nothing but hurting herself and her family. She needs to be stopped.