Mr. Playboy & His Tramp Wife-to-be.

Well I tried to come up with a good title. Everybody has heard about Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris’ breakup just days before their wedding day. Did you see it coming? Oh, I did. I’ve got to see Crystal is a cheap whore. Fake blonde. With no morals. Why would someone break an old guy’s heart. I wonder if he saw it coming? I kind of want to know what the hell happened. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I also have a feeling I’m not the only one thinking, Holly should date Hef again. They were just cute together.

The first time I watched “Girls Next Door” I actually didn’t understand Holly’s role in Hef’s life against Bridget and Kendra. I thought since they were dating all three should have the same attention, but then as I started watching it more I realized that their relationship was more solid than his relationship with Bridget and Kendra. Not to say he didn’t love them the same. Holly was just his number one and everybody was fine with that.

I remember my sister who was 12 at the time, getting me into “Girls Next Door.” We both liked Kendra but right when I was actually getting into it, our dad banned us from watching it. Just one thing, you can’t ban two girls from watching something when you have no control over the remote. Yes, of course he could have changed the protection locks, but I’ve found how to unlock it. I’m very quick at certain things so people shouldn’t underestimate me. I never liked after Holly, Bridget and Kendra left. The other three girls were ugly. Crystal just though she ran things. Honey, you’re not Holly, so you’ll never get to that point.

Ain’t it weird how I’m handicapped and I’m defending Hugh Hefner. I still think he should have a handicapped girl in “Playboy” but don’t look at me. I not as pretty as some of these girls. I’d do it if I knew it would help build more confidence in handicapped girls and women. My dad might have a cow, but oh well. It’s not like, I haven’t actually put any thought to this when I have. So there!

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