Awake But Not Alive.

I’m awake on the forth night. It started on Monday and worked all through the week. Today is Friday and it will be a boring one at that. My sleep schedule is so f*cked up right now. No need to text anybody because they won’t text you back. Can’t watch TV because the colors glare from the walls and everywhere else in the room. I almost can’t go on the laptop for that reason but I can turn the lights down just a bit. This is the time where I need a book or something. Because this getting nuts!

Now I first got up it just because I was trying to roll from one side of my bed without breaking one of my arms off. Then I had to fix my blanket and after that my left leg got really weak and afterwards I tried to use one of my I like to call them my “special dreams” and go from there, but hell, even that didn’t work either. So this is my last resort. Blogging about my sleeping habits. They’re not that interesting to talk about let’s just say that. Maybe I’ll come up with some good topics and titles like I named this one. I’m awake but I shouldn’t be counted as alive when I’ve been getting about four hours of sleep total tonight. Who knows if I’ll go back to sleep later.

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