547735_499124630151872_1596874277_nSo I’ve got to say, this picture sucks and I wish I had taken a better one. My face looks weird but you can kind of see one of my new scrub tops that my mom let me get a couple of weeks ago. This is my mom’s favorite. Surprisingly, my parents are different on the scrub tops. My dad’s favorite is the black and red, floral top. On Thursday, I’m going to wear my hearts top for Valentine’s Day. Just because I don’t like the holiday, doesn’t mean I have to make everybody hate it too. Even though that would be awesome to do that, but you know, I can’t do that. Speaking of Valentine’s Day. Today at work, we made handmade valentine cards. I already have a box full of cards I need to make out in the next two days. I think I’m doing them for my favorite residents and favorite nurses. So instead of making my handmade card for one of the residents. I made mine for my sister. One of the residents made a card for my mom. I suggested it for him, but he totally went along with it. It was so cute!

I started out my day with my favorite driver and we had another one of our fun conversations. We’ve both decided that if it came to it, we could get ourselves in a lot of trouble. We are trouble, and I mean that in a good way. My dad got me a Pepsi Wild Cherry today to bring to work. He also put crackers in my bag as well, and they were bacon flavored. I’m not that big fan of bacon either, but I can still say they were pretty awesome! Now I’m sitting at home, in my pajamas. I’m listening to my iPod on my stereo. Towards the end of the night, both my head and my back started to hurt like crap. I actually got to see the forecast for the week this morning and I found out we’re suppose to get some snow mixed in with some rain. Oh, what joy!! As much as I’m not excited for it, I’m just glad I know what started all the pain my back. I haven’t been online all day long. I actually went back to sleep this morning, after my mom got me up to take me to the bathroom, I was somehow still exhausted after passing out around midnight. I doubt tonight I’ll go to sleep around that time, but who knows. I could surprise myself. Especially if I take a couple of Advils to take the back pain away. Yeah, that doesn’t seem like a bad idea right about now. Sorry, this is so short. There’s not that much floating around in my head.