I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Everybody has their limit. Well I’m at mine. I hate how everything we do somebody else uses it against us. Sometimes it maybe for a joke or not. It doesn’t matter, sometimes it can hurt. I hate how normal people that can stand up and walk around can sit in a wheelchair and act like a handicapped person. Making other people push them around and act like people like me. This is the best example that I can find, I don’t like normal people acting out like their handicapped. If a director has a part for the actor/actress to be handicapped then audition handicapped people. I know speaking as a handicapped person, we want jobs and being able to┬áplay ourselves or what we look like and when we go to the premiere and be the same as we were in the film just classier.

Have you ever noticed on Picnik, I don’t know if Photoshop does it too but I figured it probably does too. On “Edit” on Picnik there’s a tab called “Makeup” and its where you can fix up your face and where some girls show how fake they really are. On Picnik, it’s only for Preminum users. Which means you have to pay to use it. I’d rather go as I am. They have enough effects to fix up the picture. I’m not worried about how I look. If you have ever used this, I’m not directly calling you fake. Some people who DO use it usually are. Not always though.

While we are on that subject. There’s this application I guess you can say and it’s where you can make yourself look fatter. Wow! How rude of people to make something like that? I know, it was probably might to be for fun. People can use it their advantage. Make people who think they are fat think less of themselves. Or people who are fat (sorry) and make them bigger. That’s not right. People are making a mockery out of it. It’s this shit why bullying keeps getting worse. To the companies that made these, f*ck you!

SYTYCD Wednesday Show.

Tonight was the first LIVE show of So You Think You Can Dance. The dancing tonight was amazing! Big start of the show. The last performance was not my favorite at all. I wrote down all the couples and what styles of dance they did. I was kind of sad that Melanie and Marko were the only ones to trend on Twitter tonight. Hopefully next time when it comes on there’s not a hockey game on. Especially the finals. SYTYCD didn’t even trend. Tomorrow it should. Since it’s the results show.

The first couple to start it off was Jordan and Tadd and they had African Jazz. It was a very good way to start off the show! Second couple was Sacha and Alexander and they were the ones who featured Sarah McLachlan’s song “Stupid” and it was the remixed by Mark Bell. Their style of dance was Contempary. Next was the couple Clarice and Jess. They had Broadway. Jess was amazing! Ryan and Ricky were forth in line, there style of dance was Lyrical Hip Hop. Ryan smiled through the performance and so I understood why the judges were confused what the mood was about. Caitlynn and Mitchell were next. We were told at the beginning of the show that Mitchell would not perform because of a shoulder injury. So she danced with Season 7 dancer Robert. I think their style of dance was Lyrical.

Second hour started off with Miranda and Robet and they had Latin but the mood was like a jazzy feel. Interesting combination. I liked them somewhat. They weren’t one of my favorites but they were good. Missy and Wadi had the style Jazz. I loved how they had Jazz but got a Lady Gaga song with it. I thought it looked like hip hop. Melanie and Marko were next. They were the only couple to trend on Twitter and earned it because they were breath taking! They had Contempary as well. Ashley and Chris had hip hop and weren’t not that good tonight. Last couple of the night was Iveta and Nick. They had Broadway and I wasn’t into it once it begam.


I love when I watch certain shows or movies and I find songs with interesting beats. This song I heard tonight on So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) and it was featured with Sacha and Alexander. As soon as it started I loved the song! It sounds like a sound made for dancers. I can pretty much say I find some that are made for dancers. Bass and creepy introduction. I like when DJ’s uses Sarah McLachlan songs. She has a very rustic voice and can be used in different sounds. From piano to dance. Hope you like it.