Its been a LONG day!

I’ve been awake for 10 hours. I am slowly dying! Today is been a good day, my nana is keeping my sister and I occupied. The both of us want jobs but can’t find any. Especially since I’m handicapped it’s kind of harder. Since nobody knows what I can do and don’t bother giving me a chance. That’s life for you I guess. My sister and I are done for the day. She vacumed the floors while I had the joy of teaching an 73 year old how to do Picnik on Facebook. I don’t know which was more complicated, this or teaching her how to do facebook all together?

It’s been a long day. Between me being so tired, I can’t hardly keep my eyes open much longer. When I’m tired I can defintely say I can turn into a bitch when I want to. Since I only got a total of 3 years last night and didn’t go back asleep. I regret that already. My nana is on facebook chatting with her friend from overseas. She’s like me, except she only has one friend that’s from overseas when I have like a billion of them. I was being silly. My bad.

After Party Bloggin’

So I didn’t know what to title this so I kind of thought about how I’ve felt about tonight. My feelings were like I thought they’d be. I felt strange about being on the opposite side especially when you’ve already been in the graduates shoes before. I had a family of 8 sitting right by me through the whole thing. This lady that was sitting with me was very nice and talked to me during¬†when the¬†choir would sing, which was a relief because I didn’t feel like crying during the songs “Friends Forever” and “For Good.” I love both songs but they both have different meanings for me.

I haven’t been back up to the school since January, so being back meant two things: see your old friends and flirt one last time with some of the hunks. Flirting to me is different. Since I’m handicapped, I have my own rules of flirting. Talking and hugging is parts of my flirting. So that’s what I did. I got pictures with ones I talked to the most. I missed one or two people, but there were people everywhere. I think out of all my pictures I like the one with my buddy Trevor. He is like my little brother. He also likes Linkin Park too, so he’s kind of stuck with me.

Oh man! I have “For Good” stuck in my head. I love when the Swing Choir sings. Mr. Hays does a good job with them. They sound like angels singing. The school band performed too. At the beginning of the program they played a Mary Poppin’s song. It was good! It was weird, but very good! The band is always good.. The speeches were slighty on the boring side. Except for the third one. He’s was funny.