Inside & Out.

Every girl looks at herself in the mirror. Once or twice a day. Sometimes even more. They take pictures of themselves throwing up a peace sign, showing off pregnant bellies, or two crazy best friends taking pictures of random things in the bathroo. These are what girls do on a regular basis.

Sometimes a mirror can represent something else. A mirror can represent the enemy to a girl’s body. A mirror shows them what they don’t want to see. Since our eyes are attached to our heads we can’t take them out to check ourselves. A mirror shows us what we hate. Lots of skinny girls think when they look in the mirror that they are fat. The scale will say 80-90 lbs but our minds say 125 lbs.

We are beautiful inside and out. This is a handicapped girl saying this too. I’ve never had the chance of looking at myself standing up and wondering how many pounds I should loose. I look at my feet and wonder how they would look like normal. I know weird right? I have a club foot thats why I said it. Both of my feet are deformed. So what?! I can write, draw, text and pick up things with my feet. Just like Bruno Mars said, “we are beautiful the way we are.” This mirror doesn’t have to be the enemy. Show that the mirror shows you that you’re beautiful. You are ugly, no your not!

You’re beautiful inside and out.

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