Never Happened

So I’m sitting on my bed, watching The Cosby Show, and thinking about something that definitely needs to come out sooner than later. Today, I went to my nana’s. It was our last Saturday at nana’s since my mom has been switched from working during the weekdays to working the weekends instead. We had lunch and we had Subway, I just remembered why I should stop eating there. My stomach always hurts afterwards. Even though I had a stomache I still got to have ice cream, because I fully regret not having any last week. I was sure as hell not doing that this weekend. It actually helped too! Go figure! I got to wear my awesome skull pants and my sister did a waterfall braid in my hair so I kind of looked pretty good today. After my mom and sister left to do my nana’s errands, my nana and I had another one of our chats and this one consisted of talking about inspiration and physical therapy. I don’t think I should talk about those two things just yet.

I wanted to be productive today, but it never happened. I was supposed to make a list of “goals” and “problem areas” for physical therapy. Even though I’m not going to be able to do for a few more months, I still want to keep myself prepared. I didn’t sleep much last night and the night before wasn’t too great either, so I thought last night would be an awesome night of sleep. Nope. I went to bed around, 11:30pm and I only slept for an hour. One freaking hour! I got up just before 2am and couldn’t go back to sleep until 4am. Something I usually hate to do is think about important things right before I go to sleep. I had this important idea come into my mind right before I went to sleep. I didn’t think I was going to be able to remember it, but when my mom woke me up at 9am after a few minutes it came to me again! I was so glad! I’ll just to remember to do both of these things tomorrow. Now, watch I’ll forget about both of them and I’ll be pissed off at myself.