The Tale Of The Missing LP Concert DVD.

For almost a year now, we haven’t had FUSE on our DISH channels. Which still makes me sad because out of all the music channels that I had on my TV favorites list. It was my number one favorite channel. The damn people at the DISH Network took it away one night. I had gotten up early in the middle of the night and watched some music videoes. I fell asleep in the middle of watching one and next thing I know I hear a bunch of people talking about the features that DISH offers. The first thought in my head was, “well my feet got carried away and changed the channel.” Well later on that day, I was looking for something to watch. FUSE was the first channel to see if anything good was being played on there. Well when I was on the TV guide was going up and down and when I couldn’t find it I switched my favorite list back to All Channels. Still no sign of FUSE anywhere. Even when I put in the channel numbers, no luck. I almost cried because my favorite channel was taken from me.

Well a few months after accepting that DISH wasn’t going to give me back FUSE anytime soon. I got into the channel they replaced it with. Thank goodness, it was a music channel. They gave us Polladia or however ever you spell it. I actually liked it. They show concerts of different artists and movies that have different musical artists in it. They once played Glitter, if that helps of what I mean. I actually got to see Madonna: Truth Or Dare after a long time. I remember the first time I watched it when my mom. We were very hooked to Madonna when I was younger. Anyways, after a few weeks of getting used to that channel. They also took that channel away too. I can never win, can I? I didn’t go looking for that channel. I thought they’re wouldn’t be any hope for that channel either. So I thought I’m not going to even bother looking for it.

My nana is a Linkin Park fan like me. She likes to watch their videoes and loves watching their LIVE videos just as much as me. She likes me, she also thinks Mike is cute too. By this time, which is January, I found out that FUSE is doing their usual different artist Takeovers on Mondays. Well this time it was going to be Linkin Park. This was one of those times where I wanted FUSE back. So I thought, maybe nana can tape it the whole thing for me? Well she said she would. So that night before she looked when it started and how long it lasted. She told me, she set it up to tape at 6pm. So here I am at home. Sad because I can’t watch the freaking Takeover at my own house. Yet I was happy that nana was taping it as well. So a smile appeared.

I guess I need to stop smiling I guess. Her DVD player didn’t want to record it, but on a good note. She watched the Takeover from 6pm to 1am. Lucky old woman. That’s also some decidation too. She’s in her 70s and still stayed up that long to watch them. Thinking about it kind of makes me jealous. Well here came in February, Linkin Park had two things lined up for their fans to watch them on. They were going to be on SNL (Saturday Night Live). Thank God, that’s a local channel. They were also doing concert at MSG (Madison Square Garden) in New York City. That was going to be shown on FUSE. Another time where I wanted FUSE back on my TV. So I talked to my nana again on hoping to God that her DVD player would tape this concert for me.

She set it up just like the last time, but this time I think I prayed like twice for it to work. I don’t remember if she stayed up to watch it. She got up that morning and looked to see if the DVD actually worked and she called my mom saying it worked. I woke up that morning sooo happy. I was so happy to go over to my nana’s that weekend to get it. That’s all we talked about too. That night I spent the night at my cousins house and we tried to watch it on her DVD player but it didn’t work. Which made me worry. Then we grabbed the laptop away from my uncle and tried it there and thankfully it worked. Kristi was not happy that “Wretches & Kings” wasn’t on there but I was happy either way. I got to watch them perform their new songs without going YouTube! I am so easily entertained,

Well back in March, I took out the DVD from my laptop because I think I was watching another DVD I just don’t know what it was. I thought I put it back in its case and put it at the corner of my room with the rest of my CD cases and mixed CDs that needed to be put in my big CD box thingy. One day, I was thinking about watching one of my LP concerts, I have about 3 different ones. I didn’t want to watch the Collision Course DVD nor Live At Milton Keyes. So I began to look for the MSG DVD. Couldn’t find it anywhere. This was May too. I was getting so upset because it was nowhere I last put it. It wasn’t where the rest of my CDs were I had my mom look in the living room, nope not there either.

Here it is, a half a week left of June. My sister comes in telling me about her room. She’s been cleaning it for the past two hours and she came in explaining all the things she’s found in her itty bitty room of hers. Trust me, its itty bitty. I can’t even get my big wheelchair pasted her door. She told me she found like 20 pairs of flip-flops, hundreds of pencils and lots of her clothes. She put on her Facebook status that it was like Christmas all over again. She left and came back in 5 minutes later with my MSG concert DVD. Now explain to me how my Linkin Park hater sister had my DVD in her itty bitty room? Any takers? My friend Juliana and I have figured out that underneath all the hate she loves them! She’ll kill me after she reads this paragraph that’s for damn sure. Well that’s the tale of the my beloved MSG concert DVD. Now tootles I’m going to go watch it now!