Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys

It went with my mood and where the rest of my afternoon on Facebook will be heading to, hell. If you don’t trust somebody or somebody has done you wrong the first time around. Don’t you think you have some common sense to stay away? Of course not, nobody does. If everybody did that the percentage of drama on Facebook would be lower.¬†Gosh, I hate when people gives out more than second chances to people that don’t deserve it. When your boyfriend descides to cheat on you, you better be finding a girl to comfort you and not that other loser you have trouble staying away from. This song may not really go with the shit that’s going on, but the title sure works.

OMG, you so sexy!

I am in love with this song! I know I’ve been trying to get myself out of rap, but that’s starting to be a little tougher than it seems. I also can’t get myself away from Far East Movement. This is the third song¬†that I love by them. I watched them perform this song at one of the last Award shows I watched and it can’t be the CMT awards either. It’ll come to me soon. Anyways, it’s like one of the only songs I like that features Snoop Dogg and it actually works. He makes that song ten times better. I just watched the music video before I posted it on here and the girl who is dancing while Snoop Dogg is rapping has a big ass. Just saying.

Will & Grace

My nana and I were talking last week about general stuff and somehow we got on the subject about sexuality. Talking about things like this is better than talking about it with one of your parents. We got on this subject about Adam Lambert, and let’s say she’s obsessed with him. We were talking about how a lot of people judge others on how we present ourselves. Everybody knew when Adam Lambert was on Idol was gay, people just didn’t want to believe it.

Well in the mist of that conversation. I told my nana that I wish I actually lived like Grace. She had two gay friends and one crazy friend. I got the crazy friend but I want the cool job and two gay friends. I believe that every girl in the world needs a friend like Jack. Jack was insane but understanding. Every girl in the world needs a guy that understands and wants somebody whose not going to judge her drastically about the things she does. It seems like every guy in the world is a cocky, headstrong, asshole just waiting to fock up our world. Not saying I wouldn’t want a friend like Will, because I’d like to bring him along if I’m shopping but that’s pretty much yet. With Will you couldn’t tell he was gay until the middle of the episode. Then you understood him more from what he’s talking about. You know?