The Closer.

I wasn’t very into this show when it first came out. My mom was of course. I remember the first episode I first watched with my mom. I just came home from school and was talking to her about my day and she was watching the episode of the day. It was the one with the lady falls out of the casket with Flynn and Provenza’s friend furenal. A bride gets mad at the LAPD because they were ruining her wedding and she and Brenda get into an aguement and the bride pretty well kicks the shit out of her. I lost it! It was so freaking hilarious!

That was probably three years ago and now I’m out of the school with nothing to do. Might as well try and see what all the fuss is about. I’ve been watching the ones that came out in 2007 and 2008. I’m as excited as my mom about the new season. Even though she swears its the last season when I already knows its not. Because if it was they would have called it the “Farwell Season.” It’s not called that, so she’s fine.

You Can Never Have Enough Ways To Express Yourself.

I recently just made myself a Tumblr. Like just tonight. My sister has been using Tumblr for the past month. She’s been writing about hundred quotes a day. She posts all of them on there like it’s her diary. She RT’s 10 quotes a day on Twitter. I’ve nicknamed her “Quote-manic” and it so fits her right now. She’s starting to do the reblogging and show pictures on there. Now it doesn’t look so dull with all her quotes. Even though her background is cute and nothing but pictures it looks more like an active Tumblr account.

I have always an account on someplace just to express myself away from family. I thought WordPress was going to be my outlet for me away from my family. Then I started getting on WordPress more than Blogger. I thought I’d go back and forth. Like I wouldn’t stay on WordPress very long because I was so new at it. Blogger I was use to it. I’ve had it for so long, I didn’t want to change into something new. I think I can say all the accounts I have…

Channing Tatum Unwrapped

Now if only I can get Linkin Park Underground on this list I’ll be super happy. I have this thing, you can never have enough ways to express yourself. Especially when your family knows you like to speak your mind and your mom wants to read your posts but yet knows if she does, she’ll cry while reading one of my posts. I’ve had different accounts and still got on them for different things but they were all releasing my sadness and shame for other people to read. I can’t say I probably be on Tumblr very much, because I said that on Blogger too and for some odd reason I have no idea what the hell my passwod is.