Oooooh Jeff-fa-fa Oh Jeff-fa-fa Without Me You Would Suck-ka-ka

It’s that time of the year where Comedy Central starts to play there comedy Holiday specials. At least they better. All day yesterday it was a Jeff Dunham/Blue Collar Comedy Tour kind of day. Ron White on Comedy Central yesterday, and I missed it. It’s all good though because he actually gets on my nerves sometimes. I love the other three though. Anyways, Wednesday I finally got to watch Jeff Dunham: Birth of a Dummy special on the Biography channel. It was on the week before an hour early before Dancing With The Stars finale and I only got to watch it for 30 minutes because it started at 8pm and I had Last Man Standing to watch. So that’s why. 

I watched the whole thing and I’ve never liked those old puppets because of a Goosebumps episode that creepied me out when I was little. Not only did that show ruin puppets for me but also clowns. I was so suprised to what all has to be done for one of these cool things to be created. They recorded what it took to make a new character for Jeff’s new show. Everytime they came back from a commerical they would show everything that Jeff has to do to make his character AJ, from scupting it to his own voice. They also showed certain clips from Peanut, Walter, and Achmed. At the end, it showed the finally result of AJ and the last bit of his new DVD “Controlled Choas.”

I think I’ve seen all of the DVD’s they put out of him. They say you can’t laugh twice from the same joke. I don’t follow this saying at all. It never gets old. I’ve seen “Arguing With Myself” over 20 times and I can laugh through the whole damn thing. I’ve recently noticed I think I’m more obsessed than addicted now since my Christmas list is just full of Jeff Dunham. My mom did a really stupid thing recently too. She told my sister and I back in October that she and dad found out the Jeff Dunham was coming to Evansville in February, and they were thinking about getting tickets for us all to go, but unfortunately between January and February are the months were it decides to snow the most. I would love to him live because that would be freaking amazing! It all depends on the freaking snow which just sucks!

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