My roommate Shelby from Shriner’s and I were into Avril Lavigne and I started thinking of her new song “Smile” and I love it! If you really know me and know everything I like this song fits me to a T. Especially when she says, “you know I’m a crazy bitch.” Some people wouldn’t know that and I actually think that’s a good thing because then when somebody ticks me off it’ll be one hell of a surprise for them.

Going Back Is Easier Than Looking Ahead.

I am a Shriner’s baby. Been going there I think my mom since I was two months old. I was at Riley’s in Indianapolis, but my mom said they started wanting to have surgeries on my arms and feet when they first looked at me. Sometimes I’m happy that my parents didn’t stay there and let them do that to me at a young age, but then I think of the things I could’ve been able to do if I did have surgeries on my feet. I found have different ways to do things. I always seem to find something new to do. I overthink everything and rather see what could have been. Not saying my life isn’t that bad. I wish I could see what all I could do afterwards.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been back at Shriner’s. I was there for my back. I have Scoliosis. I had a 150 degree curve and had to have surgeries (3) to fix it. The first surgery consisted of getting a metal-halo looking attached to my head. Second was at Children’s Hospital and the doctors took a rib from my right side and took out all my cartilage in between my spine and sewed me back up.  The last surgery was about taking the crushed rib and fitting it between where the cartilage was and placing Titanium rods in place. They are from the top of my back to my hips. They also I would think before placing the rods inside, stretched me out. I was told that they got 6 inches out of me then might possibly put them in. They also took off my halo too.

 The last time I was there was in 2004. My mom would want the appointments in either the spring or winter. Not in the hot summer days. This was the only time my doctor had time in his schedule.  It’s very strange going back at the age of 19 going on 20 soon. This time I won’t see any of my nurses which makes so sad to the point to where I want to cry. The last time I was there I got to see one of my favorite nurses Becky. She was one of the night nurses. She was a lot of fun. Christy, Jaime, and Becky were our favorite evening nurses. They were kind of crazy, but in a good way.

My roommate was the best ever! For the most of the time I was there it was “Meghan and Shelby’s room.”  We were both into horses, Avril Lavigne, chips and salsa, and angels. Her mom Kim would buy us angel shirts and pants. We were both there for the same surgeries too. Except one thing, she’s already these once before and they came out. We were nuts! The day I was to leave was the day she was to come back to Shriner’s. She had the last surgery and was at Children’s Hospital recovering through it. She came back that night and I didn’t want to leave without seeing her and saying goodbye to her and her mom.

In all, there were five of us getting the same surgeries. Shelby, Natasha, Nathan, Me, and Jessica. Jessica was the last one to come join in our clan. Poor Nathan, he had to deal with me. We would get into mini fights because he somehow thought guys ruled. Not by a long shot. Both Nathan and Shelby have had the same surgeries twice. I don’t remember Natasha having the surgeries again. I remember liking to talk to her and play with her. I think it was either Natasha or Jessica that got to go home first. Surprisingly I don’t remember that.

The first time we had to come back for a check-up. My mom and Shelby’s mom wanted to schedule it on the same day so we could see each other. By this time I could sit up normally again. Because when you come home after having back surgery you pretty much have to be flat. I remember thinking to myself that push wheelchairs were cooler than my wheelchair because other people had to push you around. Now I hate push wheelchairs. Who knew? I haven’t talked or seen anyone from Shriner’s in a long time. That’s why it’s so strange going back now. I had lots of fun times there and I remember not wanting to leave either because I liked it so much.

Linkin Park + Dubstep

I am very big Linkin Park fan and I love searching for their old songs and laughing my butt off sometimes. They’ve learned so much I’m glad they’re out of that “awkward” stage in the music business. I got into Linkin Park in 2007. I got into Fort Minor in 2006. For this girl, every band/group always has a cute guy in it. Mine at first was Mike Shinoda. Thats why I say Fort Minor was first. I remember hearing “In The End” and “Numb” through 2004 and on. I just wasn’t too into them. Since getting into “Minutes To Midnight” I’ve actually loved their new sound better than their old stuff. I’m not saying I don’t like their old stuff. I’m just saying from MTM to ATS were better.

I am always searching for dance mixes as well. There’s always a time where I find really good mixes. It’s just a habit I have. I have always loved dancing and finding really good music. I think I’m like an addict. All I want are dance mixes. So sometimes when I find people remixing Linkin Park songs, I kind of have to be open minded. Since being a Linkin Park fan, and liking MTM to ATS other hardcore Linkin Park fans kind of make fun of you if you’re not just a Linkin Park fan. I do it anyways. If they don’t like it. They can unfollow me on Twitter.