Dr. Phil: Beauty Isn’t Enough

Around 4 o’clock my TV schedule takes a break. Don’t usually have anything to watch around that time. So I decided to watch Dr. Phil and man, am I regret doing that? I should have done what my friend did and muted it but I kept it on because I just wanted to sit and watch him make an ass out of himself. I felt bad for Shannon (his wife) because her self-esteem is being ruined by this scum of a man. Joey (her husband) said that she needs to loose weight, rates her against these other girls, has been cheating on his wife since after they got married, and denied that he never done stereoids. Really? You look like Ronnie from Jersey Shore’s twin!

If I was her I would have signed those divorce papers if he’s already asked for a divorce in the first place. If you want it to work, which in my opinion it never will work out. He’s just going to continue to ruin your self-esteem and keep telling you that you need to loose weight. Which by the way, the woman DOES NOT need to loose weight at all! She got a boob job for him and he told her her stomach was bigger than her boobs. After I heard that, I wanted to go behind the TV and jump his stupid ass! He pissed me off so much, but yet so did she too.

If he’s cheating on you and been cheating on you for a long period of time, I say pack your bags or better yet throw all his shit out the windows. Change the locks and go on vacation with your kids. I’ve never been in one of these relationships and yet I still know what to do if somebody did that too me. I’m listening to Papa Poach’s “Burn” and thinking of Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” and thinking what my mom said one time, she thinks I’d make him pay for the shit he’s put me through. I would. Handicapped or not, you’re done. I would never kill anyone, but I’d sure as hell get that person as far away from me as I possibly can.

Sleepless Night.

I hate when I can’t sleep at night. I remember looking at the clock the first time trying to go to sleep and waking up shortly after. That was midnight. I kept hearing noises around my room and it made me really paranoid. Our cat Oliver can get into my closet now and he has to clean himself all the time and makes noises when he decides he’s going to pull out his fur. He’s an old cat with a lot of bad habits. Everytime he would move something would move with him. He likes to sit on the laptop a lot. We don’t know why exactly. He can’t seem to walk around the laptop either. He manages to turn off the laptop everytime he walks on it. I’ve tried stopping him but he just jumps right over me. Turd!

It’s officially 8 o’clock here. I went to bed at midnight. I’m a freaking idiot! Maybe I should give my family and friends that if I start to be all mean and act like I’m about to explode I hardly got any sleep last night. I wanted to stay up and watch Blue Bloods last night. accomplished that, and man wasn’t that a good episode. I was torn between the fact that the guy was a felony and used the gun to protect a girl. He did the right thing, just kind of bad that he’s been charged as an felony. I think the more I watch the show I start to have a crush on Jamie. He is pretty cute.

I loved at the beginning when Danny is trying to put together the truck for his son, Grandpa has to be a smartass. The whole Sunday dinner scene was funny too! The guy who plays Grandpa is hilarious sometimes. Makes me laugh a lot. I like the fact that they’re reairing the whole season, I didn’t get to see the beginning of it and I was kind of regretting it but now I am watching it from the beginning. The ending episodes are starting to make some scene. Oh yeah! By the way, Donnie Wahlberg looked amazingly hot in this episode. Actually I don’t think there’s not a episode where he doesn’t good in. I probably just jinxed myself.