Titanic II

Everybody says, “be original, don’t die a copy.” I don’t know if you’ve heard this yet, but there has been talk of some billionaire wanting to build a replica of the infamous ship, Titanic. We’ve all seen the movie, both when it came out the first time in the late 90s and when it came out on Blu-ray last year. I’m one of those history junkies that has probably seen every Titanic special on the History channels about a hundred times and only seen James Cameron’s movie of Titanic about ten times.  I have even gone as far as to reading about the surviving and the ones who died that fateful night lives. I wanted to go understand their lives before Titanic and after. Titanic is the ship that was said to be “unsinkable,” but in April 1912, it hit an iceberg and sank and over 1,500 passengers died, because there wasn’t enough lifeboats to go around.  When asked, if this ship was unsinkable. Clive Palmer (an Australian billionaire) responded “anything can sink if you put a hole through it.”

The ship is supposed to look exactly like the ship once did, but with a few changes. They said there will be three separate classes and passengers will never mingle with each other. The passengers will get 20th Century clothes to make it seem like they were on the original ship. Which I kind of like that, of all the times I did watch the movie, I remember the corsets, dresses, and hats the ladies wore in the movie. I think I’m selling myself short though, Rose was in the first class, there was actually a reason she dressed like that. She could with her kind of money. Anyways, the changes to the ship are: There will be air-conditioning with this ship, but even though they’re moving along with the new era, that doesn’t exactly mean the ship will have WiFi. Apparently, there will not be any TV’s or internet on board the ship. Back then, the teenagers played simple games and didn’t have a clue what WiFi is. This day and age, I can see a lot of young kids being made to go on the look-a-like ship by their parents and will have to go old school. More importantly, if anything does go wrong, they will more lifeboats than the original ship ever had.

I don’t know if I would ever go on this ship honestly. It’s not because it’s a copy of the original, but nothing can be the same as the original — unless it sinks — just because you build a ship that has been so infamous, doesn’t mean everybody will love the idea. If the families of the loved ones who didn’t survive the ship, didn’t like the new ship, could you blame them? I mean for one thing, everything this ship is, is bringing up the “romance” of the movie of fictional characters Jack and Rose. A lower class fellow, who wins tickets to get on the ship just minutes before it sails away to New York and there’s a young lady who goes on the ship with her wealthy mother and new jerk of a fiancée. So when I heard about there will be no mingling between the three classes, I was like, “yeah right.” Because even though the characters were fake, doesn’t it can’t happen. Especially if they want the same romance of the movie, they’ve got to have some thought that this might actually happen. If it does happen, what will do about it? Love does hold no boundaries. You can’t exactly keep two people away from each other. I mean, it didn’t help Jack and Rose, what makes you think it will for lovebirds who want to bring on this little fling?

So my next question is, and apparently this is one everybody’s mind. If you could, would you want to sail away on Titanic II? Despite thinking it could sink again and no WiFi. I think the majority of people, not just teenagers would hate the fact there will be no internet on the ship. I would love to go on the ship regardless of it sinking, the first was made part of history because it was named, “unsinkable” and when it did sink, all those passengers died because of the limited amount of lifeboats. I have always wanted to be on a cruise and I’ve wanted to visit the original Titanic, I would be improvising a little. Hitting both things from my bucket list. I wouldn’t be looking for romance, but neither was Jack and Rose. I don’t know, I always imagined going on a cruise with my family and having the time of my life, but this ship is a little bit different. You’re stepping back in time and wondering to yourself if the passengers who died, will haunt the seas and ship while you sleep in your rooms. I always have to be mysterious, don’t I? You’ll be thinking about that sentence for the rest of the day. I can guarantee that.

Got all of my information at NPR and People.

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