The Best Scores & Soundtracks | Part 1


How are you doing today? I hope you’re all well and have been enjoying your week. It’s almost the weekend so you should be happy about that, if not, I still hope you have a good one anyways!

If you were a fan of my movie lists that I did last year, then you’ll be happy that I am bringing them back for a little while. I actually miss doing these posts too, as I have lots of favorites that maybe you didn’t know that I enjoyed watching on TV. As it says on the banner above, I am mixing two of my loves together with discussing the best soundtracks and scores! I will be going in alphabetical order, so I am starting with scores this week.

Here are my Top 8 Scores Ever!

Avatar (2009) James Horner

Even though I am writing this post, I have never really liked scores as much soundtracks. It actually wasn’t until Avatar that I actually really started to pay more attention to them and figured out that these composers are the heart and soul of the movies, especially with some themes, like action, horror, or sci-fi..I don’t think people realize how much the music in the background pulls you into a certain scene until later on.

For Avatar, not only was this an action-based film but it had this fantasy or otherworldly quality to it as well. So, the scores incorporates some surprises from the film like the language of the Na’vi people. It is a thrilling movie and it needed an epic collection of music to accompany it and honestly to me, there are a small handful of composers that could fit that request and James is at the front of that list. Unfortunately, he will not be the composer who does the squeal as he died in 2015. I hope they can find another composer that can honor James Horner and the next Avatar film as well!

Avengers (2012) Alan Silvestri

I will forever love the first Avengers film, it is what brought me back into the Marvel characters and made me want to branch out of the X-Men stories too. I actually hadn’t watched any of the other Avenger movies from the start of Iron Man, beforehand, so after I saw this about ten times in one week (no joke!) I wanted to learn the origin stories of the others. And I was thrilled to see Agent Coulson come back to life for the television show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I have grown to appreciate Alan’s work back when he worked on the Back To The Future films, but I can honestly say that every time I find out that a movie that I am watching at that moment or have seen in the past, I can still follow the story and/or the music has enhanced the experience as a whole. I think that’s what I enjoy the most. Sometimes I’ll go and listen to the score if I need something to relax my mind and picture every scene of the film as it continues on –that was both a smart and/or stupid move on my part!

Bad Boys (1995) Mark Mancina

I have been in love with the movie Bad Boys since I was seven years old, so I should know the ins and outs of it by now right? Well, strangely enough I don’t, and to prove to you how this happened is explaining my obsession of the orchestral theme of the film. I am pretty sure it is the reason why I have always loved strong symphony pieces. I think it made the movie that much more enticing for me.

The bad part of it is that I grew up with the soundtrack but only to want to hear this track; I am forever searching for the rest of the score. In 2016, I found out it was finally released online with only 3,000 copies. So, unless it has made its way to YouTube in that time gap, I will probably never ever hear the whole score without having to watch the film entirely.

Catwoman (2004) Klaus Badelt

The film Catwoman with Halle Berry wasn’t hugely popular with anybody, but honestly it is one of my favorites! I am equally a fan of the score too, I think there are some similarities with the next score I will be discussing in a minute as they use a specific artist as their muse for it. In 2004, the trio girl group of the time was Mis-Teeq and their song “Scandalous” was a massive hit on the radio. I should know, my mom and I were pretty obsessed with it! Anyways, once I realized their voices were used on the score made me very happy because I thought this was a different way to make use of an action movie. Especially one with a sexy, female lead so to hear it translate with the music was an interesting aspect to the whole thing.

Divergent (2014) Junkie XL

Divergent was like Catwoman in many ways than one. Between having a strong female lead, it also uses an unique vocalist as its voice of the album and score. Ellie Goulding has an amazing voice, I will forever love whenever she works on electronica music, mostly because it always so light and emotional. I have a real weakness for her album Halcyon and apparently so did Junkie XL as they used her song “Hanging On” many times in the film. It wasn’t fierce, but more of a brighter and happier tune for Tris and her new life.

Harry Potter and the Scorer’s Stone (1999) John Williams

As most of you know, I am a lover of the Harry Potter series, but getting into the music was a little bit more difficult for me. I think by the time I became a fan of it, the series was practically finished. For this post, I am only focusing on the first film that John Williams worked on because there were more than one composer that helped create the scores for all seven movies! 

So, I have had to work my way back to see if I would appreciate it, if I actually paid more attention, because weirdly enough I have mastered how to focus on the words and music separately! It is easier to do with headphones on, but when it comes to movies you have to do it at a slower pace so in a way, you have to really enjoy the film if you want to accomplish your goal. Honestly, find the score of iTunes or YouTube, it’s just better that way!

Titanic (1995) James Horner

Yup, I have TWO movies that feature both director James Cameron and composer James Horner on my list!

Here is another example of really amazing work on both fronts, but this was my first score where I felt the two worked incredibly well! Since Titanic was a real experience and had a very personal story–although it was fictionalized–it needed a raw and emotional score to go along with that; to not only as tribute for the victims of the real shipwreck but for the lives of Rose and Jack too! Celine Dion was an amazing choice to bring onto the project, her voice is timeless and full of emotions, she is the voice of the many souls lost to the waters of the ocean.

Tron: Legacy (2010) Daft Punk

Sometimes I am really happy I decide to go alphabetical order because when you have a late addition to the party, and it actually lands in the perfect spot, is so nice!

Tron: Legacy came out in 2010, but I don’t think I got the chance to watch it until probably a year or two afterwards. Once I was finally able to see it though, it’s been one of my favorites. I mostly enjoyed the music aspect or it–okay, and a little bit of Olivia Wilde too! What is really interesting is that it is a big movie subjected around a game, so lots of action and for once the music sound like something you’d expect to hear or at least I would! Daft Punk are the ones to create the score itself and I absolutely love it! It’s different and fun, not only that but I think it made me enjoy the film even more because the sound were exciting so it made me want to continue with it!

As many movies as I have watched the fact that I have selected a small amount of scores for this post is pretty wild! What really gets me is that I didn’t even include Hans Zimmer, and I am a really big fan of his work! don’t worry though, at the end of these movie posts, I’ve got one more trick up my sleeve that I think you will enjoy too!

So are you a bigger fan of the scores or soundtracks? do you like any of the ones I’ve mentioned above? What is your favorite score of all time?

Titanic II

Everybody says, “be original, don’t die a copy.” I don’t know if you’ve heard this yet, but there has been talk of some billionaire wanting to build a replica of the infamous ship, Titanic. We’ve all seen the movie, both when it came out the first time in the late 90s and when it came out on Blu-ray last year. I’m one of those history junkies that has probably seen every Titanic special on the History channels about a hundred times and only seen James Cameron’s movie of Titanic about ten times.  I have even gone as far as to reading about the surviving and the ones who died that fateful night lives. I wanted to go understand their lives before Titanic and after. Titanic is the ship that was said to be “unsinkable,” but in April 1912, it hit an iceberg and sank and over 1,500 passengers died, because there wasn’t enough lifeboats to go around.  When asked, if this ship was unsinkable. Clive Palmer (an Australian billionaire) responded “anything can sink if you put a hole through it.”

The ship is supposed to look exactly like the ship once did, but with a few changes. They said there will be three separate classes and passengers will never mingle with each other. The passengers will get 20th Century clothes to make it seem like they were on the original ship. Which I kind of like that, of all the times I did watch the movie, I remember the corsets, dresses, and hats the ladies wore in the movie. I think I’m selling myself short though, Rose was in the first class, there was actually a reason she dressed like that. She could with her kind of money. Anyways, the changes to the ship are: There will be air-conditioning with this ship, but even though they’re moving along with the new era, that doesn’t exactly mean the ship will have WiFi. Apparently, there will not be any TV’s or internet on board the ship. Back then, the teenagers played simple games and didn’t have a clue what WiFi is. This day and age, I can see a lot of young kids being made to go on the look-a-like ship by their parents and will have to go old school. More importantly, if anything does go wrong, they will more lifeboats than the original ship ever had.

I don’t know if I would ever go on this ship honestly. It’s not because it’s a copy of the original, but nothing can be the same as the original — unless it sinks — just because you build a ship that has been so infamous, doesn’t mean everybody will love the idea. If the families of the loved ones who didn’t survive the ship, didn’t like the new ship, could you blame them? I mean for one thing, everything this ship is, is bringing up the “romance” of the movie of fictional characters Jack and Rose. A lower class fellow, who wins tickets to get on the ship just minutes before it sails away to New York and there’s a young lady who goes on the ship with her wealthy mother and new jerk of a fiancée. So when I heard about there will be no mingling between the three classes, I was like, “yeah right.” Because even though the characters were fake, doesn’t it can’t happen. Especially if they want the same romance of the movie, they’ve got to have some thought that this might actually happen. If it does happen, what will do about it? Love does hold no boundaries. You can’t exactly keep two people away from each other. I mean, it didn’t help Jack and Rose, what makes you think it will for lovebirds who want to bring on this little fling?

So my next question is, and apparently this is one everybody’s mind. If you could, would you want to sail away on Titanic II? Despite thinking it could sink again and no WiFi. I think the majority of people, not just teenagers would hate the fact there will be no internet on the ship. I would love to go on the ship regardless of it sinking, the first was made part of history because it was named, “unsinkable” and when it did sink, all those passengers died because of the limited amount of lifeboats. I have always wanted to be on a cruise and I’ve wanted to visit the original Titanic, I would be improvising a little. Hitting both things from my bucket list. I wouldn’t be looking for romance, but neither was Jack and Rose. I don’t know, I always imagined going on a cruise with my family and having the time of my life, but this ship is a little bit different. You’re stepping back in time and wondering to yourself if the passengers who died, will haunt the seas and ship while you sleep in your rooms. I always have to be mysterious, don’t I? You’ll be thinking about that sentence for the rest of the day. I can guarantee that.

Got all of my information at NPR and People.

History Mixed With Music

Everybody should know by now that I am a history junkie. I love to watch specials and movies on certain things from different times that’s actually true. I love both of the History Channels we have on our TV’s. I’m seriously addicted to anything that has to go with them, that a few family members have laughed at me for it. I’m use to it, it’s what I like. Can’t change that. Two things that I love finding more about are ship wrecks and Egyptian things. I love both of those to pieces.

I think ever since I watched this movie, I got so into the actual story of it and other ship wrecks. I’ve watched a few specials about Titanic and her sister ships. I’ve also watched a special on another ship wreck. I’m bad with names and dates, so you have forgive me there. I love hearing stories from surviving passengers and pictures of the ship before it wrecked. I think that’s so interesting to read and hear grandchildren talk about stories their grandparents told them about. It’s just so cool.

I’m listening to the soundtrack right now on Spotify. I love insturmentals songs and love how certain songs are just done in piano. I love it that way. Celine Dion did the song, “My Heart Will Go On” we all know that, but I think people should listen to the insturmentals of it. It’s so beautifully done, it could either put you to sleep or cry. I woke up early, so it’s making me sleepy.