Last Ride Of The Day

This is my new Facebook cover. From left to right: Emppu Vuorinen, Jukka “Julius” Nevalainen, Anette Olzon, Tuomas Holopainen, Marco Hietala. I found it on Google.

So I’ve had an interesting day. Let’s start with the morning. I was up at two other times before I officially got up at 11:30am. On Thursdays, I go to work early. Well last night before I went to bed, I thought it would be nice to remind my mother that it was my early day the next day. She assured me that she knew it was. Well I got up the second time around 10am, with still sleepy eyes and it looked gloomy outside. I went back to sleep, for what I thought would be only half an hour, turned into an hour. I woke back up again, at 11:40am. My driver is supposed to come get me at 11:45am. My mom has had to deal with my early day once before, but I think her new schedule is getting her a little confused. All of a sudden, I heard this faint noise outside, and it sounded like a horn. My mom just texted me if I wanted a coney dog. I didn’t text her back that answer, instead I asked her if she had called the company that picks me up. When she was coming around to the living room and looked outside. That three of my worst feelings were realized that she didn’t call the company, I had my favorite driver, and both of my parents forgot. My dad was at work and asking my mom what I wanted from some place for lunch. He thought it was still Wednesday. So I’ve had an interesting morning. I got to stay at home today, and thankfully that was the only thing to go a little crazy for me.

The rest of the day, I’ve pretty much spent online. I haven’t read my book or worked on anything else. I’ve been daydreaming about the future…again. Those dreams I once had are back. I don’t want them back. Even if they’re creating a pretty picture in the center of my brain. Anyways, I’ve been listening to the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish. I love them a lot. I love feeling whimsical and for certain songs, you feel like you could dance to and sing along, just like a regular lullaby. Except these songs have a metal influence to them and there’s some growls in there too. So they’re not your average lullabies! I’ve listened to their album, “Imainaerum” and I am proud to say that I can listen to it all the way through. Everytime I listen to the album, it feels like a bad version of Alice In Wonderland. More like what could go wrong. If Alice got beheaded kind of bad. After listening to “Imaginaerum” which is a summary of all of the songs on the album, read on Wikipedia that it is a instrumental like you would hear with the credits of a movie. Which makes sense, since the entire album sounds like one giant movie only playing in your ears. I knew at the end of last year that they were releasing a movie called, “Imaginaerum” but I didn’t know that the movie, the album AND the score all come together. Yes, I want the movie to come out in the US.

So that’s what I’ve been doing for the majority of the afternoon. I just can’t seem to get enough of the album nor the score. It’s very rare that I like the score of a movie. I usually like different tracks but not the whole thing, so this is new for me. So at 9:30 (I think) I will have Anger Management and then at 10pm, I will have Ridiculousness. The Vampire Diaries won’t be on untill March 14th. So I’m just here watching anything to kill tonight between those shows are on. I should probably listen to something that’s not Nightwish. I really need to expand my Nightwish library on my iPod soon. I’m leaving you with this awesome trailer of their movie, Imaginaerum. (:

Titanic II

Everybody says, “be original, don’t die a copy.” I don’t know if you’ve heard this yet, but there has been talk of some billionaire wanting to build a replica of the infamous ship, Titanic. We’ve all seen the movie, both when it came out the first time in the late 90s and when it came out on Blu-ray last year. I’m one of those history junkies that has probably seen every Titanic special on the History channels about a hundred times and only seen James Cameron’s movie of Titanic about ten times.  I have even gone as far as to reading about the surviving and the ones who died that fateful night lives. I wanted to go understand their lives before Titanic and after. Titanic is the ship that was said to be “unsinkable,” but in April 1912, it hit an iceberg and sank and over 1,500 passengers died, because there wasn’t enough lifeboats to go around.  When asked, if this ship was unsinkable. Clive Palmer (an Australian billionaire) responded “anything can sink if you put a hole through it.”

The ship is supposed to look exactly like the ship once did, but with a few changes. They said there will be three separate classes and passengers will never mingle with each other. The passengers will get 20th Century clothes to make it seem like they were on the original ship. Which I kind of like that, of all the times I did watch the movie, I remember the corsets, dresses, and hats the ladies wore in the movie. I think I’m selling myself short though, Rose was in the first class, there was actually a reason she dressed like that. She could with her kind of money. Anyways, the changes to the ship are: There will be air-conditioning with this ship, but even though they’re moving along with the new era, that doesn’t exactly mean the ship will have WiFi. Apparently, there will not be any TV’s or internet on board the ship. Back then, the teenagers played simple games and didn’t have a clue what WiFi is. This day and age, I can see a lot of young kids being made to go on the look-a-like ship by their parents and will have to go old school. More importantly, if anything does go wrong, they will more lifeboats than the original ship ever had.

I don’t know if I would ever go on this ship honestly. It’s not because it’s a copy of the original, but nothing can be the same as the original — unless it sinks — just because you build a ship that has been so infamous, doesn’t mean everybody will love the idea. If the families of the loved ones who didn’t survive the ship, didn’t like the new ship, could you blame them? I mean for one thing, everything this ship is, is bringing up the “romance” of the movie of fictional characters Jack and Rose. A lower class fellow, who wins tickets to get on the ship just minutes before it sails away to New York and there’s a young lady who goes on the ship with her wealthy mother and new jerk of a fiancée. So when I heard about there will be no mingling between the three classes, I was like, “yeah right.” Because even though the characters were fake, doesn’t it can’t happen. Especially if they want the same romance of the movie, they’ve got to have some thought that this might actually happen. If it does happen, what will do about it? Love does hold no boundaries. You can’t exactly keep two people away from each other. I mean, it didn’t help Jack and Rose, what makes you think it will for lovebirds who want to bring on this little fling?

So my next question is, and apparently this is one everybody’s mind. If you could, would you want to sail away on Titanic II? Despite thinking it could sink again and no WiFi. I think the majority of people, not just teenagers would hate the fact there will be no internet on the ship. I would love to go on the ship regardless of it sinking, the first was made part of history because it was named, “unsinkable” and when it did sink, all those passengers died because of the limited amount of lifeboats. I have always wanted to be on a cruise and I’ve wanted to visit the original Titanic, I would be improvising a little. Hitting both things from my bucket list. I wouldn’t be looking for romance, but neither was Jack and Rose. I don’t know, I always imagined going on a cruise with my family and having the time of my life, but this ship is a little bit different. You’re stepping back in time and wondering to yourself if the passengers who died, will haunt the seas and ship while you sleep in your rooms. I always have to be mysterious, don’t I? You’ll be thinking about that sentence for the rest of the day. I can guarantee that.

Got all of my information at NPR and People.

Green Pearls

My day started at 8am. I kind of figured I would forget about Good Morning America revealing the cast of Dancing With The Stars for Season 16. I was up before my mom came in and got me up. I somehow managed to go back to sleep. Honest to God. I slept like a rock last night. I remember getting up three times, but going back to sleep every time I woke up. I’ve been up for almost 12 hours, so I’m pretty proud of myself at the moment. Anyways, my mom and I waited until it was time for them to announce the cast. Which I’ve got to say, they say it was all “hush hush” and still a secret, but yet both People magazine and GMA were both talking about the cast and who will win. So much for keeping it a secret and plus, it looks everybody at GMA look like idiots! They shouldn’t release anything until an hour after the show was over. Just seems smarter that way, but you know how people are these days. What gets me though, I was doing really good about not reading the spoilers at all until my mom comes in my room, sits on my bed and shows me the damn list. I couldn’t even get the words, “I don’t want to see it!” out of my month fast enough to stop her. I’m pretty content with this season’s cast. My mom and I are loving the fact that Derek is, indeed doing this season after all! We both seem to think Ingo Rademacher and new Pro Gleb Savchenko are pretty hot. Since Maks not on this season, Val, Derek, Tristan, and Mark are the only “hottie” pros.

While we were waiting for the cast to be announced. I knew a new album was supposed to come out today, since it’s Tuesday. New music always comes out on Tuesdays. I was listening to Plumb’s new album, “New You Now” on Spotify. I don’t really consider myself a big fan of Plumb, but I do love a bunch of her songs, like “In My Arms” and “Cut.” I’ve heard three singles throughout the last two months. I finally got to listen to the album and I can say I love that album. I like the sweet, tender songs, but I also like the upbeat songs too! I think my favorite songs are “Invisible,” “Say Your Name,” “Chocolate & Ice Cream,” and “Don’t Deserve You.” All of these songs are different in their own way, and I know lots of you wouldn’t expect me to like a lot of slower songs, but I do. This whole album is really easy, slow, and mellow. I like that, I need a change every now and then. I also found out that the band Delain will be releasing a special album, called “Interlude” and it will be out this summer!! I’ve got another album to look forward to in the summer. I intend on buying this whole album. Definitely not on iTunes this time around. I want this album physically in my feet.

It’s actually been pretty boring here today. The weather hasn’t been the greatest. We had a small storm last night, that was one of the reasons why I got up too. As the day kept dragging on and on, the sun did show itself a couple of times, but not very much. It was pretty gloomy. I’ve been tweeting a lot today, more than usual actually. Especially when Flyleaf had their Livestream earlier today. I was tweeting a lot! Actually, when I was watching GMA announcing the Dancing With The Stars cast, I was tweeting a lot then too. I’m probably making up for past few days. Anyways, I got to hear Flyleaf do an acoustic performance with their new lead singer Kristen. I’ve seen one live video of them performing “Fire Fire” at the end of last year. I thought she was pretty good. They did an acoustic version of their song, “Broken Wings” and I haven’t been able to listen to it on their new album, but I love Kristen’s voice on it. I don’t think I could listen to it knowing it’s Lacey’s voice on the album. That’s actually sad to say, but true too. I love Lacey, but people really shouldn’t compare them, heck, I shouldn’t even go there. By the way, what is with me and drummers? Pat is freaking cute! Thank God he’s married. That stopped me in my tracks as quickly as possible.

I don’t know what I’m going to do now. I don’t have any shows on tonight. So I’ll probably read and sing some more. I just officially added Xandria’s song, “Soulcrusher” onto my list of songs I finally sing out loud and on pitch. Not the right pitch, just the pitch I can go to. Tomorrow, we’re suppose to get some more snow and my mom has to go to work for somebody. They said it’s supposed to snow tomorrow and Friday. I would like to work on Thursday, I missed last week and they played bingo. Not quite happy about that, so even though I know they’re not going to play Bingo, I still want to go to work anyways. Okay, my rant is over. Good night!


So it’s Monday and from the time I got up, which was 7am, to the time my driver came to get me for work. I was a little hesitate. I was worried about getting the driver I had last week. Today also started the first day of my mom doing my dad’s job, getting me ready for work. She’s done it twice before, but usually the day after I work she would go to work. This past weekend she went on weekend option. So for now on, she’ll be getting me ready and my old routine with my dad won’t happen so often. So bye, bye watching Finding Bigfoot right before I left for work. I realized today, my mom definitely won’t watch it, but she swears it’s only because she doesn’t want dad to be mad at her, because she knows he wants to watch it with me. Looks like I might staying up later on Sunday’s just to watch Finding Bigfoot. I don’t know if that makes me sad or not, but I think it’s about close. When I got picked up for work, I was happy and talkative. I had been up for four hours and I was much relaxed and energetic than any part of my day. I think it was the driver’s spirit and energy she let off. It was interesting, but when I got to work though, one of my co-workers was out sick and the other one was acting like she should have stayed at home too. She kept saying her head hurt and kept sneezing left and right! As the day went on though, everybody was acting the same way. Great!

I didn’t do the crafts this time around. Instead, I did help out my co-worker, because we had more than four people come into the dining room to do Crafty Corner. We were making shamrocks with four strips of paper and staples. Thank god I was actually paying attention to what she was doing, even though I don’t think it would have been easy to figure out if I hadn’t been watching her. She went to one table and helped out a few residents and their crafts. I couldn’t do the stapler with my feet, even though you would think I could, but nope! I can’t. My feet make everything so complicated. Anyways, I did the folding to make the shapes. She had to staple the ends to make it look like a small heart, but in green. We made them all a three leave clovers. We probably should have made them all four leave clovers so everybody a good luck charm, but she didn’t have another piece of paper for it. She found this cute craft on Pinterest. It’s where our other co-worker founds most of her craft inspirations too! We found out that it’s kind of hard to find St. Patrick’s Day crafts, so hopefully after that holiday is over. Easter will be a little bit easier for us to find some crafts to do.

Since my mom didn’t go to work today. She came to get me around 4pm and brought my sister with her. I was upstairs to do our last activity of the day and in the middle of it, I saw my mom and sister walk into the room and most of the residents were happy to see her, plus two of the nurses as well! When we left, for one thing it’s usually dark, but it was sunny outside and since Emily came with her, she decided to talk the whole way home. Which was good, because I didn’t have much to talk about. However, this entire post just blows over that thought. Now I’m at home, full from the fajitas my mom made for dinner, feeling a little bit bored and different parts of my body feels like crap. I am thankful God heard my prayers last night, because I had a great day! I keep looking at my clock and hoping it was later than 8:30pm right about now. I’m tired, but I have a feeling I won’t be sleeping much tonight. Here’s another thing, I’m listening to Robin Williams! He is freaking hilarious!

Never Happened

So I’m sitting on my bed, watching The Cosby Show, and thinking about something that definitely needs to come out sooner than later. Today, I went to my nana’s. It was our last Saturday at nana’s since my mom has been switched from working during the weekdays to working the weekends instead. We had lunch and we had Subway, I just remembered why I should stop eating there. My stomach always hurts afterwards. Even though I had a stomache I still got to have ice cream, because I fully regret not having any last week. I was sure as hell not doing that this weekend. It actually helped too! Go figure! I got to wear my awesome skull pants and my sister did a waterfall braid in my hair so I kind of looked pretty good today. After my mom and sister left to do my nana’s errands, my nana and I had another one of our chats and this one consisted of talking about inspiration and physical therapy. I don’t think I should talk about those two things just yet.

I wanted to be productive today, but it never happened. I was supposed to make a list of “goals” and “problem areas” for physical therapy. Even though I’m not going to be able to do for a few more months, I still want to keep myself prepared. I didn’t sleep much last night and the night before wasn’t too great either, so I thought last night would be an awesome night of sleep. Nope. I went to bed around, 11:30pm and I only slept for an hour. One freaking hour! I got up just before 2am and couldn’t go back to sleep until 4am. Something I usually hate to do is think about important things right before I go to sleep. I had this important idea come into my mind right before I went to sleep. I didn’t think I was going to be able to remember it, but when my mom woke me up at 9am after a few minutes it came to me again! I was so glad! I’ll just to remember to do both of these things tomorrow. Now, watch I’ll forget about both of them and I’ll be pissed off at myself.