Transformers Movies.

I am a big Transformers movies girl. I think watching all of those Fast & Furious movies have cursed me from ever becoming a girly girl. I hardly ever watch a chick flick but I am addicted to action and comedy movies. I actually didn’t see the first Transformer movie until a year after I seen the second one. I watched it on TNT and I was amazed, but the second one had already taken over. So the second one was automatically is my favorite. 

I love everything about these movies! The cars and trucks, the men, and music of course. I am actually going to be truthful, people think Linkin Park was the reason why I got into the whole Transformer movies. Not really, they were second. Shia Labouef was first.

Ain’t he cute? I wasn’t into the Even Stevens craze in the 90s. Instead I liked Hilary Duff, but thats another story. I thought him in the first Transformers movie was good, he had some funny parts. I, of course was jealous because look at the car he drove throughout the movie? Hello? That’s a nice ass car! Actually every vechile was nice in the movies. Wonder how many semi truck drivers wanted their trucks like Optimus Prime? I know I would.

One thing I don’t like about the tired movie. Megan Fox is not going to be in it. On the behalf of every guy and some girls who have a girl crush on her I say I hate Michael Bay, for replacing her with a freaking Victoria’s Secret model (which I doubt all the guys are pissed off about that) and she’s a blonde. Do the words “Brunette’s do it better” mean anything to you? It’s going to be weird for all of us seeing a blonde playing “Mikaela.” Yes, I am a bitch, but your approval isn’t needed. I will miss Megan Fox in the new movie.


Late Night Posts.

It is 11:30 on Monday night. I keep thinking it’s Sunday, because EVERYBODY is at home on a school day. Some people are done with school which makes me happy, because now that their done they can text me all the time now, My friend Breanna, she is out of school now and so I have a feeling we are gonna be spending a lot of our summer’s texting each other back and forth. It’s okay though, I love her to pieces! She’s like my twin, just a lot younger than me. We’re nuts, we like the same band, addicted to music, and loves candy!! Yeah, don’t mess with us!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Mostly about all of the people I talk to on Twitter. I seem to be giving out a lot of advice lately. I give out more advice and most of my advice comes from my nana who has been telling more about life than anybody else in my life. Whenever somebody gives me advice I tend to give it out to everybody else… but somehow I never use the advice that was given to me. Yet I’m giving it out to other people. Explain that one to me. I feel like a mothen hen on Twitter. I’m always helping somebody. Not complaining about it, because I actually feel good about it.

So I’m out of ideas for this post. I wish I had more to talk about, but I don’t. So goodnight readers! Or in some cases good morning! 🙂

Two And A Half Men.

I am fully addicted to this show! It is amazing! I’ve even started a trend in my family because everybody at my house loves it too. My parents use to make fun of me because would just crack up when I first started watching it. My laugh use to make them laugh apparently. It’s kind of funny when my sister and I will quote Charlie and Alan since they’re brothers.

My favorite characters are Breta and Jake, but I only like when Jake was younger. He was more funnier when he was younger. Breta is just funny period. She is defintely my #1 favorite character on this show. Charlie just makes more hilarious! Alan is just a sad character. He can’t get a girl and everytime he does something always has to go wrong.

The other night I was thinking about, ironically The Vampire Diaries and about what one of my favorite radio stations were discussing. Like, where else have you seen your favorite characters/actors/actresses in but you’ve never noticed it. Well I was thinking about Alaric (Matt Davis) of The Vampire Diaries and thought about Legally Blonde and immediately thought, “What, my boobs are too big?!” From the beginning. Then I remembered the professor that Elle had problems with the female professor. She’s the same lady that plays Evelyn in Two And A Half Men. One of those Aha moments.

I was watching one of my favorite movies the other night. Its called, “Made In America” and I’ve always loved that movie and its just hilarious! Well when Ted Danson’s character (I don’t remember his name) and Zora are in his office and he is trying to get his pants zipper up his secartery comes in and it’s BERTA! I always knew I’ve recongized her voice on Two And A Half Men I just couldn’t remember where I’ve seen her from. Now I do.

Edward’s Lullaby.

I am having a Twilight moment. I’m listening to “Edward’s Lullaby” right now and I thought I’d write about Twilight and how I felt about it. Even though I didn’t get into the whole Twilight craze until New Moon came out. It took me a whole year to get into Twilight because I don’t understant the craze of it all.The Vampire Diaries was first so that’s why I’m not really into it all.

When I watched the first movie I was a little moved by Edward and Jasper. Then the more times I watched it Emmett ended up being a crush before Edward was. My cousin and my aunt were in love with Carlisle and then so did I. After watching the first one I couldn’t tell you which side I’d was on yet.

After seeing New Moon the first time, I defintely knew which side I was on. Team Jacob. My goodness Taylor Lautner is gorgeous! No wonder my sister was team Jacob and my cousin Kristi was team Edward. I really wanted to be either team Jasper or Emmett, but what the heart wants, the heart wants. Apparently the heart wanted Jacob.

Shut The F*ck Up And Get Up!

I am NOT a fan of Korn at all, but everybody knows I love rock-trance music so much. So one day on Octane they played this and I loved it! It sounds so f*cking amazing! I am bobbing my head as we speak. Srkillex killed this track! I wish more hardcore rock bands would work more with dance DJ’s and created shit like this. I am speechless when it comes to this song.