To See A Man Cry..

There is a guy on my facebook that is dramatic to the core. He put on his facebook earlier that he was crying. I guess him and his girlfriend are having some troubles. Again. As much as I think guys should cry, that is embarrassing and pathetic. If you really care for her don’t cry and put it on facebook. You look weak putting it on there. I feel bad for her and everybody that’s friends with her and have to see that. Something that is funny, when they are hating each other he doesn’t care about anything. He calls her names and shit. You are one sad individual. 

If somebody did that to me. One minute hate my guts and call me a dirty hoe and such and then when I’ve had enough of everything you want to cry about it. Ask me back and make yourself look like an idiot. If she goes back with him I will delete him. I don’t know what their problem is, but I don’t want to continue seeing his emotions pour out on facebook. If you’re going to cry, do it in palm of your hands. When I said I want to see men cry I meant cry in front of me not talk about how you miss me and want me back on facebook.

Controversial Topic: Bristol Palin.

 I’ve been a fan of Bristol Palin after she had Tripp. Every picture that was taken about either one I just became a fan instantly. So pretty much her son was the big factor. Especially since she was/is a Teen Mom. By this time I was into 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom shows. Now however, I hate both. They should have stopped the first season. Now it just seems like MTV is showing every girl to get pregnant to be able to get rich like Maci and Leah. Bristol and Mark Ballas were my favorites last season of Dancing With The Stars. Despite what everybody says Mark was an excellent teacher to Bristol. She did learn how to dance and was really good. Especially towards the end she fought hard for the mirror ball trophy. I liked her tango a lot! That was my favorite of all time! I think she made me like the tango much more than I did. I put on my status on my orginal facebook that I wanted to read Bristol Palin’s memoir and that if one person judged me I would delete them. I’m thinking in my head.. “Well looks like people will be deleteing you first.” I could really care less. That’s MY opinion to like her. Just because you don’t like Sarah Palin DOES NOT mean you have to hate Bristol Palin too! Just because she’s a teen mom? There are hundreds of teen moms everywhere. So shut up! Leave your thoughts to yourself and give off my page.

The Voice: Team Blake & Christina.

 Last night’s episode of The Voice was fantastic! It was the LIVE shows! Two teams went head to head. This week it was Team Blake Shelton and Team Christina Aguilera. Team Blake has Patrick Thomas, Dia Frampton, Xenia, and Jared Blake. Team Christina has Frenchie Davis, Beverly McClellan, Lilly Elise, and Raquel Castro.

Since it was a two hour show and I’ve been up a total of 18 hours yesterday. I didn’t have enough energy to stay up to watch Frenchie Davis and Patrick Thomas. I fell asleep in the middle of Patrick Thomas’ performance. Didn’t even get to watch Frenchie Davis at all and I love Frenchie! I had already choosen my favorites from each team. Raquel Castro was my favorite on Team Christina. I have always loved Xenia, but last night Dia Frampton did amazingly well on Team Blake.

I can’t say who I want to be back after next week but I am ready for next week with Team Adam and Cee Lo. Remember they have on their teams (Adam) Jeff Jenkins, Javier Colon, Devon Barley, and Casey Weston. Team Cee Lo: Curtis Grimes, Tori & Taylor, Nakia, and Vicci Martinez. My favorites on both teams are Casey Weston and Vicci Martinez. Good luck next week!