Pit Bulls.

I just got done reading this story about Pit bulls. Usualy when you hear about Pit Bulls its usually not about anything good. Pit bulls have a bad rap, but its not their fault. It is their owners. If their trained right they will be mean to other people. Its not right at all.

The story I was reading was back before Pit Bulls got their bad rap, they were used as “nanny dogs.” How cute is that? We had a Pit Bull for several years until she died of a Brain Tumor in 2008. She was never mean to anyone.. We loved her to pieces. When we took the trip to Florida in 2003 my grandparents babysat our animals for us. They have a dog named Casey who was only suppose to be around 25 pounds and ended up being fatter than a pig. Our dog Chance learned how to bark by our first dog Katie that died around 2001-02. So Chance taught Casey how to bark. Now Casey shows it every single day. Thanks Chance!

All 2011 Graduates.

Tonight I’m going to my high school’s graduation ceremony. It’s somewhat strange. I was in the seniors places last year. Your nerves and pulse are racing all over the place. Like what me and my friend Bryan tried to do once or twice in the hallways with our chairs when people weren’t looking. I won most of the time. Sometimes he would kick my butt. I wonder what’s going through their minds right now? Will they miss it like I sort of have? I won’t fully admitt to it because I really don’t miss it. I miss people, just some people. I don’t miss the drama and work that took place.

You’re on your way. Nothing can take away your moment. When the superintent says, “you might not ever see these people again…” He was telling the truth. Even though you’re connecting to them through Facebook. In reality after graduation, don’t expect shit from them. That’s what I’ve learned. Kind of sad really. Friends forever. That’s an untrue quote sometimes. In my case it’s not true. So when I hear the choir sing my favorite song tonight.. I’ll probably cry because of the words and where all of MY friends may be for me. Sorry to be depressing…

So congrats to ALL 2011 graduates everywhere. This is YOUR journey. Don’t let your worries and families get in your way. If you can’t find your support system you’ve always had. You have me. Tonight isn’t my night, it’s yours.

Iridescent Music Video.

Just watched the new Linkin Park music video for the new Transformers: Dark Of The Moon movie. Every single Linkin Park fan has been going nuts about this music video since MTV showed a behind the scenes look at the music video. When the single was released everybody thought it was music video that going to be released.

The music video was very interesting. I liked it, but yet it was very weird. At first watching, you see static your mind goes “it’s ruining the video! Damn you MTV!” At least that’s what my mind was saying, but I think the static is suppose to be there. Some parts of the video were kind of messing with my eyes. Speaking of eyes, is Chester suppose to be blind as well? I knew Mike was suppose to be one eye blind man, but if you look Chester both of his eyes glow too. Is he blind too?

Linkin Park are always taking risks we as fans know it. After Minutes To Midnight came out, we defintely knew changing their sound would be a big risk to take but they still took it. Iridescent is no different. Joe Hahn made the video black and white like all their LPTV episodes. He used smoke like effects like the ones from “New Divide.” It kind of looked like a bit like “Waiting For The End” just in black and white with Transformers in the background.

Everybody that follows me on Twitter and Facebook knows I don’t like snakes and spiders. I actually had to close my eyes twice because I hate snakes that much. I’ve been thinking all week well maybe Joe Hahn won’t show the snake as much. Apparently I need to stop thinking. Having the white dogs run and stand by Mike was strange. I don’t understand the meaning for the snake or dogs. I’m not sure if I want to know because it might just really confuse me.

If you didn’t like the music video I understand but don’t be so quick to judge. Maybe after a few times you watch it you might start to like it. You may or you may not. That’s your choice. To some fans it was an amazing video. I liked the video. I just wish it wasn’t short. The song. I liked the original song better. That’s just me though. If you haven’t watched the music video you need to watch it. Congrats to Linkin Park on continuing rising the bar to what we think you guys can do.