The Roommate.

 After all this time, I was watching it and after that scene in the shower. It freaked me out so much, that I just went in my mind. “Well, that was a bust.” Because I told my brain and heart that I was going to get through it and I didn’t even make it to the middle of the freaking movie! That part where Rebecca is outside Tracy’s dorm scared the living shit out of me. Kind of figured something was going to happen though. It was only a matter of time. I am not good with horror flicks. Never have, probably never will if I keep this up. If I ever date a guy or get married, this guy will get killed in his sleep if he makes me watch a horror movie. I’m thinking I should just stick with Lifetime movies that are somewhat freaky in that nature. They’re not as bad as some of these other movies. I like action movies. I can deal with people killing other people, but not like horror movies style. Those focus on the blood and screams. I’m not into that. Yes, I can watch The Vampire Diaries, but that’s cable shit. Sorry, but it is. Remember when I said I’ve watched Queen Of The Damned? That was edited and I still took breaks during it too.

Should Britney Spears Go Rock?

Lots of pop singers are showing off that they can do something else than besides pop music. Christina Aguilera released “Fighter” in 2002 and it’s a rock song. She really killed that song! Best song ever! Everybody (well mostly everyone) wants Fergie to do a rock album for her next solo album. I’m one of those people where I think she should do a rock album. She did feature in Slash’s song, “Beautiful Dangerous” and it’s amazing! Surpringly even my dad liked it too! So I’m thinking Britney Spears should be next. I love finding different rock remixes of her songs. Especially her song “3” I’m kind of addicted. Here are my favorite videos. Sorry, if some of them kind of sound the same. I tried to find different ones. Enjoy!

This is a Metal version of “3” by Britney Spears.

Sleigh Bells.

I love Sleigh Bells! I’m addicted to them! I love how they sound and love how my stereo sounds when I play “Crown On The Ground.” Even though in some of the songs, you can’t understand a word the girl Alexis is saying, but by the time the bass makes your floor move. You really don’t feel like learning the words that much. Instead you want dance around in your room or car. I think some of their songs, if my cousin Chris would play them on his car stereo would defintely be enough to make my ears bleed. “Beach Girls” and “Kids” sound the same. Probably same lyrics in portions of the songs. I have yet to hear them live, but I think I’m worried I won’t like them live. So anyways, I defintely recommand Sleigh Bells, if you love a lot of bass!