Hottie Donnie.

Its official! I have completely lost my mind. This man is GORGEOUS! He is wayyy too old for me but when has that ever stopped me? I’m not saying that because I’m a hoe because I’m not. I’m not a groupie or anything. If somebody was to say that to me we’d be in a screaming match.

I think I’m more addicted to Blue Bloods than New Kids On The Block. That might be a lie. I like New Kids On The Block but I haven’t been into them as long as one of their fans have been. I don’t even like Justin Bieber because he was so young when he got into the music industry. Knowing this guy, was in a boy band in the 80s and they called New “Kids” On The Block. Do you get where I’m going with this?

I got into them in 2008. I know I’ve said this before but I am addicted so there is no stopping me. They should have changed their name to New “Men” On The Block. My goodness! Ever since I saw “Summertime” a week after ending the best summer for me. I’ve been quite the same. Can you blame me though? Him, Jordan, and Joey are all hot in that music video. Then I watched “Single” and I instantly became a Donnie Wahlberg fan..

Tonight I got to watch the Pilot of Blue Bloods. I’ve only been into Blue Bloods since March. So I’ve missed a lot of episodes but that’s okay I’ll see them all one of these days. I was watching the episode that was on tonight and Donnie’s character Danny had to get mean and violent with the criminal. I have a feeling I will not miss Chris Meloni on Law & Order: SVU. I’ve found another guy that can turn me on. He got mean and violent but looked hot doing it. No complaints from this side.


I am watching the second of the X-Men triology. I haven’t watched this movie in a long time. I think the last time I watched this movie was probably two years ago. I’ve only seen the first one and this one. I haven’t seen the third one and I really, really want to see the new one that comes out this month or July. Can’t remember when it comes out. My favorite mutant is Storm, but I like Halle Barry. I also like all of the special powers the rest of them have. Since I’m handicapped when I first watched these movies I thought I was one. I know I’m weird but when people start to push you away like your a monster or something. You start to think of yourself as one. I really want to know who plays the guy who can make everything cold. He is REALLY cute! I might look him up later.