Our Dog ChiChi.

Our littlest family member. Not including me. Our dog ChiChi is a Chichiwuawua and she’s a little nutty. We got her a little before our dog Chance had to be put down. So she’s dad’s baby. A macho man with tattoos and guns carries a Chichiwuawua in his pocket. Spoils her rotten. She might even be more spoiled than my sister and I. It’s kind of sad really. They have breakfast together. He shares his breakfast pizza with her. Defintely spoiled.

Anyways, my mom wants The Golden Girls a lot. Especially when we first got her. She sleeps with my parents and my mom watches the episodes on her DVR at night. ChiChi started moving her head back and forth. Then all of a sudden one day, mom was watching The Golden Girls and she started singing. In her words she was howling her butt off. It was kind of cute. My parents like to watch Cops too and she now sings the theme song. One time she even sang to the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song. Dad quickly stopped watching that in the morning.

So I was thinking, if she can sing to all these theme songs why not have her sing to Linkin Park? She could probably kick Chester’s ass. She howls louder than his screams. I don’t know which song to have her sing to. I’ve tried “Waiting For The End” a few times and she moved her head back and forth like she did with The Golden Girls song. What other Linkin Park songs should I use? I was thinking one of their ballads like “Numb” or “The Little Things That Give You Away.” Then I was thinking about upbeat songs because The Golden Girls theme song is an upbeat song. I’m seriously thinking way too much about this, am I?

Where’s A Kindle When I Need It?

So I officially want a Kindle for either my birthday or Christmas. I don’t know which yet since my mom thinks I should hold off til Christmas but that’s a little longer than my birthday. The first of November is shorter than the 25th of December. You know what I mean. I really want a easier way to read a book without having people around my hometown gossip. They do it enough on facebook and rumors spread a lot faster than any in Hollywood.

I am 19 years old almost 20 and I want to read more mature books. I think if I go to my town’s library they’ll look at me funny or talk about me because I use to be so little and sweet and innocent. I’ve grown up since then. I’m still sweet but I don’t know about the innocent part. I have a wild side and very curious about different things. I know some of my family members and friends get tired of explaining EVERYTHING to me. So why not read about whatever you’re curious about on a Kindle? Am I nuts? Just curious.

Would You Let Your Daughter Hang Out With Paris Hilton Or Lindsay Lohan?

 So with all these high maintence divas living off of daddy’s money or club apperences that they’ve done should we say, all girls should be like them? Would you let your daughter hang out with girls like Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan? Girls who are very popular with everyone because of their last name. Would you want your daughter to be a drug addict? Don’t worry both Paris and Lindsay have went to rehab multiple times. Would you want your daughter to be so drunk that she gets in a car accident killing herself or another person? If you say no to all these questions. You at least have some common scene. I have never liked Paris Hilton, now I’ve liked her sister Nicky. I just always though Paris was a spoiled little bitch and needed to see what real life is without being around a camera. The Simple Life didn’t do shit for her. In the “simple life” when you get caught drinking under the influence or with drugs in your car. You go to jail. They look you up for a few years. Both Paris and Lindsay need to know what the REAL “simple life” is about. Leave your millions at home and come live my life. Play handicapped for one day. We’ll see who’s cooler.

Into The Girl’s Mind

I was just thinking about certain things. Every relationship has a critic. Whether it may be family members hating each other or one of your friends dated them or their best friends. Everybody’s gotta be a critic. It’s kind of sad really. Nobody can live without voicing their opinion about a friendship with anybody. I should know, I’ve been either the one judging a friend or a boy/girl dating whoever. It’s all normal, but do you think we go a little overboard with it? If you have judged a friend or family member about the person they are talking to or in a relationship with. Have you tried talking them out of it? Of course, you have. Everyone has, but I think we do it too much.

I know a girl who is dating somebody. It’s long distance relationship. The boy lives overseas and she lives in the US. People (including myself) have tried to tell her to break up and found somebody else. Guys have a good “lying cloud” as I like to call it. They think anything they do, us as women will never find out. Really? You better think twice. Women are always two steps ahead any male. Anyways, since he lived there, there was no way of telling if he was cheating on her. We didn’t want to see her hurt because of something everyone knew he do.

Surpringly, they did break up. I forget why they actually did breake up for. I’m thinking it’s the distance that was the big factor. She was sad for a few months, but was strong about it. She had a good set of friends around her. Just one problem, since she’s a pretty girl. After she changed her Facebook status to “Single” it was like a rocket launched to outerspace the guys went looney for her again. Even though she was single, she never really started anything up with any of the guys that had anything for her. She has some guy friends that the guy she was dating knew about but it was the other ones her ex didn’t like. While we’re on that subject. The feelings were mutal.

We don’t know if any of the other guys actually have feelings for her or not. If all the guys think women are hard to read, they are worse. You can’t even see it in their eyes. Getting back on the subject. One of the other guys, you can’t deny it had a thing for her. Never really went for it. Should have though. All the girls he’s been with after her second high school boyfriend have hated her. Honey, your BOYFRIEND is the one who texted her first. GET OVER IT! Especially if your an ex you really need to get over it. He dumped you. Stop being a bitch.