Writing A Scaretale

So I haven’t done much today. I taped The Nightmare Before Christmas the other day and I haven’t actually watched it all the way through since I was in middle school and even then, I think I closed my eyes at a few places. It was never one of my favorite movies. I do love it now. It has taken me practically six days to watch it. I finally finished today I also have like three other movies and one TV show that I haven’t watched yet. I am getting addicted to this DVR. I have turned into my mother. I have also been listening to the heavy metal band Disturbed. Since I have been listening to David Draiman’s new band Device, I might as well try to get into his original band. I’ve also been on Pinterest too. Like I said, I haven’t been doing much.

The only thing I’ve actually done or tried to do today was work on my short story. Yesterday morning, I was up two hours before my mom and I couldn’t think of anything at all until the very last-minute. I haven’t worked on it for probably three weeks now. I haven’t had any ideas for any of my projects. It sucked. Anyways, yesterday I had all of these thoughts come at me all at once and I immediately had to go for it, but when I went to start on the second paragraph, my mom came in and I had to stop. I even told my nana that I probably wouldn’t be able to get those thoughts back. I had some cool sequins for the story and when I tried to start on it today, everything was different. What I was reading, just seemed messy. I told my nana about what I have so far and she gave me some ideas for the next part.

I am in love with this story. I’m not quite sure why I love this story so much. I feel like it’s part of me in some freaky way. I’ll tell you about it. The story came about from the long lists of prompts. It was only supposed to be a simple thing and I just ended up making it more complicated. The prompt was “write what meal you would serve to an enemy.” My story is about a beautiful woman named Karen, she constantly moves to a new place but she does it for a reason. She has a problem with killing people. She uses them for a little while and when they notice something fishy about her or their bank accounts, she has to leave town but sometimes not without sending a message. She has moved over a hundred times, but has only killed ten people. Well when she gets into the small town, a detective of the name Jonathon Camp knows about why she’s on the run, but when she invites him over for supper because he needs to ask her some questions about investigation, he asks more questions about her past than he probably should. She has second thoughts, but she has never stopped herself. She has plans on killing him for getting too close, but will she finally give up and turn herself in? It seems unlikely, but if you knew the real story of Karen, you’ll understand the words, anything is possible.

So what do you think? Have any comments or ideas for the story, please share with me. (:

Rocker At ❤

My first Vampire Diaries t-shirt. “Team Damon” and always will be. Got it at Hot Topic. 🙂

Hello, I know I am doing this post very early, but since my sister has to work this evening we had to do things kind of earlier than we usually do. We just got home from shopping! I’ve got to say I’m used to getting home around 4 or 5pm, even though it’s only 3pm, it still feels weird and that means I have a lot more hours to stay up for. I’ve got both The Vampire Diaries and Ridiculousness tonight. I’m already taping TVD but I think I am going to tape Ridiculousness just in case I don’t make it up. I got up at 5am, which isn’t what time I’d like to get up at, but at least it wasn’t 3am, like that one time. My morning started off brillant. I got up feeling really good and heard “The Bleeding” by Five Finger Death Punch on Octane and about five minutes later I saw that “Given Up” by Linkin Park was on and I just got so happy that I got to hear both of my lucky charms on the radio before my day even started. What made everything better was getting a reply back from Charlotte Wessels of Delain on Twitter.

When everybody got up this morning, my mom decided to be funny and speak in a British/Southern accent. It was weird and I couldn’t help but laugh at her. She was awful!! I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of my outfit I wore today, my mom’s phone has been acting up and it didn’t take. I did actually think I looked pretty cute. I wore my silk zebra leggings from Body Central and my “Rocker At ❤” tank top I got at Wet Seal I’ve had for almost seven months, but have never had a chance to wear it before. I wore a regular black T-Shirt underneath it. Before we left the house, since my mom did a bump-it in my mom’s hair, I had her do a waterfall braid with my bangs. I thought I looked pretty damn good. However, I kept my sweater on for most of the day so nobody really got to see it. At least I thought I looked good. It’ll be a regular outfit for now on I think, especially since its spring.

On our way there, my sister and I were plugged into our iPods and headphones, our parents actually listened to 80’s music on our way there. It was one of the few times where they could listen to it without one of us reaching over to change it. Since we were in our own little world, they could listen to whatever they wanted. When we got into town, my dad dropped us off because of course, he had to go to the bike shop. I mean, he is a guy after all! We went into Hot Topic first and I have to say, I love getting up to the mall early enough that the more popular hardly have anybody in them, like Hot Topic. I love going in there, but getting there the small spaces is like going a tight maze. It’s worse when people are in there too. Today, it was different. I actually pushed myself through these tight spaces and thankfully didn’t break anything. I told the lady that worked there that I loved the store. I just feel so good and happy in there. Of course we first get in there and they’re playing an awesome heavy metal song and by the time we walking through the store, it was over. I have never heard the song before, but it was awesome. However, I did hear a good Disturbed song that now have to add to my metal playlist now. I went in there looking for those two Five Finger Death Punch shirts I saw online and you guessed it, they were sold out. While my sister was looking around, I pointed out the Grumpy Cat shirt and she instantly got excited. Three shirts down from it was probably one of the most coolest shirts ever! I officially have my own Vampire Diaries shirt and it’s a Damon Salvatore and it has purple swirls on it. SCORE!!!

I think our second store we went into was Aeropstale, and we don’t usually go in there. Well, I don’t usually go in there, because for one, it’s a popular store and usually packed. Not today though, and my mom and sister got some things for themselves. After we were done in there, we went over to Body Central, which was straight cross from us. I do like Body Central, because I usually find cute leggings for me, but I only found one cute pair of leggings and some cute tops that would look cute on my sister. After my mom paid for my stuff, on our way out of the store my dad pops out of nowhere, we all decided that it was time to eat so we went to the food court. I seriously need to make a note of just getting Chinese food instead of Pizza, because everytime my dad goes with us, I’m eating half off his plate. I was still surprised my sister didn’t get Subway, but I think she’s over eating at a place she works. So I don’t blame her. Anyways, after that we found our way to Spencer’s and Forever 21. Emily went to Forever 21, since that is like her store. It’s too girly, bright, and clean for me. My mom and I went into Spencer’s and didn’t find anything that I really liked. The one thing I wasn’t allowed to have, they had it. I was a little bummed there. My dad and I went into Finish Line, which is a Sports clothing store, and we only went looking for Butler shirts. Found out that had two different sizes Butler sweatpants. When I first saw them, I first thought I wasn’t going to be able to wear them because they looked so baggy. We still got them anyways. When my parents were purchasing that, I went into Forever 21 to look for a shirt I found online and I asked the girl who worked there, if they had it and she swore they had it and went looking for it along with another employee, but they couldn’t find it.

While I was in Forever 21 with my sister, my mom was in this store called, University Tees and they just sell different college t-shirts. I was in love with all the Butler shirts but I didn’t get one and they were on sale very cheap. My parents ended up taking advantage of the sale. My dad got a IU shirt with Cody Zeller’s number on the back. My mom also bought two different Butler shirts for herself. After we were all done, my mom and I were a little aggravated. I was angry that I was smart to look ahead at my favorite stores and found things I wanted, but didn’t have them once I got into the store. My sister got like 10 different things and I only got three things. When we got home, I had my mom try on my stuff, and my awesome Butler sweatpants don’t fit me at all. They are so baggy on my waist. I was glad I had prepared myself for the worst. On the good side though, they fit my mom nice and my sister had told us this morning before we left that she needed new earbuds. Inside of the pockets were earbuds. Today was a good day for my sister apparently! My leggings fit me like a glove. I like leggings that are tight at my waist and legs. I still can’t believe I only came home with a shirt and a pair of leggings. They go together, so that works out great for me!

Now I’m sitting at home, in my pajamas, listening to music. I am starting to feel sleepy now. Thankfully, a half hour ago my pain medicine kicked in right in time. When I get cold, my body tends to tense up. Ugh! I had to deal with that all day long! I’m going to finally turn on my TV (I’ve been home for at least two hours now and still haven’t turned it on yet) and watch The Nightmare Before Christmas since I taped it last night. I am getting the hand of my DVR. So have a good evening or morning! Tomorrow is finally Friday!

Sitting On The Roof Of The World.

I wish I knew some simple sleep remedies than just asking God to help me get some sleep. For the last few nights, that’s been one of the last things I do in my prayers is ask God to help me get some sleep. Like, last night was amazing! I don’t remember what time I got up yesterday morning, but I do remember staying awake for most of the day, but for the last three days now, I roll over on my left side and just try to relax and I swear I’m not trying to even fall asleep, but I just simply pass out, but luckily I’ve only slept an hour. Last night’s adventure started at 6:30pm and like I said, I turned over and just relaxed in bed. I woke up just in time for Dancing With The Stars, and then after that was over. I stayed up for a couple of hours, I did my prayers at 10:30pm or 11pm, and I think I finally did go to sleep around 1am. I woke up this morning at 8am and just a little bit ago, my mom came home with dinner in hand and I really hope, but I think I did sleep a little. Tomorrow is going to be such a bitch for my family. I don’t want to be easily irritated and cranky, but I can definitely see myself being that way. So you might want to send an extra prayer my way, if you don’t mind.

Even though my sleep is crazy, my day hasn’t been too shabby. I’ve had a few good things happen to me today. For one, mother nature has decided to bring the spring like weather to us. It looked very beautiful today with blue skies and the sun shining bright through my windows. There was one funny thing that started off the whole day on the right track. I had asked my mom last night before she went to bed, if we were going to do anything tomorrow (today), and she had told me that she had to go get her check. So when I woke up this morning, I still had my fan on but I had sound on my TV. All of a sudden, I hear my mom’s alarm go off on her phone. I was like, “why does she have her alarm on so early?” So when I thought I heard her go into the living room, I texted, “why are you getting up so early woman?” Funny thing was, I shouldn’t have asked that question considered I got up at the same freaking time she did. Oops! After she got up my dad got up too. She took me to the bathroom, fed me breakfast and got me a new drink. My dad told me last night before I took my nap that he got me a surprise and it was this Banana Cake. Oh my gosh! It is freaking amazing! It tastes like cake, like real cake. It doesn’t taste bread and you can’t really taste the bananas, it has to be a puree. Because there’s not any really big chunks of it anywhere inside. It smells so good too! I’m becoming a banana junkie now! Who knew?

This morning while I was on Twitter, I kept seeing these little tweets about notifications and settings. I didn’t really get it, until I saw the tweet that explained what everybody was getting so pissed off about and I just got so mad, because Twitter was going to change their settings, to where if you sent a tweet to somebody that didn’t follow you back, they weren’t going to be able to your tweet at all. So picture a bunch of fans who love getting little replies from their favorite celebrities and all of a sudden, been told that they won’t be able to see those tweets. I was pissed because I love getting these small, surprise tweets from different people who don’t follow me back, and of course, I sent a tweet of my concern of the new settings and I won’t get another reply from Chris Kael. And about ten minutes later, he replied back with “yes you will.” That’s the reason why I love Twitter. Not only do you get to meet awesome people, but you also get awesome little tweets from sweet musicians. An hour after I had sent that tweet one of my new friends retweeted Twitter Support saying that they changed everything back. It was probably one of the few times where every fanbase was furious and not at each other.

When my mom went to go get her check, my sister stayed with me and I was doing some window shopping, but before I did that I watched last night’s episode of The Voice and I am liking Usher and Shakira being on there. I still can’t believe Usher thought Nashville was a state and said it out loud. That was the best thing ever! When I was done with that, I sat up again and went on different websites like Forever 21, Vanity, Spencer’s and Claire’s. I forgot to look through the leggings at Forever 21, so I went back on there and checked them out and found an awesome pair of leather leggings that I know I could rock! I’ve always wanted a pair of leather pants. I don’t know why, but I always have. I did find one shirt that I am actually wanting a little bit. It is a long-sleeved shirt that says “I ♥ Drummers” and I thought I was going to die of laughter. It was a good laughter, because I started thinking, yup, if I don’t get this I’m going to feel stupid. So I took a picture of it and saved it on my phone. Vanity used to be one of my favorite stores, but I think from looking at all those shirts with the glitter on them just took my love of the store away. I only went on Spencer’s for two things I just wanted to see if they had anything Five Finger Death Punch and what kind of jewelry they had. Well, the jewelry was pretty cool! They also have a Five Finger Death Punch shirt I don’t have and a poster. Out of all those things though, nothing comes close to the shirt that represents me so well! It was a short-sleeved shirt that says (excuse the language) “Fuck Prince Charming Give Me A Bad Boy With Tattoos.” I figured that if I am really seriously about wearing jewelry again, going into Claire’s might be one of the smartest ideas ever. I found some cute girly things for my girly side, but I might have to look around at the other stores. I intend on getting a cross bracelet and skull necklace though.

So I hope I didn’t bore you too much. Oh, did you watch DWTS last night? I cried when Dorothy decided to quit the show because of her injuries. I did vote for her and was very happy she was saved, but sad she can’t continue on. However I did like how both Victor and Lisa have another shot next week. Since nobody was really voted off. Well, I’m going to have my mom charge up my phone and make sure my wheelchair is charged as well. And then I’m going to relax and get ready for a new episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit featuring Lauren Cohan, who is apparently on The Walking Dead (I didn’t know that!) but if you watch The Vampire Diaries, she played the 500 vampire Rose. Every die-hard TVD fan remembers that fateful episode where Damon lets her go and rips out her heart–literally!  So good night everybody. Have a good night!